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Health Tip: Use a High Chair Safely October 12, 2015

Always use restraints

Child Safety Seats Often Incompatible With Cars: Study October 11, 2015

Parents should take measurements to ensure seats fit properly inside vehicle, researchers advise

Frequent School Changes Linked to Poorer Performance October 09, 2015

For low-income kids, moving every year may hurt math skills, behavior, study suggests

Weight, Growth Early in Life May Affect Adult Brain October 09, 2015

Poor nutrition during childhood tied to poorer sight, hearing, and even thinking later on, study finds

Health Tip: Get Involved in Your Child's Internet Use October 09, 2015

Help protect the youngster's privacy

Health Tip: Is Your Baby's Crib Safe? October 08, 2015

Make sure it's up to date

Help Your Child Get a Good Night's Sleep October 07, 2015

Start by developing a bedtime routine, pediatrician says

Health Tip: Teaching Kids to Wash Hands October 07, 2015

A good habit that could help prevent illness

Parents Can Take Steps to Help Make Homework Less Stressful October 05, 2015

Establish a routine and review assignment directions when kids come home, expert advises

Expert Offers Car Seat Safety Tips October 04, 2015

Most devices aren't used properly

Study Links Early Infections to Celiac Risk October 02, 2015

But researchers caution it's not clear if childhood illnesses cause the immune disorder

Health Tip: Teach Kids About Gratitude October 02, 2015

It can lead to a change in attitude

Health Tip: Child Obesity Affects Bones, Muscles and Joints October 01, 2015

Being overweight can cause these problems

Severely Obese Kids at Higher Risk for Heart Disease, Diabetes September 30, 2015

Study finds heavier boys face even greater odds of future trouble

Gut Bacteria Tied to Asthma Risk in Kids September 30, 2015

Study suggests that antibiotics in infancy might also play a role

Toppling TVs a Risk to Kids September 29, 2015

Three-fourths of injuries occurred when children weren't closely supervised, study finds

Childhood Trauma May Boost Heart Disease Risk for a Lifetime September 28, 2015

Learning how to manage stress effectively might help, experts say

Preschoolers Can Learn Heart-Healthy Lifestyles September 28, 2015

Kids benefit from being taught good food and exercise habits, study reports

Lower Drinking Age May Bring More High School Dropouts September 28, 2015

New research says fewer kids finished high school when alcohol was legal at 18

Children in Foster Homes Need Better Health Care September 28, 2015

American Academy of Pediatrics says kids may be traumatized and require more consistent treatment

Expert Tips for Preventing Kids' Sports Injuries September 25, 2015

Children need breaks from playing to avoid overuse injuries, orthopedic surgeon says

Health Tip: Preventing Childhood Obesity September 25, 2015

Don't forget to address sleep and screen time

Parents Differ on Definition of Cyberbullying, Survey Shows September 24, 2015

And there's no consensus on appropriate punishments, penalties for perpetrators

Secondhand Smoke May Double Risk of Hospitalization for Kids With Asthma September 24, 2015

Exposure can worsen symptoms and make the disease more difficult to manage, researchers say

Short Legs May Explain Why Toddlers Teeter September 24, 2015

Study suggests the smaller limbs give children less time to push up away from the ground

Want Your Kids to Exercise? Skip the Guilt September 23, 2015

Pressuring middle schoolers to get active can backfire, researchers say

Childhood Cancer Devastates Family Finances, Too September 23, 2015

One-quarter lost more than 40 percent of household income after diagnosis, study reveals

Girls Who Are Impulsive, Poor Planners May Be Prone to Weight Gain September 22, 2015

They're also more likely to binge eat, study suggests

Tighter Gun-Control Laws May Lower Chances That Teens Carry Firearms September 21, 2015

But state regulations need to limit adult ownership to have an impact, study says

Though Rare, Some Disabilities Seen Long After Newborn Heart Surgery September 21, 2015

Study authors suggest a lack of oxygen before the procedure may play a role

Apples Are American Kids' Favorite Fruit September 21, 2015

But children should broaden their palate, researcher says

More Cavities Seen in Kids of Chronically Stressed Mothers September 18, 2015

These moms are less likely to breast-feed, make dental appointments, study finds

Teens Copy Parents' Smoking: Study September 18, 2015

If mom smokes, daughters are almost four times as likely to get hooked on cigarettes

Parents Should Be Involved in Teen's Bulimia Treatment: Study September 18, 2015

Recovery is faster when family is part of therapy, researchers find

Childhood Vaccines Debate Rekindled at GOP Presidential Debate September 18, 2015

Experts say candidates' remarks about frequency of shots could stoke parents' concerns

Many Parents Overlook Booster Seat Safety September 17, 2015

Used properly, they can reduce risk of serious injuries by 45 percent, researchers say

Health Tip: When a Child Has Sleep Apnea September 17, 2015

Here are potential complications

Filtered Sunlight May Be Effective Jaundice Therapy September 16, 2015

Low-tech treatment might help newborns in developing countries, researchers say

Can More Outside Time Help Kids' Eyesight? September 15, 2015

Nearsightedness was less common in students assigned extra 40 minutes outdoors, Chinese study finds

Health Tip: When a Couple Becomes Parents September 15, 2015

Make time for each other, and be gentle

ADHD May Mask Autism in Young Kids September 14, 2015

This might lead to delay in getting the right diagnosis and treatment, experts say

Disaster Aftereffects May Linger for Children September 14, 2015

Difficulties may not be readily apparent, pediatricians' group says

Health Tip: Encourage Kids to Stay Active September 14, 2015

Suggestions to keep them moving

Childhood Abuse Linked to Ulcerative Colitis Later in Life September 11, 2015

But study finds no association with another inflammatory bowel disease

Health Tip: Choosing Shoes for Your Busy Toddler September 10, 2015

Pay attention to fit and function

Health Tip: Get Involved at Your Child's School September 10, 2015

You'll help your child learn

Health Tip: Cutting Down on Kids' Screen Time September 09, 2015

Limit access to TV

Sleep Apnea May Hurt Kids' Grades September 08, 2015

Children with snoring or other irregular nighttime breathing need evaluation, experts say

Teens Using E-Cigarettes to 'Vape' Pot, Survey Finds September 08, 2015

But researchers don't know how the kids are modifying the devices to get high

Sports Medicine Docs Offer Safety Tips for Young Athletes September 06, 2015

Children should ease back into activity, wear properly fitted safety gear and stay hydrated