June 25, 2014: 1 in 10 U.S. Beaches Fails Bacteria Test, Survey Finds
Storm-water runoff, including sewage, continues to threaten swimmers' health

June 24, 2014: Pavement Sealant Ban Linked to Cleaner Lake Water
Lake that receives city water runoff contains less potential cancer-causing chemicals after ban, study finds

April 08, 2014: Arsenic in Well Water Tied to Less Brain Power in U.S. Study
Researchers found students exposed to higher levels of the element had lower IQ test scores

September 26, 2013: Evidence Shows Steroid Used in Livestock Can Impact Waterways
A drug widely utilized in cattle does not fully break down in water as previously believed, study finds

September 23, 2013: Moderate Arsenic in Environment Tied to Higher Heart Attack, Stroke Risk
Researchers suspect groundwater and certain foods raised levels of chemical in study of Native Americans

September 09, 2013: Recycled Wastewater Safe for Crop Irrigation, Study Says
'Reassuringly low' levels of medications, personal care products found in food grown with treated sewage water

September 05, 2013: U.S. Drinking Water Sanitation Still a Concern: CDC
Bacteria in plumbing systems, groundwater persist in causing outbreaks

August 30, 2013: Ocean Plume from Japan Nuke Disaster Will Reach U.S. by 2014
But radioactive material from 2011 meltdown is expected to be harmless, experts say

August 26, 2013: Scientists Pinpoint Source of Mercury in Pacific Ocean Fish
They say levels likely to rise along with coal-burning power plants in India, China

June 26, 2013: How Safe Is Your Local Beach?
Report card rates cleanest and most contaminated beaches across U.S.

June 24, 2013: Contaminated Home Wells Found Near Pa. Fracking Site: Study
Methane detected in higher-than-normal concentrations in drinking water less than a kilometer from shale work

April 02, 2013: Antihistamines Adding to Drug Pollution in Streams
Study also found antibiotics and other drugs disruptive to water environment

February 04, 2013: Chemicals From Antibacterial Products Found in Minnesota Lakes
Triclosan is used in soaps, body washes, kitchen cleaners and more

August 31, 2012: Feces-Linked Bacteria Found at Lake Erie Beaches
High levels of Arcobacter indicate fecal contamination, researcher notes

August 17, 2012: Chemicals From Soaps, Cleansers Found in Minnesota Waterways
Overuse of antimicrobials can promote drug-resistant germs, researchers warn

June 27, 2012: Annual Beaches Report Finds Water Quality Lacking Along U.S. Shores
Last year was third worst in two decades for advisories, closings for polluted water

April 13, 2012: 'Red Tide' Likely in New England This Season, Experts Warn
Severe bloom would close shellfish beds

March 05, 2012: BPA Exposure May Raise Risk of Heart Disease
People might come into contact with bisphenol A through packaged foods, drinking water, dental sealants

January 14, 2012: Healthy Children, Safe Homes a Winning Combination
From checking for radon to selecting seafood, you can lower chemical exposure

November 14, 2011: Exposure to Toxic Solvents Linked to Parkinson's Disease
Lifetime jobs, hobbies involving these chemicals raised risk, study says

October 11, 2011: Environmental Toxins Linked to Hardening of Arteries
Certain pollutants, even if banned, can still linger and cause damage to major heart vessels, study says

June 29, 2011: Pollution Took Heavy Toll at U.S. Beaches in 2010
Closures, warnings at second-highest level in 21 years, environmental group says

May 12, 2011: High Methane Levels in Water Wells Near Gas-Drilling Sites
But study saw no evidence of contamination from chemicals used to extract natural gas

May 06, 2011: Moderate Levels of Arsenic in Water Can Pose Health Threat
Study in Bangladesh finds it may raise the risk of heart disease

May 04, 2011: Treating Kids for Environmental Ills Costs U.S. $76B a Year
Left unchecked, pollution, chemicals, other toxins will continue to push health costs skyward, researchers say

April 07, 2011: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in India Could Spread, Experts Say
Germs with a dangerous resistance gene are now in New Delhi water supply, study shows

April 06, 2011: Toll of Deepwater Oil Spill on Human Health Still Unknown
Review notes late start on national study means data on initial exposure missing

March 31, 2011: Antibacterial Soap Additive Accumulates in Fish: Study
The chemical is found in small amounts in 60% of U.S. rivers and streams, researchers say

February 18, 2011: Study Finds Widespread Trauma in Wake of BP Oil Spill
Discovery indicates need for broader outreach to victims of environmental disasters, expert says

August 24, 2010: 2002 Oil Spill May Shed Light on Health Problems for Deepwater Workers
But expert notes several key differences in two spills

August 20, 2010: Poultry Litter Leaches Arsenic Into Streams, Rivers: Scientists
Researchers say more careful farm management would cut down on contamination

August 16, 2010: Gulf Oil Spill Still a Health Threat to Many, Researchers Report
Docs need to look for evidence of toxicity among clean-up workers and others in coastal communities

July 30, 2010: Clean Water May Still Pose Health Risk for Swimmers
Microbes at sub-tropical beaches can cause stomach, respiratory problems, study finds

June 21, 2010: Flame Retardant May Up Risk of Thyroid Problems in Pregnancy
Findings worrisome because thyroid hormones play critical role in fetal development, researchers say

June 10, 2010: Is It Safe to Go in the Gulf Coast's Water?
Experts are divided on the health risks posed by the oil and tar balls washing up on beaches

March 25, 2010: Topical Drugs May Pollute Waterways
Showering can release pharmaceuticals into the environment, experts warn

February 19, 2010: Dolphins May Warn of Health Risks in Humans
Ecological, physiological similarities provide basis for insights, expert says

February 05, 2010: Agricultural Chemical Spray Linked to Birth Defect Risk
Infant abdominal hernia rates higher near farms using atrazine, research shows

August 26, 2009: Fertilizer Ban Makes a Difference
Lawn-care restrictions improve quality of nearby waterways, researchers find

July 02, 2009: Cancer Endangers Some Wildlife Species
Effective conservation can help reduce threat, expert says

June 26, 2009: Health Tip: Monitoring Beach Safety
When to avoid the sand and surf

May 29, 2009: Families Urged to Have Wells Tested Yearly
Young kids are especially vulnerable to contamination, experts say

May 14, 2009: Global Warming Biggest Health Threat of 21st Century, Experts Say
Public health officials call on their own to tackle issue

April 22, 2009: Staying Slim Is Good for the Environment
Sustaining heavier people produces more greenhouse gases, researchers say

March 26, 2009: Fish in U.S. Rivers Tainted With Common Medications
Study is part of government strategy to tackle issue

December 26, 2008: Climate Change May Boost Contact With Pollutants
Exposure to elevated ozone levels associated with increased hospital admissions

November 03, 2008: Rainy Areas in U.S. Show Higher Autism Rates
Researchers note that environmental toxins might trigger genetic vulnerability

August 01, 2008: 1976 Italian Dioxin Release Damaged Babies' Thyroids
Women living near Seveso disaster were 6 times more likely to deliver infants with problems