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Bacteria Experiment May Point Way to Slow Zika's SpreadMay 04, 2016

Infecting mosquitoes led to lower, inactive levels of virus in their bodies, saliva

Why Labradors Often Get FatMay 03, 2016

One copy of a gene variant led to an additional 4 pounds, on average, study found

'Freckle' Gene Might Make You Look OlderApril 28, 2016

Scientists say certain genetic variations can add 2 years to your face

Could a Cellular Tweak Someday 'Switch Off' Gray Hair?April 28, 2016

Scientists spot a molecular signal controlling skin and hair color

Antibody Shot Protects Monkeys From HIV-Like InfectionApril 27, 2016

New approach might one day give doctors another treatment option or a way to develop an AIDS vaccine

Mixing Lab Mice With Pet Store Peers Might Boost ResearchApril 20, 2016

Immune systems of rodents used in science could benefit, researchers say

How the Brain Reads Other People's FacesApril 20, 2016

Researchers say they spot region that decodes facial movements, such as a slight smile or furrowed brow

Two-Step Ebola Vaccine Strategy Works in Early TrialApril 19, 2016

But one expert says two shots might be hard to give in an outbreak setting

Some Like It Hot! Lab Mice, in ParticularApril 19, 2016

Researchers report lower temperatures in lab studies can impact findings on human diseases

Novel E-Skin May Monitor Health, Vital SignsApril 18, 2016

The ultra-thin, flexible film applied to skin shows pulse rate, oxygen levels and more, researchers say

Sunscreen Delays Melanoma in Mice, Researchers SayApril 18, 2016

Study results suggest scientists can use mice to find better ways to prevent deadly skin cancer in humans

Implanted Brain Chip Restores Hand Movement to Quadriplegic ManApril 13, 2016

Technology bypasses damaged spinal cord to help patient move fingers, hand and wrist

Fighting Back, Bedbugs Grow a Thicker SkinApril 13, 2016

It helps protect against pesticides and may explain why population is growing worldwide, scientists suggest

Doctors Report on Success of Throat ReconstructionApril 08, 2016

Seven years after receiving metal stents, donated skin tissue, patient can swallow and eat normal food

Predicting Longevity May Be Simpler Than ThoughtApril 07, 2016

Study found age-related changes in DNA were not as accurate as factors such as age and mobility

Scientists Try to Stop Another Deadly VirusApril 04, 2016

Junin, an Ebola-like disease in Argentina, has a death rate of 20 to 30 percent

Non-Surgical Procedure May Be New Weight-Loss ToolApril 04, 2016

In preliminary study, 'bariatric artery embolization' shows some promise

Scientists Grow and Transplant Functioning Skin Onto MiceApril 01, 2016

It's a promising start, but human version may be a decade or more away, researcher says

Scientists Reduce Alzheimer's-Linked Brain Plaques in MiceMarch 31, 2016

Team used gene therapy, but there's no guarantee same method will help humans

Clues to Zika Virus' Structure May Point to WeaknessesMarch 31, 2016

Scientists say insights could further research into vaccine, treatments

Fridge-Sized Machine Makes Prescription Drugs 'On Demand'March 31, 2016

Technological advance produced thousands of doses a day; could be used on battlefields, during epidemics, scientists say

Experimental Drug for Rheumatoid Arthritis Shows PromiseMarch 31, 2016

Baricitinib helped patients who failed other treatments, researchers find

Study Explores Mechanism Between Zika Virus, Birth DefectsMarch 30, 2016

Protein on fetal stem cells provides pathway for Zika; discovery might lead to infection-blocking drugs, researchers say

Scientists Spot 'Switch' That Helps Sperm Penetrate EggMarch 29, 2016

Finding could eventually lead to unisex birth control, or infertility treatments, researchers say

CDC Sets New Guidelines on Sex After Zika ExposureMarch 25, 2016

Men with known infection from the virus should wait 6 months before condom-free sex, agency says

Scientists Create Bacteria in Lab With 'Minimal' Genes Needed for LifeMarch 24, 2016

Researchers said they had to include 149 genes whose purpose remains unknown

Gene Analysis Pinpoints Zika's Arrival in the AmericasMarch 24, 2016

Findings suggest one person carried the virus to the region in 2013

Work With Monkeys May Benefit HIV BabiesMarch 22, 2016

Early treatment cleared the virus in infants, researchers say

CDC: 116 Cases of Zika in U.S. Residents in First 2 Months of YearMarch 21, 2016

Nearly all had a probable link to travel to a Zika-endemic area outside the United States, agency says

CDC: 116 Cases of Zika in U.S. Residents in First 2 Months of YearMarch 18, 2016

Nearly all had a probable link to travel to a Zika-endemic area outside the United States, agency says

Presidential Candidates Speak at 6th-8th Grade LevelMarch 17, 2016

And Donald Trump scored the lowest among five contenders

Scientists Say They've Created New Type of Stem CellsMarch 16, 2016

Carrying just one copy of human DNA instead of two, they might treat diseases where genetically identical cells are better

Scientists Assess Risk to Pregnant Women Infected With ZikaMarch 16, 2016

A woman infected in 1st trimester has 1 in 100 chance of delivering baby with microcephaly, data suggests

In Zika Fight, FDA Gives Tentative OK to Tests of Gene-Modified MosquitoMarch 11, 2016

Agency says testing the insects in Florida Keys poses little risk to people, animals and the environment

A Pill to Ward Off Cavities? Scientists Say It Could HappenMarch 11, 2016

Researchers spotted a strain of 'good' bacteria in the mouth that helps keep 'bad' bacteria under control

Zika Poses Serious Threat to Puerto Rico: U.S. Health OfficialsMarch 10, 2016

They say funds needed to battle the virus, which has been linked to severe birth defects

Scientists Use Stem Cells to Correct Infant CataractsMarch 09, 2016

Leaving these cells behind during removal of damaged tissue led to regeneration of new, clear lens

Study Suggests Causes for Lupus' Impact on Immune SystemMarch 08, 2016

Certain cells seem to malfunction and create inflammation instead of fighting the disease, research say

Lack of Stem Cells May Be Key to Repeat MiscarriagesMarch 08, 2016

Potential clues to recurrent loss might found in lining of uterus, researchers say

3D Printing of 'Complex' Human Tissue Moves ForwardMarch 07, 2016

Scientists say they created tissue with blood vessels that survived for weeks in lab

Climate-Related Changes in Food Production Could Lead to 500,000 DeathsMarch 03, 2016

Research model predicts results for 2050

Monkeys Move Robotic Wheelchairs With Their ThoughtsMarch 03, 2016

Scientists say technology might one day help severely disabled people who have lost muscle control, mobility

Monkey Trial Offers Hope for Future Ebola Treatment for HumansFebruary 25, 2016

Antibodies from 1995 survivor protected macaques even when given five days after exposure

In Mice, Scientists Turn Stem Cells Into SpermFebruary 25, 2016

Researchers from China say lab tests produced fertile offspring

2 Experimental Ebola Vaccines Show PotentialFebruary 24, 2016

Both produced high levels of antibodies to the deadly virus, researchers say

Laser Unlocks Blood-Brain Barrier for Chemotherapy, Study ShowsFebruary 24, 2016

Cancer-fighting drugs were able to reach tumors, but the technique still in preliminary stage

Nerve Block Technique Might Help Ease Chronic Back PainFebruary 24, 2016

Small study found half of patients still getting pain relief a year out from treatment

New TB Test May Help Simplify DiagnosisFebruary 19, 2016

Blood analysis distinguishes between active and latent disease, researchers say

Americans Hold Science in High Regard, Poll FindsFebruary 19, 2016

Majority surveyed anticipates new opportunities for future generations

Results of Many Clinical Trials Take Years to PublishFebruary 18, 2016

'Perplexing' delays keep vital information from doctors and patients, researcher says