June 12, 2014: Take Heartburn Medicines Before Breakfast for Best Effect
Too many patients unaware that timing is key to treatment, study finds

June 08, 2014: Sizing Up Your Options for Hay Fever Relief
Newly approved meds dial down your immune system's reaction to allergens

May 03, 2014: Doctors Often Suggest Pricier, Brand-Name Meds for Reflux: Study
But store brands and generics of these OTC medications are much cheaper, researchers note

April 14, 2014: Taking Blood Thinners With Certain Painkillers May Raise Bleeding Risk
People using warfarin or Xarelto should avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and other NSAIDs, study finds

April 06, 2014: So Long Snow, Hello Pollen
Doctor shares tips for handling spring allergies

March 19, 2014: Common Cold Meds May Pose Health Threats
Interaction of two ingredients could cause serious side effects, researchers say

February 24, 2014: Use of Tylenol in Pregnancy Tied to Higher ADHD Risk in Child
Risk increases with longer use, researchers say; experts caution the finding needs verification

February 03, 2014: Ibuprofen, Aleve Won't Raise Miscarriage Risk: Study
However, NSAIDs should not be taken in third trimester of pregnancy, authors advise

January 27, 2014: Hand Washing, Zinc May Ward Off Colds: Review
Meanwhile, antihistamines, decongestants, pain relievers might help treat them, researcher reports

January 16, 2014: FDA Warns of Fires From Wart Removers
Don't use flammable products near candles, hair appliances, agency says

January 15, 2014: FDA Warns Against Prescription Drugs With High Levels of Acetaminophen
Officials say action taken because of reports of severe liver damage from accidental overdoses

January 09, 2014: FDA Warns Against Misuse of Laxatives
Ignoring dosing instructions, cautions can lead to serious side effects with some of these products

December 27, 2013: Counselors Give Smokers Best Chance to Quit: Study
Nicotine replacement treatment alone doesn't improve odds of kicking the habit, researchers found

December 10, 2013: Acid-Reflux Drugs Tied to Lower Levels of Vitamin B-12
Study found risk of deficiency rose with longer use, higher doses

November 29, 2013: Tips for Being a Partner in Your Own Care
Preparation, communication between patient and doctor are key, expert says

November 27, 2013: Fizzy Drugs May Pose a High-Salt Danger, Study Suggests
One day's dose of Alka-Seltzer exceeds recommended total intake of salt

November 21, 2013: What Not to Do for Migraines
Experts issue new guidelines to avoid unnecessary tests, risky treatments

November 20, 2013: Quitting Tips for Thursday's Great American Smokeout
Expert advice on motivation and methods to kick the habit

November 14, 2013: FDA Seeks to Improve Safety of Antiseptic Swabs
Agency asks for labeling, packaging changes to minimize chance of infection

November 11, 2013: Fewer ER Visits for Kids After Cold Medicine Restrictions
CDC study ties improvement to label changes, voluntary manufacturer withdrawals

November 06, 2013: Acetaminophen and Alcohol a Bad Mix, Study Suggests
Nearly half who drank while taking the pain reliever reported kidney disease

October 03, 2013: After Tonsillectomy, Over-the-Counter Painkillers Suffice, Study Says
Researchers recommend using Advil, Motrin post-op

September 19, 2013: Opioids Not Winning the Battle Against Pain, Study Suggests
More powerful painkillers prescribed, but they may not work better than safer alternatives

August 06, 2013: Earlier Acne Outbreaks May Be Caused by Earlier Puberty: Experts
New guidelines released to help doctors treat younger patients age-appropriately

July 23, 2013: FDA Sends Warnings to Makers of Illegal Diabetes Treatments
Products make false claims, could be unsafe and may delay proven therapies, agency says

July 17, 2013: Tylenol-Induced Liver Failure Presents Own Set of Problems: Study
Poorer mental, physical health reported by overdose survivors compared to other liver failure patients

April 23, 2013: Many Parents Give Kids Cold Medicines When They Shouldn't, Survey Finds
They often miss fine print on the label warning against use in children younger than 4 years old

April 01, 2013: FDA Gives Nod to Longer Use of Nicotine Patch, Gum
Little danger of addiction or abuse seen after years on the market

March 28, 2013: Springtime Allergies More Severe, Last Longer Now, Experts Say
Here are tips to stifle your sniffles, sneezes

March 17, 2013: Know What's in Your Child's Medications, FDA Warns
Mixing cold, allergy drugs can cause harm, agency says

February 15, 2013: Hemorrhoids Are Common, Preventable and Treatable
They're the U.S. health subject most searched for online, FDA reports

February 11, 2013: Vitamin D Supplements: Is What You See What You Get?
Potency of many brands is inconsistent with labels, study finds

January 30, 2013: Doubling Up on Cold, Flu Remedies May Harm Liver
More than 600 prescription and over-the-counter meds contain acetaminophen, FDA experts say

January 28, 2013: Constipation Treatments Not Equally Effective: Review
Seniors with condition can suffer serious health problems

January 25, 2013: Common Painkillers Tied to Kidney Risks for Children: Study
Expert says NSAIDs are overused for treating kids with fever

January 11, 2013: Safe Ways to Relieve Your Young Child's Flu Symptoms
Medications not intended for children younger than 4, expert says

October 31, 2012: Boys More Prone to OTC Drug Abuse Than Girls, Study Suggests
Survey of Cincinnati teens shows 10 percent use over-the-counter meds, like cough syrup, to get high

October 26, 2012: Swallowing Nasal Sprays, Eye Drops Can Harm Kids, FDA Warns
Even ingesting tiny amounts of over-the-counter drops, sprays can have serious effects

September 28, 2012: Melatonin May Improve Sleep for People on Blood-Pressure Meds
In small study, patients on beta blockers gained about half-hour of sleep when taking supplement

September 14, 2012: Topical Products for Muscle, Joint Pain May Cause Burns: FDA
Seek medical attention if you experience burning pain or blistering, agency says

September 11, 2012: When Prescription Drugs Go OTC, Ads Talk Less of Harms: Study
Two different federal agencies monitor each, researcher explains

September 10, 2012: Common Painkillers Might Boost Odds for 2nd Heart Attack
NSAIDs include drugs such as ibuprofen, naproxen/Aleve, and Celebrex

August 06, 2012: Honey a Sweet Treatment for Kids' Night-Time Cough
Given before bedtime, study found this home remedy improved symptoms of common cold

July 29, 2012: Teething Baby? Avoid Benzocaine, FDA Says
This over-the-counter anesthetic can lead to a deadly condition in children

July 13, 2012: Health Tip: Use Caution Before Giving Cough Medicine to Kids
Make sure the pediatrician approves

July 05, 2012: Health Tip: Giving Your Child Medicine
Make sure you read the label first

July 03, 2012: FDA Approves First At-Home HIV Test
Experts say it could reduce the number of Americans who are unaware of their HIV status

June 08, 2012: Tylenol Overdose Can Be Deadly for a Child
Doctors, pharmacists urged to educate parents about possible hazards

June 05, 2012: Daily Low-Dose Aspirin Risks Seem to Outweigh Gains for Many: Study
Cases of gastrointestinal, cerebral bleeding higher than expected, except for diabetics

June 01, 2012: Many Americans Taking Too Much Acetaminophen
Study finds many people take 8 to 12 capsules daily, putting them at risk for liver damage