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Best Way to Beat Back Zika a Matter of Debate December 07, 2016

Analysis found conflicting evidence on which mosquito-control method worked best

What's in Tobacco Smoke? Many Americans Don't Know December 07, 2016

Surveys show misunderstandings about safety of filters are also common

Patient Safety May Drop During Doc Rotations December 06, 2016

Study suggests patient care info might not be relayed to new team, boosting risk of in-hospital death

New Clues to Huge Jump in U.S. Mosquito Population December 06, 2016

Urbanization, DDT pesticide ban played roles, but climate change may become a factor, researchers say

'Superbug' Gene Spotted on U.S. Pig Farm December 05, 2016

Study suggests potential resistance to a last line of antibiotics for humans

Just 1 Cigarette a Day Can Be Deadly: Study December 05, 2016

Light smokers still faced an increased risk of early death

U.S. to Ban Smoking in Public Housing November 30, 2016

Agencies have 18 months to implement smoke-free policies

U.S. Should Reinforce Blood Supply: Report November 28, 2016

New illnesses and financial pressures are potential threats, researchers say

Hitting the Slopes? Keep These Safety Tips in Mind November 26, 2016

Snowboarders and skiers should always use properly maintained equipment and be fully rested

8 of 10 Texas Salons Heed Ban on Indoor Tanning for Minors November 25, 2016

But survey finds most tell older customers they can tan every day, counter to FDA-suggested limits

Consider Eye Safety When Choosing Kids' Toys November 24, 2016

As holiday shopping season kicks off, here are tips on buying toys and sports-related items

1 in 7 Young Teens Is a Stalking Victim: Survey November 23, 2016

They're at higher risk of substance abuse and depression, researchers say

Survival Tips for Holiday Road Trips November 23, 2016

Staying calm and being prepared can help you reach your destination safely

How to Prepare That Holiday Turkey Safely November 22, 2016

USDA offers advice for avoiding foodborne illness

Health Tip: Keep Kids Safe During the Holidays November 22, 2016

What parents can do

U.S. Hospitals Halve Catheter Infection Rates: Review November 21, 2016

But many critically ill patients still exposed to deadly bacteria, Consumer Reports researchers say

Is Your ATM Dispensing Bacteria? November 16, 2016

Study in New York City found most of the germs came from human skin, food

U.S. Doctors Don't All Follow Prediabetes Screening Guidelines: Study November 08, 2016

They split 50-50, survey shows, on advice aimed at preventing full-blown diabetes

Do Your Part to Stop Spreading Colds and Flu November 08, 2016

When you're sick, stay home, health officials urge

Health Tip: Teach Your Family Fire Safety November 07, 2016

And be sure to have an escape plan

Graphic Cigarette Pack Labels May Cut U.S. Smoking Deaths November 03, 2016

Researchers predict well over half a million lives would be saved over 50 years

Paintball Causes Many Vision-Robbing Eye Injuries November 03, 2016

Basketball, baseball and cycling accidents threaten eyes in other ways, study finds

Robotic Surgical Tools Tough to Keep Clean November 01, 2016

Findings suggest better cleaning procedures, more monitoring of instruments would help

Food Labels on Potential Allergens May Confuse Shoppers November 01, 2016

Misunderstanding warnings could be dangerous for those with food allergies, researcher says

Common Vaccine Safe for Mother, Fetus November 01, 2016

Finding should reassure women who get Tdap shot to help protect their infant against whooping cough

Alcohol, Drugs a Poor Halloween Mix October 29, 2016

When you're under the influence, carving pumpkins and other holiday fun can lead to injury, doctor warns

Health Tip: Dress Kids in Safe Costumes October 28, 2016

Tips for a happier Halloween

More American Adults Think E-Cigs as Harmful as Cigarettes: Survey October 27, 2016

But researchers note they can help smokers quit even if they're not risk-free

Health Tip: Pay Attention on Halloween October 26, 2016

Safety tips for walking trick-or-treaters

Old Blood as Good as New for Transfusions, Study Finds October 24, 2016

Little difference seen in patient survival rates

Saturday, Oct. 22 Is Drug Take Back Day October 22, 2016

DEA-sponsored event offers sites to safely dispose of unused meds

Tips for Keeping Halloween Safe and Fun October 21, 2016

Bobbing for apples, trick-or-treating can expose kids to potential hazards, health experts say

Top 3 Mistakes Teen Drivers Make October 20, 2016

Parents don't emphasize safety enough, experts say

Are You and Your Home Ready for Winter? October 18, 2016

And cars need some TLC before snow starts falling, CDC says

Elective Surgeries on Fridays Are Safe: Study October 18, 2016

Canadian review finds patients having procedures at tail end of work week face no greater death risk

Health Tip: Using Kitchen Knives October 18, 2016

Pay attention to help avoid injury

11 Ways to Stay Safe When Doing Risky Tree Work October 15, 2016

For starters, always assume nearby power lines are energized and take precautions

Global Efforts to Combat TB Epidemic Falling Short October 13, 2016

Many people still lack access to effective diagnosis and treatments, WHO report shows

How to Guard Against Deadly Carbon Monoxide Poisoning October 12, 2016

Start by installing detectors on every floor of your home, and know what to do if they sound

6 Keys to a Safe, Allergy-Free Halloween October 10, 2016

These tips can ease parents' worries and help kids with food allergies or asthma enjoy the holiday

Like People, Power Tools Need Checkups October 08, 2016

Electrical cords should be free of cracks or cuts, safety experts advise

Matthew Battering Florida Coast October 07, 2016

Storm surge a big concern, officials say

How to Help Keep Your Kids Safe This Fall October 07, 2016

Remind children to take precautions at dusk to make sure they are visible to cars

Don't Let the Change of Seasons Put You at Risk October 06, 2016

Editors of Farmers Almanac say fall's shorter days, fickle weather can bring unwelcome surprises

Exploding E-Cigarettes Sending 'Vapers' to Burn Centers October 05, 2016

Users say they're unaware the lithium batteries are a potential fire hazard

Health Tip: When Your Child Rides With Someone Else October 05, 2016

Suggestions to keep the youngster safe

Fall Weather Can Be Tricky to Navigate October 04, 2016

Changeable conditions range from hurricanes to flooding, even snow

Secondhand Smoke More Insidious Than Thought September 28, 2016

Nonsmokers can be exposed without knowing it, suffer health risks, researchers say

Smart City Planning Can Cut Deadly Diseases, Improve Air Quality September 26, 2016

Study found big benefit in limiting urban sprawl, encouraging walking and biking

How Older People Can Head Off Dangerous Drug Interactions September 24, 2016

Taking multiple medications and supplements could cause serious problems, FDA warns