July 26, 2014: Don't Let Kids Drink Pool Water
Expert offers tips for spotting chlorine poisoning, bacterial infection, secondary drowning in kids

July 25, 2014: Health Tip: Pack Safety Essentials for a Long Hike
Don't forget a map

July 23, 2014: Dangerous Use of Growth Hormone Surges Among U.S. Teens
Many young people are ordering dubious, hazardous products off of the Internet, researchers warn

July 18, 2014: EPA Unveils New Bug Repellant Labeling
Should work much like sunscreen SPF labels, telling users how much protection they will get, agency says

July 16, 2014: AIDS Epidemic May Be Subsiding: Report
Number of new infections, deaths declining, while more with HIV getting lifesaving medications

July 15, 2014: Health Tip: Watch for Warning Signs of Choking
Including difficulty breathing

July 11, 2014: Culling Deer Herd Curbs Lyme Disease, Study Says
Hunting program in Connecticut led to fewer cases of tick-borne illness

July 11, 2014: CDC Issues Tough Report on Anthrax Scare
Agency places moratorium on transfer of dangerous germs from its high-level labs

July 06, 2014: Guard Your Kids Against Bug Bites This Summer
Mosquitoes, ticks and fleas transmit diseases, so reach for insect repellant before sending them outdoors

July 05, 2014: Be Safe When Mowing The Lawn
If children are tasked with chore, be sure they understand the risks and know how to cut grass safely

July 04, 2014: Houseboats Can Carry Hidden Carbon Monoxide Dangers
Hazardous concentrations from some gas generators can accumulate near the rear deck, experts say

July 03, 2014: Stay Safe On The Roads This July Fourth
Nearly 400 people may die in accidents over holiday weekend, National Safety Council estimates

July 03, 2014: Eye Doctors Offer Fireworks Safety Tips
But they caution that displays are best left to professionals

July 02, 2014: If You Can't Stand the Heat . . .
Health officials offer tips for coping with summer's soaring temps

July 02, 2014: Injuries, Violence Are Leading Causes of Death for Young Americans
CDC researcher calls for broader preventive measures

July 01, 2014: Have a Fun -- But Safe -- Fourth of July
Hands, head, eyes at greatest risk for injury with at-home fireworks, expert says

July 01, 2014: No CDC Lab Workers Seem Sickened by Anthrax: Report
Breakdown in safety procedures last month led to concerns about possible exposure

June 26, 2014: Precautions Help Keep Kids Safe in Water
Children can drown in as little as 2 inches of water, pediatrician warns

June 25, 2014: Is All That TV Killing You?
Study suggests more than 3 hours daily doubles chance of early death, but one expert questions the connection

June 25, 2014: 1 in 10 U.S. Beaches Fails Bacteria Test, Survey Finds
Storm-water runoff, including sewage, continues to threaten swimmers' health

June 25, 2014: Health Tip: Use Lawn Mowers Safely
Make sure you read instructions

June 24, 2014: Health Tip: Safer Use of Fireworks
Take precautions when children are near

June 23, 2014: Web-Based Program May Help Beginner Drivers
A new spin on behind-the-wheel education improves teen safety, study says

June 22, 2014: Tips for Keeping That Bounce House Safe
Children get hurt when colliding with others or falling, expert says, so supervision is needed

June 21, 2014: For Safety's Sake, Don't Leave Kids in Cars
Warmer weather puts them at risk of heat stroke, other dangers, expert says

June 20, 2014: CDC Lab Workers May Have Been Exposed to Anthrax
No risk to public; agency says safety procedures weren't followed

June 18, 2014: Health Tip: Set Rules About Bunk Beds
Top bunk shouldn't be used by kids under 6

June 12, 2014: Hospital's Efforts to Boost Patient Safety Pay Off
Study found obstetric malpractice claims dropped by half after program was put in place

June 09, 2014: Teen Bullies, Victims Armed More Than Other Kids, Study Says
But experts disagree on findings' significance

June 06, 2014: Use Prescription Painkillers Safely
Experts offer tips on how to avoid accidental overdose, addiction

June 05, 2014: People Under 65 Hard Hit by Flu This Year
H1N1 strain predominated in season that peaked early; CDC recommends inclusion of H1N1 in next year's vaccine

June 05, 2014: Health Tip: Consider Air Bag Safety for Children
Seat them in the back of the car

June 03, 2014: Food Handlers Cause Most Food-Poisoning Cases
Norovirus spread in restaurants accounts for two-thirds of all outbreaks, CDC says

May 29, 2014: U.S. Measles Cases at 20-Year High
Almost all infections involve unvaccinated residents who traveled abroad, CDC says

May 29, 2014: Health Tip: Strap Big Kids in a Booster Seat
Suggestions for safe use

May 28, 2014: Can Fire Retardants Raise Risk of Children Born With Lower IQs?
Study found higher levels of the chemicals in mom also upped chances of hyperactivity in kids by age 5

May 27, 2014: Task Force Recommends Hep B Screening for High-Risk People
Vaccine, antiviral treatments make it worthwhile to spot chronic condition early, researcher says

May 24, 2014: Jump in, Just Don't Swallow the Water
Kiddie pools are hotspots of bacteria, expert says

May 23, 2014: Fewer Americans Believe E-Cigs Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes: Study
But e-cigarettes continue to rise in popularity, with sales nearing $1.7 billion

May 22, 2014: Yelp Can Help Spot Food Poisonings at Restaurants
The online review service was used to identify several foodborne outbreaks in New York City

May 20, 2014: Unwanted Germs Can Land, Last Inside Jetliners
Study focused on MRSA and E. coli bacteria

May 19, 2014: Existing Drugs May Work Against MERS, Studies Suggest
Findings could speed access to treatment for patients who can't wait for new drugs to be developed

May 19, 2014: Health Tip: Keep Kids Safe in Shopping Carts
Suggestions to prevent tipping and injuries

May 16, 2014: New Drug for Chagas Disease Disappoints in 1st Human Trial
Older medication bested posaconazole, but combination of both might work well, study says

May 15, 2014: Water Poses More Danger for Black Youths Than Whites: CDC
Evidence suggests they are less likely to have been taught basic swimming skills, researcher notes

May 15, 2014: As Summer Arrives, CDC Offers Pool Chemical Safety Tips
Injuries can occur when people ignore instructions or get careless with these hazardous products

May 14, 2014: Hand Microbes Might Reflect Where, How You Live
Finding suggests that studies in this area should include people from different regions

May 13, 2014: Pets Can Carry Same 'Superbug' Strains as Their Owners: Study
But infection tends to originate in humans, so concern that your cat or dog has MRSA isn't necessary, researchers say

May 12, 2014: Car Crash Risk May Go Up During Pregnancy
Second trimester increase noted in large Canadian study, but reason remains unclear

May 09, 2014: Tips for New Moms on Mother's Day
FDA experts offer advice on doctor visits, use of medications