April 21, 2014: Too Much Codeine Still Prescribed to U.S. Kids: Study
ERs give potentially dangerous drug to thousands of children each year

April 20, 2014: Genes May Help Determine Your Pain Threshold
Study could explain why some people are more stoic than others, researchers say

April 14, 2014: Taking Blood Thinners With Certain Painkillers May Raise Bleeding Risk
People using warfarin or Xarelto should avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and other NSAIDs, study finds

April 11, 2014: Health Tip: What May Trigger Tension Headaches
Lack of sleep is a strong possibility

April 09, 2014: Certain Prescription Painkillers Tied to Higher Risk of Irregular Heartbeat: Study
Dutch researchers looked at rates of atrial fibrillation and NSAID use in older adults

April 07, 2014: Complication Rate After Adult Tonsillectomy Higher Than Thought
Most common complaints: pain, bleeding, dehydration, study finds

April 03, 2014: FDA OKs Quick-Acting Antidote for Prescription Painkiller Overdose
Evzio is part of efforts to stem health risks from abuse of drugs such as Oxycontin, Vicodin

April 03, 2014: FDA Approves Quick-Acting Drug to Reverse Prescription Painkiller ODs
Evzio's OK is part of efforts to stem tide of overdoses from abuse of meds such as Oxycontin, Vicodin

April 03, 2014: Hernia Repair Recovery Often Longer Than Expected
Pain, fatigue may persist up to seven days after surgery, study shows

April 02, 2014: More ERs Treating Headaches With Narcotics, Study Finds
Despite guidelines against prescribing powerful painkillers for these patients, the trend has grown

March 31, 2014: Health Tip: Massage Your Feet
And help combat foot pain

March 27, 2014: Stroke Survivors Deserve Team Care: Statement
Experts call for palliative care to improve patients' quality of life

March 27, 2014: Health Tip: Stay Comfortable in a Cast
Apply ice if you need it

March 26, 2014: CT Scans Might Help Diagnose Gout in Some Cases
But, standard needle aspiration testing usually effective, study authors report

March 25, 2014: Video Glasses May Ease the Anxiety of Minor Surgery
Distraction technique keeps patients' discomfort at bay, study suggests

March 25, 2014: Low Back Pain Leading Cause of Disability Worldwide: Study
Nearly 10 percent of people are affected, researchers find

March 21, 2014: ERs Dispensing More Narcotic Painkillers: Study
Less-powerful drugs often better choice, depending on source of pain, doctors say

March 18, 2014: Weight-Loss Surgery Might Help Mild Knee Pain
Small, early study of obese patients found improvement similar to knee replacement

March 14, 2014: Timing Is Key to Massage's Benefits for Neck Pain: Study
Two or three one-hour sessions a week reduced pain, improved functioning

March 13, 2014: Pain Can Plague Women After Knee Replacement Surgery
Study also found that type of anesthesia and patient's weight play a role in levels of discomfort

March 11, 2014: 2 Surgeries Work Equally Well for Female Incontinence, Study Finds
Doctors can choose the one they're more familiar with, expert says

March 11, 2014: New Knees, Hips May Also Help the Heart
Joint replacement might boost physical activity in arthritis patients, study author says

March 08, 2014: Hormones Might Offer Relief From Chronic Pain, Small Study Suggests
Early research found 7 of 9 patients benefited from treatment with the 'love' hormone

March 07, 2014: Study Finds Doctors Prescribing More Sedatives
Frequent use of these powerful drugs along with narcotic painkillers may explain more medication deaths

March 04, 2014: Hangovers Don't Delay the Next Drink, Study Finds
The painful after-effects of too much booze may be seen as just a temporary nuisance, researchers say

February 26, 2014: Groups Push FDA to Revoke Approval of Highly Potent Painkiller
One dose of Zohydro could kill a child, say coalition of consumer advocates, addiction specialists

February 26, 2014: Most Teens With Fibromyalgia Suffer Pain, Fatigue as Adults
Four of five continued to experience symptoms, while half had full-blown disorder, study finds

February 25, 2014: Amputee's 'Phantom Limb' Pain Eased by Virtual Arm Technology
But researchers note it's not clear if treatment will work for anyone else

February 25, 2014: Tarantula Venom Has Painkiller Potential: Study
Spider toxins could be used to develop safe, effective medicines, researchers say

February 24, 2014: Many Patients Have Pain After Heart Surgery, Study Finds
40 percent suffered pain three months later, and 10 percent did after two years

February 19, 2014: Many U.S. Seniors Get Prescription Painkillers From Multiple Doctors
Overuse raises risk for hospitalization, study finds

February 17, 2014: Stroke's Aftermath May Be Tougher on Women
Immobility, pain and depression less likely for male survivors, research suggests

February 14, 2014: Many U.S. Women Prescribed Narcotic Pain Meds During Pregnancy
Large study found 14 percent receive these powerful drugs, with effects on babies unclear

February 13, 2014: Restless Sleep Linked to Widespread Pain in Older Adults
Anxiety, memory problems and poor health also play a role, study suggests

February 11, 2014: FDA Panel Sees No Heart-Safety Advantage With Naproxen
Some studies had suggested naproxen (Aleve) might pose less of a threat than other painkillers

February 10, 2014: FDA Advisers Revisit Heart Risks Posed by Painkillers
Studies suggest naproxen (Aleve) may pose less of a threat

February 03, 2014: Avoid Antibiotics in Pill Form for 'Swimmer's Ear,' New Guidelines Say
Instead, use antibacterial or antibiotic eardrops, experts advise

February 03, 2014: Epidural May Beat Patient-Controlled Painkiller for Childbirth, Study Finds
Although epidurals provided more pain relief, other methods may still work for some women, experts said

January 30, 2014: Shoulder Replacement May Help for Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis
Study found that surgery to relieve pain and stiffness held up for a decade

January 23, 2014: Most Crash Victims Don't Plan to Sue: Study
Only 17 percent of drivers with hurt necks or other body parts had contacted a lawyer within six weeks

January 21, 2014: Mediterranean Diet May Lower Risk of Clogged Leg Arteries
Study of older adults found reduced odds of peripheral artery disease when compared to low-fat diet

January 21, 2014: Health Tip: Deal With Chronic Pain
Untreated, it can lead to other problems

January 20, 2014: Your Brain Structure May Influence Pain Tolerance
People with less gray matter suffer more intensely, study contends

January 20, 2014: Health Tip: Coping With Strep Throat
Advice to help ease the misery

January 17, 2014: Vitamin D Supplements May Help Ease Fibromyalgia Pain: Study
Patients who think they are deficient in the nutrient should consult their doctor first, experts say

January 15, 2014: FDA Warns Against Prescription Drugs With High Levels of Acetaminophen
Officials say action taken because of reports of severe liver damage from accidental overdoses

January 15, 2014: Health Tip: Is Baby in Pain?
Excessive crying may be a warning sign

January 11, 2014: Ear Tubes May Not Have Long-Term Benefits for Kids With Ear Infections
Review found no evidence of later hearing, speech or language improvement after procedure

January 09, 2014: Recession Triggered Wave of Health Worries, Study Finds
Internet searches rose for stress-related conditions such as ulcers and back pain

January 08, 2014: Power of Suggestion Revealed in Study of Migraine Drug
Expectation plays important role in response to treatment, expert says