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'You've Got Cancer' Can Take Devastating Mental TollApril 28, 2016

Study finds higher rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse just before and after a diagnosis

Mindfulness Therapy May Help Ease Recurrent DepressionApril 27, 2016

Review of 9 studies suggests it helps patients better cope with troubling thoughts and emotions

Young Gay, Bisexual Men May Be at Higher Risk for Suicide, Study FindsApril 27, 2016

They were much more likely to attempt to harm themselves than older counterparts, and blacks were also vulnerable

Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements Might Boost Antidepressants' EffectsApril 26, 2016

Data from 8 randomized clinical trials suggests a benefit, but consult with your doctor first, experts say

Early Emotional Support May Help Kids Manage Feelings LaterApril 26, 2016

Preschool children given high levels of caring showed specific brain changes

E-Cigarette Ads May Help Lure Teens to the Habit: StudyApril 25, 2016

Researchers, experts call for ban on such promotions, much like what happened with tobacco cigarette ads

Nagging Your Kids About Weight Might BackfireApril 21, 2016

Children added pounds if parents thought they were heavy, research suggests

Previous Mental Distress May Slow Concussion RecoveryApril 20, 2016

If 'psychosomatic symptoms' were present before head injury, it took twice as long for most athletes to get better, study found

How the Brain Reads Other People's FacesApril 20, 2016

Researchers say they spot region that decodes facial movements, such as a slight smile or furrowed brow

Talk Therapy May Help Depressed Teens Who Shun AntidepressantsApril 20, 2016

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help boost mood without drugs, experts say

Lonely, Isolated People May Be Prone to Heart Disease, StrokeApril 20, 2016

Study found social isolation raised the risk by 30 percent

More Evidence Gay Parents Raise Well-Adjusted KidsApril 19, 2016

Latest study found no differences in general health, mental health or learning abilities

Many U.S. Adults Think Kids' Health Is Worse TodayApril 18, 2016

They also think children have higher stress levels, less family time, poorer coping skills and personal friendships, survey finds

Toddlers' Sweet Tooth a Weight-Gain Danger, Study ConfirmsApril 18, 2016

Tots who favored sugary snacks over salty ones tended to be heavier by age 3, researchers found

Depression Common for Heart Attack Survivors, And More May Need HelpApril 18, 2016

Swedish study found patients were often depressed, but fewer than half got treatment

Pair Gamblers Anonymous With Other Treatments for Best ResultsApril 15, 2016

Popular 12-step program for problem gamblers may not address related needs, research suggests

Depression More Common in Kids Who Join Gangs, Study FindsApril 15, 2016

And mental health problems, such as suicidal thoughts, seemed to worsen after they joined

Study Links Green Spaces to Longer Lives for WomenApril 14, 2016

Among the findings: living with lush vegetation tied to a 13 percent lower rate of cancer death

Severe Depression Linked to Dementia in SeniorsApril 12, 2016

As depression worsens, the risk of thinking and memory problems may double, research suggests

ER Screenings Could Help Prevent Suicide: StudyApril 11, 2016

Checking patients for risk factors should be part of routine ER care, researcher says

The Health Risks Posed by Mindless MunchingApril 06, 2016

Being more aware of your food might help improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels, study suggests

Is Seniors' Dental Health Tied to Mental Health?April 01, 2016

Declines in one seem to mirror declines in the other, but cause-and-effect isn't clear, study says

Booze-Branded Merchandise May Spur Teen DrinkingApril 01, 2016

Studies show link between owning alcohol-related items and youth alcohol use

U.S. Autism Rate Unchanged at 1 in 68 Kids: CDCMarch 31, 2016

It's not yet clear if the rate will stabilize over the long-term, experts say

How to Tell If Your Teen Has a Mental Health ProblemMarch 29, 2016

1 in 5 kids develop a serious problem but many go years without treatment, psychiatrist says

Antipsychotics Don't Ease Delirium in Hospitalized PatientsMarch 29, 2016

These drugs won't prevent or effectively treat the condition, review suggests

Troubled Kids' Psychiatric Care Often Delayed by Insurance RulesMarch 25, 2016

Dealing with red tape consumes clinicians' time, poses danger to patients, researchers say

Brain Stimulation May Help People With AnorexiaMarch 25, 2016

Depression treatment cut urge to restrict food, study says

Could Lots of Time Spent on Social Media Be Tied to Depression?March 24, 2016

Study did not prove cause-and-effect, and researchers say more investigation is needed

Could Germ From Cat Poop Trigger Rage Disorder in People?March 23, 2016

Those with intermittent explosive disorder more likely to have been exposed to toxoplasmosis, study finds

Heavy Pot Use Tied to Social, Money Troubles in Mid-LifeMarch 23, 2016

But one marijuana advocate believes people who already have problems may often turn to the drug

Meditation May Help Ease Chronic Low Back PainMarch 22, 2016

Study found it bested cognitive behavioral therapy and usual care

Young Transgender Women May Face Mental Health WoesMarch 21, 2016

But study looked at a specific, high-risk group, so findings may not apply to all, researchers say

Most Families Cherish a Child With Down Syndrome, Survey FindsMarch 21, 2016

Only younger siblings struggled in some cases, which researchers said wasn't surprising

Heart Defects at Birth May Raise Risk for PTSD Later in LifeMarch 18, 2016

Rate is three times higher than in the general population, study finds

Exercise Helps Ease Psychosis SymptomsMarch 18, 2016

Personalized workouts included at least 100 minutes of vigorous activity each week, researchers said

Women Who've Battled Postpartum Depression Often Limit Family SizeMarch 18, 2016

They're unlikely to have more than two kids, researchers say

Many Men Have Body Image Issues, TooMarch 18, 2016

Study finds appearance, weight, muscle tone often affect how guys feel about themselves

Psychological Disorders Affect 1 in 7 U.S. Kids Under 9: CDCMarch 18, 2016

Parents' mental health, lack of medical care contribute to disabilities, researchers say

Neighborhood Rats as Depressing as Crime, Study FindsMarch 17, 2016

Research suggests rodent infestations are 'underappreciated' stressor

Alcohol Abuse Common Among Med Students, Study FindsMarch 16, 2016

Research shows their rate of drinking problems is double that of the general population

Could Too Much Cellphone Time Signal Anxiety, Depression?March 15, 2016

Some college students use their mobile device as a 'security blanket,' study says

Many Cancer Survivors Struggle to Make Ends MeetMarch 14, 2016

Money problems can affect their mental health, quality of life, researchers say

Doctor's Empathy Boosts Patient SatisfactionMarch 11, 2016

Study finds wait time, appointment length secondary

Pennsylvania Study Shows Fatal Drug ODs SoaringMarch 10, 2016

State had a 14-fold rise in such deaths since 1979, mirroring nationwide trend

Two-Thirds of Americans Report Daily Discrimination in PollMarch 10, 2016

The resulting stress is tied to health problems, researchers add

Short Men, Heavy Women at Lifelong Disadvantage?March 09, 2016

Genetics of height and weight may shrink earnings, study contends, but other experts skeptical of the findings

Preventive Mastectomy May Not Boost Sense of Well-BeingMarch 08, 2016

Over time, women reported similar states of mind with or without additional surgery, study finds

Candidates With More 'Mature' Faces May Get Older People's VotesMarch 06, 2016

But politicians who look competent appeal to all ages, researchers say

Consistent Self-Weighing Might Give Your Diet a BoostMarch 04, 2016

Study suggests routinely checking weight enhanced dieters' confidence to resist food temptations