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Health Tip: When a Child Complains of Back Pain May 25, 2016

It may signal a more serious issue

Antidepressants Not Just for Depression Any More May 24, 2016

Other uses include insomnia, pain and anxiety, researchers say

Health Tip: Have Headaches? Speak to Your Doctor May 24, 2016

Learn as much as possible about your condition

Giving the 'Green Light' to Migraine Relief May 17, 2016

Experimental light therapy finds it can ease sensitivity, pain for some patients

Half of Heart Attacks Might Be 'Silent' May 16, 2016

Without typical symptoms, many miss out on crucial medical care, experts say

Parents Often Don't Get Rid of Leftover Prescription Opioids May 16, 2016

Pills in the home offer teens easy access, expert notes

Chronic Pain May Trigger Many Cases of Painkiller Addiction: Survey May 12, 2016

Drug counselors should consider whether people are self-medicating, researchers say

Restoring Blood Flow Beats Exercise for Poor Leg Circulation May 05, 2016

Opening vessels could prevent new scarring in muscles, researchers say

Health Tip: Recognizing Achilles Tendinitis May 04, 2016

Look for these warning signs

Spinal Fusion Not Always Necessary for Back Pain, Studies Say April 13, 2016

Some patients may benefit from a simpler procedure called decompression

Health Tip: Is Your Jaw Pain TMJ? April 12, 2016

Learn to recognize signs of the jaw disorder

Weight-Loss Surgery Gets People Moving, Study Shows April 05, 2016

More than half of patients showed improvement in pain symptoms, ability to walk

Nearly All U.S. Doctors 'Overprescribe' Addictive Narcotic Painkillers: Survey March 25, 2016

While 99 percent exceed the recommended 3-day dosage limit, a quarter write prescriptions for a full month

FDA Wants Generic Narcotic Painkillers to Be Abuse-Deterrent March 24, 2016

One more step to combat the epidemic of potent painkiller abuse

FDA Orders Warning Labels on Prescription Narcotic Painkillers March 22, 2016

Immediate-release versions of addictive meds such as Oxycontin, Percocet and Vicodin to be affected

Meditation May Help Ease Chronic Low Back Pain March 22, 2016

Study found it bested cognitive behavioral therapy and usual care

Acetaminophen Won't Help Arthritis Pain, Study Finds March 18, 2016

Prescription diclofenac a more effective choice for short-term pain relief, researchers say

CDC Issues Tough New Guidelines on Use of Prescription Painkillers March 15, 2016

To curb abuse, doctors should try non-narcotic options for most chronic pain not involving cancer, terminal illness

Health Tip: Can You Tell if a Toe Is Broken? March 14, 2016

You may still be able to walk on it

Pennsylvania Study Shows Fatal Drug ODs Soaring March 10, 2016

State had a 14-fold rise in such deaths since 1979, mirroring nationwide trend

Vitamin D a No Go for Arthritic Knees, Study Finds March 08, 2016

Supplements didn't slow disease progression or ease pain, even in patients with low levels of the vitamin

Health Tip: Considering Shoe Inserts March 08, 2016

How they can help

Health Tip: Help Prevent Back Pain During Sleep March 02, 2016

Sleep position and the mattress matter

For Cancer Patients, Pain May Rise as Finances Dwindle February 29, 2016

Suffering can escalate for those with two months of reserves or less, study finds

'Mindfulness' Might Help Older Adults With Back Pain February 23, 2016

Mind-body program was also linked with short-term mobility gains, study finds

Botox-Like Injection Might Ease Runners' Knee Pain February 22, 2016

British researchers used Dysport to bring long-term relief for common ailment of physically active people

Health Tip: Are You at Risk for Low Back Pain? February 22, 2016

These factors may contribute

Weakened Knees a Big Cause of Falls for Older People: Study February 11, 2016

But treatments to improve strength, balance may guard against injuries, disability, researchers say

Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Still Poorly Understood: Report February 11, 2016

VA-sponsored study says people should be monitored for ALS, cancer and other diseases that take years to develop

Prenatal Acetaminophen Use Tied to Higher Asthma Risk in Kids: Study February 10, 2016

But the effect was small and experts say there's no reason to switch to other painkillers

Meditation May Ease Pain, Anxiety From Breast Cancer Biopsy: Study February 04, 2016

Researchers also found music helps during the procedure

Health Tip: Prevent Heel Pain February 03, 2016

Make sure shoes fit properly

Painkillers Don't Ease Disability Due to Nerve Damage: Study February 01, 2016

Narcotic drugs aren't useful in restoring motion, researchers say

Many Chronic Pain Sufferers May Overuse Nonprescription Painkillers January 25, 2016

They run risk of stomach bleeds, ulcers, liver damage from meds, doctors say

Marijuana May Help Treat, Prevent Migraines, Study Says January 15, 2016

Average number of headaches cut in half, but experts say more research needed

Nerve Damage From Chemo May Affect Cancer Survivors for Years January 15, 2016

Symptoms associated with falls, researchers say

Pain Relief Advice May Help ER Patients With Terminal Cancer January 15, 2016

These consultations linked to better and longer quality of life, researchers say

Spike in Newborn Drug-Withdrawal Tied to Prenatal Painkiller Use January 13, 2016

Rise in 'neonatal abstinence syndrome' may be due to prescription narcotic use in pregnancy, expert says

Exercise Eases Low Back Pain January 11, 2016

Review of studies shows exercise, with or without education, dramatically cuts the risk

Painkillers Often Gateway to Heroin for U.S. Teens: Survey December 30, 2015

Heroin is cheaper, easier to obtain than narcotics like OxyContin, experts say

Prescriptions Continue for Most Who Survive Painkiller ODs: Study December 29, 2015

Often, prescribing doctors don't even know their patients have overdosed, researchers say

Sickle Cell Drug Doesn't Relieve Pain Crises: Study December 08, 2015

International research finds prasugrel isn't effective at easing suffering

Electrical Stimulation May Ease Low Back Pain for Some December 04, 2015

Treatment is effective with no side effects, researcher says

Minority Patients in ER Less Likely to Get Painkillers for Abdominal Pain November 30, 2015

ER waits are also longer than for whites, study finds

Knee Arthritis: Steroid Shots May Not Help Long-Term, Ozone Injections Promising November 10, 2015

Two studies test out old and new treatments for the debilitating ailment

Weight-Loss Surgery Often Brings Less Painful Joints: Study November 04, 2015

Patients tend to get around better as the pounds drop away, but not everyone will benefit, researchers say

Acupuncture May Ease Neck Pain Over Long Term November 03, 2015

'Alexander technique' also helped more than drugs and physical therapy, study found

Ex-NFL Star Helps Spread the Word on Risks Posed by Painkillers October 30, 2015

America Starts Talking campaign designed to teach consumers how to use potent pain meds wisely

Why More Painkiller Addicts Are Using Heroin, Too October 28, 2015

Interviews confirm desire for cheaper, more plentiful substitute

Narcotic Painkiller Use in Adolescence May Raise Risk of Adult Addiction October 28, 2015

Study found those less experienced with illegal drugs were more likely to abuse narcotics later