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April 29 Is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day April 27, 2017

Safe disposal helps prevent unwanted meds from being abused, U.S. officials say

Cleaning, Greening Vacant Lots May Help Fight Crime April 21, 2017

Fighting urban blight sends message that residents are paying close attention to the neighborhood

Illness From 'Kissing Bug' Now Widespread in U.S. April 18, 2017

Without early treatment, Chagas disease can cause heart failure

Leading Medical Groups Join March for Science on April 22 April 17, 2017

Planned as protest against Trump policies, organizers say value of science is at stake

Chemicals Found in Many U.S. Streams: Study April 12, 2017

Tests for more than 700 chemicals in 38 waterways turned up surprising combinations with unknown effects

Bedbugs Building Resistance to More Insecticides April 10, 2017

Chemicals alone won't vanquish the pests, researchers say

How to Protect Yourself From Air Pollution April 07, 2017

Environmental health expert gives advice on ways to avoid exposure to pollutants

U.S. Pedestrian Deaths Surged to Record Levels in 2016 March 30, 2017

Experts point to widespread smartphone use as deadly distraction for drivers and walkers alike

Raccoon Parasite Not as Deadly to Humans as Thought March 24, 2017

Researchers find confirmed cases of raccoon roundworm where patients had no symptoms

Some Bed Bugs Can Traipse Out of Traps March 15, 2017

Researchers find one tropical type that climbs its way to freedom

City Tax on Cars Cut Pollution, Kids' Asthma Risk March 07, 2017

Traffic measure in Sweden reduced rates of wheezing disease by 50 percent, researchers report

Would You Feel Safe in a Driverless Ambulance? March 07, 2017

Vehicles would free up an extra person to care for patient, but studies find Americans have mixed views

Review Raises Questions About Herbal Meds for Heart Problems February 27, 2017

While popular among patients, they haven't been proven safe or effective in clinical trials, study says

Hospital Sinks May Be Awash in 'Superbugs' February 27, 2017

Study finds drug-resistant bacteria can colonize in drains, spread to sinks and eventually reach patients

For a Fun and Safe Tropical Getaway, Plan Ahead February 17, 2017

Be aware of unusual health risks in the Caribbean and Central and South America, doctor advises

Student-Athletes Don't Have to Be Hit By Injuries February 15, 2017

Equipment safety, emergency training and time for recovery are key to avoiding trouble, experts say

How to Stay on Your Feet During Slippery Winter Conditions February 11, 2017

Any surfaces that look wet and dark are probably icy, safety experts say

Drinking Peroxide as 'Natural' Cure Leads to Dangerous Blood Clots February 09, 2017

So-called 'super water' carries big risks, doctors warn

Winter's No Reason to Hibernate: Head Outside for Some Sports Fun February 08, 2017

But be sure to use the right equipment and stay in areas that match your skill level

For Ice Skating, Sharpen Up on Safety January 29, 2017

Never skate alone or on thin ice, experts advise

Best Ways to Steer Clear of the Flu January 21, 2017

For starters, get a flu vaccine to protect yourself and others, infectious diseases expert says

Truckers' Poor Health: An Accident Waiting to Happen? January 19, 2017

Multiple medical conditions tied to 2 to 4 times the odds of a crash, study suggests

'Superbug' May Be More Widespread Than Thought January 16, 2017

Study of 4 U.S. hospitals found wide variety of germs resistant to antibiotics of last resort

Debunking Winter Weather Myths January 16, 2017

For starters, alcohol won't warm you up

'Superbug' Resistant to All Antibiotics Killed Nevada Woman January 13, 2017

She died after possibly picking up an infection in an Indian hospital, researchers say

1 in 5 U.S. Gun Owners Avoided Background Check: Study January 13, 2017

In most cases, firearms were bought privately or online, transactions that more than 30 states don't regulate

'Button' Batteries Pose Serious Risk to Children January 09, 2017

Toddlers may swallow the tiny batteries used to power many common household objects

Warmer Waters May Mean More Toxic Shellfish January 09, 2017

New scientific tool helps predict harmful algae blooms in Pacific

More Americans Questioning Safety of E-Cigarettes January 09, 2017

Fewer people see these devices as safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, survey shows

Navigating Ski Slopes Safely January 06, 2017

National Ski Areas Association offers advice on preventing skiing, snowboarding injuries

Ready Your Home for Winter's Wrath January 04, 2017

Steps include insulating water lines that run along exterior walls, experts advise

Flameless Candle Batteries Pose Risk to Kids January 04, 2017

If swallowed, serious damage can occur in just 2 hours, poison center expert says

Research on U.S. Gun Violence Still a Low Priority, Study Finds January 03, 2017

Other leading causes of death receive a far greater share of federal science dollars

Why Major Zika Outbreak Is Unlikely in U.S. January 03, 2017

Higher standard of living reduces odds the virus-carrying mosquitoes will thrive, study says

How to Keep Your Kids Cozy and Safe by the Fireside January 01, 2017

All types of fireplaces -- wood, gas and electric -- are potential safety hazards, experts warn

DUI Rates Decline for U.S. Drivers December 30, 2016

But that doesn't mean roads will be safe New Year's Eve; 28 million still drink and drive, survey finds

Welders Showed Increased Risk of Parkinson-Like Symptoms in Study December 28, 2016

Exposure to manganese in welding fumes appears to affect movement, researchers report

Bird Flu Strain May Have Jumped From Cat to Human December 23, 2016

New York City health department says veterinarian treating sick cats likely was infected with the virus

Don't Let Food Poisoning Ruin Your Holiday Celebration December 23, 2016

Keep extra cooks out of the kitchen to avoid food safety mistakes, experts advise

FDA Suggests Limits on Lead in Cosmetics December 23, 2016

Agency notes most products already below recommended level

Christmas Cords Pose Danger to Little Ones December 23, 2016

Holiday extension cords, wires not safe around curious tots, who put everything in their mouths, researchers say

Many Ignore Fire Safety at Home, Survey Reveals December 22, 2016

Holiday activities can put families in jeopardy, children's hospital warns

How to Ship Food Gifts Without Risk December 22, 2016

Even foods that are smoked, cured or fully cooked should be kept cold, experts advise

Safety First When Stringing Holiday Lights December 20, 2016

Putting lights on a metallic tree is an electrical hazard, experts warn

If You're Dashing Through the Snow to a Holiday Gathering… December 18, 2016

Red Cross offers tips for getting to your destination safely

Polar Vortex Tightens Grip on U.S. December 15, 2016

Doctor offers precautions against hypothermia; go easy when shoveling snow

Polar Vortex Takes Aim at U.S. December 13, 2016

Doctor offers precautions against hypothermia; go easy when shoveling snow

Emergency Surgery Riskier for Kids in Poorer Countries December 13, 2016

Seven times more likely to die within 30 days of abdominal procedures for appendicitis, hernias, study finds

When Buying a Christmas Tree, Think Safety First December 10, 2016

Dry trees are a fire hazard, so pick a fresh one and keep it watered, doctors' group advises

Best Way to Beat Back Zika a Matter of Debate December 07, 2016

Analysis found conflicting evidence on which mosquito-control method worked best