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Drug Shows Early Promise for Advanced Lung Cancer April 20, 2015

Keytruda is already approved to treat melanoma

Remote Amazon Tribe Members Have Greater Germ Diversity in Their Bodies April 17, 2015

Finding suggests that 'Western' lifestyle may be driving diseases like asthma, diabetes, obesity

Inhaled Measles Vaccine Falls Short of Injected Version in Study April 15, 2015

Although easier to administer, it didn't trigger as strong an immune response in infants as shot did

Here's Why Your Knuckles Crack April 15, 2015

Space forms between joints, causing popping sound, scans reveal

Father's Sperm May Hold Clues to Autism Risk April 15, 2015

Future research will examine more families, different occupations

Mouse Study Suggests Immune Disorder May Play Role in Alzheimer's April 14, 2015

If seen in humans, it might lead to new treatments for memory-robbing disease

Is Gestational Diabetes Linked to Autism? April 14, 2015

High blood sugar might interfere with normal brain development, researcher says

Breath Test Might Spot Stomach Cancer Risk April 14, 2015

Compounds in breath may signal chances of developing deadly disease, researchers say

Liquid Medical Marijuana Shows Promise Against Severe Epilepsy April 13, 2015

Child and adult patients who took cannabidiol had big drop in seizure rates, study found

Genes May Make 'Placebo Effect' Stronger for Some, Study Says April 13, 2015

But more questions than answers exist at this point

Sea Creatures Getting Bigger Over Time April 11, 2015

Study finds average size of marine animals has increased by 150-fold in last 500 million years

Stem Cells, Fecal Transplants Show Promise for Crohn's Disease April 10, 2015

But both trials were small and more research is needed

Study Yields Genetic Insights Into Pancreatic Cancer April 09, 2015

Multiple gene mutations identified that could be targets for treatment

18th Century Mummies Reveal How TB Spread Through Europe April 08, 2015

Samples from bodies uncovered 14 different strains during height of disease

Researchers Create One-Dose Ebola Vaccine April 08, 2015

Animal tests are promising, but more work needed before human trials

Long-Distance Runners May Have More 'Desirable' Genes: Study April 08, 2015

Ancient hunter-gatherers may have equated running skills with reproductive potential

Cheap Allergy Drug May Hold Potential as Hepatitis C Treatment April 08, 2015

Lab tests suggest over-the-counter antihistamine could offer alternative to pricey new drugs

Digital Compass Attached to Brain Helps Blind Rats 'See' April 02, 2015

Findings suggest putting similar device in canes that blind people use might improve mobility

High-Tech Skin Maps Show Chemicals From Clothes, Beauty Products April 02, 2015

Whether or not those residues are harmful is still not known, experts say

Face Scans Show How Fast a Person Is Aging March 31, 2015

Study says images more reliable than blood tests in determining the toll of time, lifestyle

Scientists Sniff Out Origins of Body Odor March 31, 2015

Discovery could lead to more targeted ways to keep offensive smell at bay

Report Shows Progress in America's War on Cancer March 30, 2015

Small, but steady declines in deaths seen over past decade

Synthetic Pot Linked to Kidney Injury March 30, 2015

Researchers report on two studies that showed kidney damage in those who used the drug

Scientists Spot Gene Tied to Severe Autism in Girls March 25, 2015

Research aims to get at root causes of the disorder

Researchers Pinpoint Possible Protein Culprit Behind Alzheimer's March 24, 2015

Postmortem analysis of almost 1,400 brains implicates tau, not amyloid, buildup driving memory loss

Why Insulin Resistance May Be More Common in Men March 23, 2015

Researchers say a protein in muscle might be culprit behind type 2 diabetes gender gap

Opossums May Come to Humans' Rescue for Snake Anti-Venom March 23, 2015

The mammals are immune to snakes' poisons, pointing to better antidotes for people

New Drug for Crohn's Disease Shows Early Promise March 18, 2015

But findings are preliminary, experts point out

Good Sleep Is Key to Good Sex March 18, 2015

Women who got more rest had greater desire the next day, study found

Experimental Drug Shows Promise in Lowering Cholesterol, Heart Attack Risk March 16, 2015

Adding the 'investigational biologic' evolocumab to statin therapy works better, study says

Scientists Spot Genes Linked to Rosacea March 13, 2015

More than 16 million Americans have incurable skin condition

Are Liberals Happier Than Conservatives? March 12, 2015

New study suggests that may be true, but it all depends on how you define and measure happiness, researchers say

Tetanus Shot Helped Boost Brain Cancer Survival, Small Study Finds March 12, 2015

One patient with glioblastoma still alive nine years later

Most Clinical Trial Results Not Reported on Time to Government March 11, 2015

Delays in filing findings on new treatments mean patients aren't informed, researcher says

Ultrasound Used to Attack Alzheimer's-Linked Brain Plaque in Mice March 11, 2015

Treatment is preliminary, but may have potential to combat the disease, researcher says

Genital Herpes Vaccine Shows Promise in Mouse Study March 10, 2015

It also seems effective against oral herpes, but only human trials can prove true benefit, experts say

British Scientists Spot Brain's Pain Center March 09, 2015

One region matched up with self-reported levels of pain in study using new imaging technique

Specially Trained Pooch Sniffs Out Thyroid Cancer March 06, 2015

Frankie, a German Shepherd mix, had 90 percent accuracy at spotting tumor traces in urine samples

Study: Men Are the Narcissists of the Species March 05, 2015

That may help explain the lack of women in leadership roles, researchers contend

Mouse Study Points to Potential Weight-Loss Agent March 05, 2015

Molecule found in tree leaves helped female mice shed weight, but had no effect on males

Rise in Use of Animals for Research February 26, 2015

Study says 73 percent increase due to using more mice, and fewer cats and dogs

Ears May Have Natural Defense Against Loud Noise, Mouse Study Shows February 20, 2015

Researchers suspect humans have a similar system to guard hearing

Some HIV Strains Cause Early Damage to Immune System, Study Finds February 19, 2015

These fast-replicating strains appear to result in quicker progression

Doctors Pinpoint Why Child Who Appeared Free of HIV Suffered Relapse February 18, 2015

Virus hid deep within 'memory cells' of immune system, where it couldn't be detected

First 'Epigenomes' Map Highlights How Genes Spur Health, Disease February 18, 2015

Epigenomes involve processes that switch DNA on or off, for good or ill

Graphic Images on Cigarette Labels Affect Smokers' Brains: Study February 16, 2015

Emotional pictures more memorable and reduce urge to smoke, researchers say

Smile! Your Dog Is Watching February 12, 2015

Canines can discern difference between happy and angry expressions, study contends

Proposed Dietary Guidelines Not a Green Light to Eat What You Want February 12, 2015

People still need to limit foods with heart-damaging saturated fats and trans fats, nutritionists say

Ebola Drug Shows Promise in Monkey Trial February 10, 2015

Experimental medicine targets a key gene in the virus; 75 percent of infected study animals survived

2 Genetic Variants for Breast Cancer Identified February 05, 2015

London scientists say variants most strongly linked to estrogen receptor-positive disease