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Health Tip: Is Your Baby Teething? September 20, 2017

Recognizing signs and symptoms

Youth Football Ups Odds of Brain Problems in Adulthood September 19, 2017

Researchers say greater risk of behavior issues, depression in those who played tackle before age 12

Doctors Eye the Danger From 'Nerf' Guns September 19, 2017

'Bullets' bought online may be contributing to ocular injuries

Parents Say Schools Don't Help Kids With Mental Health, Chronic Disease September 18, 2017

Big Rise in Hospitalized Kids With Opioid Side Effects September 18, 2017

Health Tip: Design a Non-Toxic Nursery September 18, 2017

Make your baby's space safe

Joining Your Kid on That Playground Slide? Think Again September 15, 2017

It seems like fun but can be a quick trip to a broken limb, study authors warn

Golf Carts' Use Is Spreading, and So Is Danger to Kids September 15, 2017

Study of more than 100 kids treated at trauma centers reveals serious injuries

Parents Getting Better at Using Car Seats Safely September 15, 2017

But older kids often miss out on booster seats

More U.S. Kids Landing in ER With Opioid Addiction September 15, 2017

Researcher calls findings an emerging public health issue

Young Kids With Cellphones Face a Hidden Risk September 15, 2017

Study finds elementary school children with phones are more likely to be cyberbullied

Vision Problems Common in Babies Infected With Zika September 14, 2017

Impairments range in severity, two studies found

Health Tip: On Kids and Pets September 14, 2017

How to prepare children for furry friends

Hurricanes May Have Longer-Lasting Impact on Kids September 12, 2017

Child expert offers tips on helping youngsters recover from the storms

State Laws Curb Kids' Injuries Tied to Off-Road Vehicles September 11, 2017

In Massachusetts, ER visits down as much as 50 percent, study found

Brown-Bagging It? Think Outside the Box September 09, 2017

Dietitian shares tips for tasty, affordable lunches

Get Your Kids to Eat Smart at School September 07, 2017

Helping youngsters make the right food choices

Health Tip: Fuel Your Child With a Good Breakfast September 07, 2017

What to include and exclude

Put Flu Shot on the Back-to-School Checklist September 06, 2017

By late October is best, says American Academy of Pediatrics

Team Sports for Kids: A Winning Combo September 06, 2017

Life lessons can be learned on the playing field

Health Tip: Suggestions for New Moms September 06, 2017

Tips to help ward off depression

Harvey's Wrath Still Poses Risks to Children September 06, 2017

Toxins left by flood waters a particular concern, doctors say

Throat Bacteria Linked to Bone and Joint Infection in Kids September 05, 2017

Study found one particular germ in 70 percent of children with additional infections

Helping Kids Adapt to a New School September 05, 2017

Ease the transition to a different grade or district

Heath Tip: It's Back-to-School Time September 05, 2017

Help keep kids safe

Back to School, Back to Planning for Kids With Autism, ADHD September 04, 2017

Thinking ahead and keeping a calendar with important dates can help make transition smoother

Take the Back Pain Out of Backpacks September 03, 2017

Make sure your child isn't carrying too heavy a load

Does General Anesthesia Affect Babies' Brains? September 01, 2017

Small study finds reduction in white matter among children operated on as infants

Nasal Flu Vaccine's Demise May Mean Fewer Immunized Kids September 01, 2017

Overall child immunization rates fell after CDC advised against the inhaled form, study shows

Pediatricians Sound Alarm on Rapid Weight Changes in Young Athletes September 01, 2017

Both short- and long-term damage can result from quick losses or gains

Health Tip: Food Safety for College Students September 01, 2017

Suggestions to prevent food poisoning

Brain Scans Offer Clues to Why Some Teens Pile on Pounds August 31, 2017

Imaging showed less activity in the areas responsible for reining in impulses

Health Tip: Prepare for Your Child's Dental Procedure August 31, 2017

Here are suggested questions

America's New Dads Are Older Than Ever August 30, 2017

Average age of new fathers has risen to 31, study finds

Health Tip: Avoid Juice Before Age 1 August 30, 2017

Offer fresh fruit as a healthier choice

Many Parents Don't Tell Doctor About 'Complementary' Therapy Use in Kids August 29, 2017

Hiding info from pediatricians could be risky for young patients, report authors say

Many Parents Not Happy With Later School Start Times August 29, 2017

More shut-eye means healthier, more alert students, but survey finds half of parents pushing back

Health Tip: Back to School for Kids with Asthma August 29, 2017

Develop an action plan

Vaccination 101: Make Sure Kids Are Up to Date August 28, 2017

Classrooms, locker rooms and dormitories are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses, expert says

Parents Worried About Cyberbullies as School Starts Up August 25, 2017

Poor diet, drugs and car accidents also among the leading concerns, poll shows

Cookies, Apples or Yogurt? Not Always a Simple Choice for Kids August 25, 2017

Snack preferences drive buying decisions, but brands and allowance also play a part, researchers say

More U.S. Teens Getting Vaccinated Against HPV August 24, 2017

But rates still lagging against the cancer-causing virus that's caused by sexual contact, CDC says

Cyberbullying Weighs Heavily on Young People August 23, 2017

Suicide attempts more common in both bullied and bulliers

Having Same-Sex Parents Won't Affect Kids' Gender Identity: Study August 21, 2017

Research showed no differences from children raised by heterosexual couples

Majority of U.S. Parents Would Support Teen Switching Gender: Survey August 21, 2017

Findings indicate growing acceptance of gender transition

Too Many Babies Still Placed on Stomach to Sleep: Study August 21, 2017

Pediatric experts recommend infants always sleep on their backs to avoid SIDS

Back-to-School Tips … for Parents August 20, 2017

First few weeks require patience and support, educators say

Anti-Vaccine Family Members, Friends Spur Many Moms to Delay Baby's Shots August 18, 2017

Study found even if pregnant women later hear better info from docs, they may still wait on immunizations

Young Breakfast Skippers Lack Vital Nutrients August 17, 2017

Calcium, iron and folate may be shortchanged when morning meal is missed

Health Tip: Recognize Youth Violence August 17, 2017

Symptoms of a common problem