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Extra Exercise Could Help Depressed Smokers Quit: Study July 29, 2014

Withdrawal symptoms, cravings are harder on people with mood disorders, researchers say

Wider Face May Give You an Edge in Negotiations July 29, 2014

But it's not an asset in matters requiring compromise, study finds

Facial Dimensions May Be Key to First Impressions July 28, 2014

Findings especially relevant to social media's obsession with 'selfies,' researchers say

Graphic Cigarette-Label Warnings Work, Study Finds July 15, 2014

The bigger, the better, researchers say

Your Genes May Help Pick Your Friends July 14, 2014

Study says DNA between close friends is as similar as that between 4th cousins

Stress May Leave You Heading to the Cookie Jar July 14, 2014

Worried women could be prone to weight gain, study suggests

Brains of Sex Addicts May Be Wired Like Those of Drug Addicts, Study Finds July 11, 2014

Porn triggered activity in brain centers also tied to drug addiction responses, researcher says

Depression May Make It Harder to Beat Prostate Cancer July 11, 2014

Men with both conditions have worse survival odds, study contends

Stress, Depression May Boost Stroke Risk, Study Finds July 10, 2014

Anger didn't seem to have an effect, researchers noted

Muscle and Bone Injuries, Mental Disorders Plagued U.S. Iraq War Vets July 09, 2014

Study followed 4,100 soldiers until four years after their return home

Teens Drawn to Heavily Advertised Alcohol Brands: Study July 08, 2014

Though ads are in compliance with law, researchers say findings suggest current regulations aren't enough

'Practice Makes Perfect' Genes May Be Key to Great Musicians July 07, 2014

Desire to devote long hours to your music may lie in your DNA, study suggests

Many Obese Women Face Stigma Every Day, Study Finds July 07, 2014

Daily diaries documented snubs, insults and put-downs

Many Don't Want to Be Alone With Their Thoughts July 03, 2014

Some people even preferred mild electric shocks to being in a quiet room by themselves, study finds

Researchers Discover How 'Magic Mushrooms' Affect the Brain July 03, 2014

MRIs showed brain activity that mirrored what's seen in a dream-like state

Study: Common HIV Drug May Boost Suicide Risk June 30, 2014

Patients taking efavirenz should be assessed for depression, researchers say

Chimpanzees Show Strong Musical Preferences June 27, 2014

Varied rhythms of music from Africa, India draw their interest, researchers report

Winning Attitude on the Field Translates to Career Success June 27, 2014

Former high school athletes seen as having more self-confidence and leadership abilities, study finds

After Stroke, Spouse May Also Need Care June 26, 2014

If couple disagrees about recovery rate, partner can become depressed, study finds

Healthy Weight Loss May Bring Better Sleep, Brighter Mood June 24, 2014

But only the emotional boost seemed to last over the long-term, researchers say

Lifetime of Learning Might Thwart Dementia, Study Suggests June 23, 2014

Even taking up intellectual pursuits in mid-life appears to aid the brain

Grades Dive With Internet Use During Class Time, Study Finds June 20, 2014

This type of multitasking challenges even the smartest college students

Too Little Known About PTSD Treatments for Veterans, Experts Say June 20, 2014

Therapies are costing federal agencies millions, but it's unclear which work best, IOM panel says

Job Loss Tougher for Americans Than Europeans June 19, 2014

U.S. workers were more likely to develop depression than their Euro counterparts, study found

Docs Uncomfortable Judging Patients' Competency to Carry Guns June 18, 2014

Many don't feel qualified to make those decisions, study finds

Parents of a Child With Autism Often Forgo Further Childbearing: Study June 18, 2014

Stress of caring for an affected child is probably a big factor, one expert says

Depression Doubles Odds of Heart Attack for Younger Women: Study June 18, 2014

And compared with older women and men, they are more likely to become depressed, researchers say

Anxiety May Affect Kids' Brains June 17, 2014

MRIs show larger 'fear center' in those who are more anxious

Diabetes Distress Is Distinct From Depression, Researchers Say June 16, 2014

New studies look at the emotional fallout from type 1 and type 2 disease

More U.S. Service Members in Treatment for Mental Health Disorders June 13, 2014

Sept. 11, Afghanistan and Iraq wars, along with increased military outreach, linked to the rise

Standing During Meetings May Get Creative Juices Flowing June 13, 2014

Study found teams that met in rooms without chairs shared more ideas

Recession Linked to More Than 10,000 Suicides in North America, Europe June 12, 2014

But countries can take steps to reduce self-harm cases during economic downturns, researchers say

Teen Bullies, Victims Armed More Than Other Kids, Study Says June 09, 2014

But experts disagree on findings' significance

Spats, Conflicts Can Raise a Woman's Blood Pressure June 06, 2014

But study found negative social interactions didn't affect men, older women

Yoga, Meditation May Help Dementia Patients and Caregivers Alike June 06, 2014

'Holistic' program involving these and other activities brought relaxation, exercise, small study found

CPAP Mask Success May Depend on Family Support, Study Finds June 05, 2014

People who used the sleep apnea treatment fared better if loved ones encouraged the therapy

Weight Gain From Antidepressants Is Minimal, Study Suggests June 05, 2014

There's not much difference in the amount gained between the various drugs, researchers say

Taking Antipsychotic Drugs While Pregnant May Harm Newborns: Study June 04, 2014

These medications linked to respiratory distress, withdrawal symptoms in babies, researchers report

Premature Death, Suicides Up Among People With Schizophrenia, Study Says June 04, 2014

Researchers find link between greater harms, reduced hospitalizations in Sweden

Bicyclists Happier Than Drivers, Train Riders, Study Says June 03, 2014

Car passengers are generally in a good mood, too

Scents May Sway Your Sense of Beauty June 03, 2014

Small study found women seemed prettier when pleasant odors were near

Do Stressed-Out Men Have Weaker Sperm? May 30, 2014

Study does seem to show a link, but impact on fertility isn't clear

Steroids May Not Be Wise Choice for Intensive-Care Patients May 30, 2014

Johns Hopkins research suggests the possibility of delirium

Abnormal Lung Scan May Be 'Teachable Moment' for Smokers May 29, 2014

Researchers find bad news motivates many to quit tobacco

Cynics at Higher Risk for Dementia? Yea, Right May 28, 2014

Study suggests they may be three times more likely to develop brain disease than more trusting folks

When Teachers Are Depressed, Preschoolers May 'Act Out' More May 27, 2014

Study points to a link, highlighting the importance of educators' mental health

Music May Be Especially Stimulating During Pregnancy May 22, 2014

Moms-to-be displayed greater blood pressure changes, stronger emotional reactions, study says

Physical Therapy May Not Improve Hip Arthritis, Study Finds May 21, 2014

But, other experts say certain people will see a benefit from physical therapy

In Elections, Thin May Help Bring the Win May 21, 2014

Study finds voters often shun more rotund candidates

Foreclosures Tied to Higher Suicide Risk in Study May 20, 2014

Research shows a spike in such deaths during the housing crisis of the 'Great Recession'