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Congress Passes Sweeping Health Care Bill December 07, 2016

21st Century Cures Act includes intiatives to boost mental, physical health

Therapeutic Vaccine Shows 'Game-Changing' Promise Against a Leukemia December 07, 2016

Made by combining immune cells, cancer cells, it's kept some study patients in remission for nearly 5 years

New Drug Might Reduce Sickle Cell Pain Crises December 05, 2016

SelG1 cut episodes by 45 percent over a year in early research

Another Miami Neighborhood Now Zika-Free December 02, 2016

Only one area in South Miami Beach still considered an active zone for local transmission of the virus, officials say

Drug Combo Shows Promise Against Some Soft Tissue Tumors December 02, 2016

Adding new drug to standard one helped control sarcomas in early trial on 2 patients

'Magic Mushroom' Chemical Eases Cancer Patients' Despair December 01, 2016

Hallucinogenic drug psilocybin relieved depression, anxiety quickly and lasted for months, studies found

First Case of Zika-Linked Glaucoma Diagnosed in Infant November 30, 2016

Brazilian baby developed vision-threatening condition after being exposed to virus in womb

Cancer Advances Demand Continual Funding, Specialists Say November 29, 2016

Conference organizers call for worldwide research partnerships

Texas Reports 1st Likely Case of Local Zika Infection November 29, 2016

Woman had no travel-related risk factors, CDC says

Lengthy Space Missions May Harm Astronauts' Vision November 28, 2016

Problem linked to changes in amount of fluid around the brain and spinal cord, researchers say

Researchers Put Embryo Development 'On Hold' in Mice November 23, 2016

Putting stem cells into hibernation has potential implications for infertility, cancer, regenerative medicine

Zika Babies May Look Normal at Birth, Display Brain Defects Later: CDC November 22, 2016

Findings underscore need for continuing evaluation after prenatal exposure

Imaging Studies Shed Light on Zika's Effects November 22, 2016

Brazilian radiologists assess damage to adults, babies

FDA Scientists Develop Mouse Model for Zika Research November 18, 2016

Researchers hope strain of mice will help speed development of vaccines, treatments

Coming Soon: Lower Cholesterol From a Twice-a-Year Shot? November 15, 2016

Injectable drugs could provide major advance in heart-disease prevention, researchers say

Brain Implant Lets 'Locked-In' ALS Patient Communicate November 15, 2016

Signals sent to hand emerge as typed message on a tablet computer, researchers report

DNA-Based Vaccine Protects Against Zika in Animal Study November 10, 2016

Results are encouraging and human trials are underway, researchers say

Antibody Treatment Shields Fetus From Zika -- in Mice November 07, 2016

Human-derived protein shows promise, but must still be tested in human trials

Experimental Medicine Might Rescue People With Drug-Resistant HIV October 28, 2016

'This is potentially a lifesaving therapy,' researcher says

Scientists Launch Project to Map Every Cell in Human Body October 14, 2016

The hope is to revolutionize how diseases are diagnosed and treated

Powerful MS Drug Used Early May Reverse Some Disability October 14, 2016

But significant side effects remain an issue for Lemtrada, researcher says

Monkey Study Hints at Drug-Free Suppression of HIV October 13, 2016

Initial safety studies are under way, though it's not yet clear if the treatment will be effective in people

Brain Chips Help Paralyzed Man Regain Sense of Touch Using Robotic Arm October 13, 2016

With implants, he also felt some sensation in his own fingers

Freeze Therapy: An Alternative to Breast Cancer Surgery? October 12, 2016

Cryoablation looks promising for small tumors, doctors say

Mars-Bound Astronauts Could Face Dementia Risk, Study Contends October 11, 2016

Research with rodents suggests injury to brain from cosmic rays

A Better Diabetes Test? October 05, 2016

Scientists say their mathematical formula improves accuracy of standard blood screen

Hurdles Ahead for Zika Vaccine: Experts September 28, 2016

Though there are two promising candidates, testing and manufacturing challenges remain

FDA's Cancer-Drug Reviewers Often Join Industry Later: Study September 28, 2016

Analysis raises concerns about regulators' ability to serve the public interest, researchers suggest

Many Patients Enter Cancer Trials With Unrealistic Expectations September 26, 2016

Study finding is a red flag, researcher says

Drug Shows Promise Against MS in Mouse Study September 21, 2016

Laquinimod seemed to slow progression of the neurological disorder, but human trials needed

Alcoholics May Lack Key Enzyme September 21, 2016

Rat study suggests PRDM2 helps the brain control impulses to drink

Experimental Shingles Vaccine Looks Quite Effective: Study September 14, 2016

Found to protect about 90 percent of adults age 70 and up

Zika Infection Found in Eyes of Mice September 06, 2016

Discovery may explain why virus can cause serious vision problems in people, but more research is needed

New Textile Promises Cool Comfort Without Air Conditioning September 01, 2016

Innovative material is based on the same substance in clear, clingy plastic wrap

Contacts May One Day Be Used to Deliver Glaucoma Medication August 30, 2016

Study showed the lenses as effective in monkeys as the standard eye drop treatment

Experimental Test Detects Parkinson's Disease Earlier August 29, 2016

A quicker diagnosis would allow people to participate in drug trials, researcher says

Fewer Drugs in Pipeline to Treat World's No. 1 Killer August 29, 2016

While number of cancer drugs rose, development of new heart medicines stalled, study finds

3 Drugs Identified to Potentially Fight Zika Virus August 29, 2016

But only one is already approved in the United States

Coffee Cravings May Spring From Your DNA August 25, 2016

Genes appear to influence how much caffeine you need, researchers find

Blood Test Might Someday Predict Your Stroke Risk August 24, 2016

People with high levels of certain 'biomarkers' had significantly higher odds for an attack, study found

Gene Test Might Quickly ID Baby's Infection August 23, 2016

Goal is to distinguish between bacterial, viral illness, researchers say

Mouse Study Suggests Stem Cells May Reverse Stroke Damage August 22, 2016

Experimental treatment helped new brain cells grow

Genes Might Explain Hispanics' Added Longevity August 19, 2016

Differences in 'genetic clock' may help them age more slowly than other ethnic groups, study finds

Zika Kills Vital Nervous System Cells in Adult Mice, Study Finds August 18, 2016

Researchers are investigating why the virus is attracted to neural stem cells in the brain

U.S. DEA Denies Request to Ease Federal Pot Rules August 11, 2016

Decision at odds with laws in nearly half of states; will likely hamper medical research, doctors say

'Brain Training' Helps 8 Paralyzed People Regain Some Movement August 11, 2016

Combination regimen jump-started reconnection between mind and body

Humans Can Pass Staph Germs to Monkeys July 29, 2016

Scientists found evidence of transmission between species in Gambia as recently as 7 years ago

Archeological Finds Push First Known Cancer Back 2 Million Years July 29, 2016

Discoveries challenge belief that it is a modern-day disease

Is Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity Real? July 29, 2016

Study finds distinctly different biological changes than those from celiac disease, wheat allergy

'Ice Bucket Challenge' Funds a Boon to ALS Research July 27, 2016

Money raised during the online campaign helped scientists spot gene linked to deadly nerve disease