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E-Cig Liquid Nicotine Containers Often Mislabeled July 27, 2016

Also, many aren't child-resistant, which poses a risk to youngsters

Edible Pot Sends Toddlers to Colorado ERs July 25, 2016

Cannabis-laced candy, baked goods look irresistible to kids, doctors warn

3 in 4 Youngsters Exposed to Laundry Pod Detergent Suffer Poisoning July 21, 2016

Hospitalizations 4 times more common with pods compared to other detergents, study finds

Heat Waves Pose Big Health Threats July 06, 2016

Kids, elderly among those at greatest risk, doctor warns

Beware Broken Glow Sticks July 04, 2016

Contents can irritate skin, eyes, mouth, poison-control experts say

Malaria Vaccine Protection Short-Lived in Young Children June 30, 2016

Kids in study were given 3 doses, but manufacturer now says 4 doses needed

Flint's Lead-Contamination Crisis 'Entirely Preventable' June 24, 2016

CDC looks at kids' blood levels before, during and after city's switch to local water

Almost 2 Million U.S. Kids Get Concussions a Year: Study June 20, 2016

Estimate is still likely low, specialist says

Baby Your Baby With Sunscreen June 16, 2016

For starters, apply it at least 15 minutes before heading out, pediatrician advises

Essentials for Keeping Kids Safe This Summer June 10, 2016

Expert shares tips for injury-free outdoor play

Even Kiddie Pools Pose Danger May 30, 2016

Vigilance a must around any swimming area, expert says

More Children Accidently Poisoned by 'Essential Oils' May 13, 2016

Tennessee poison center reports doubling of dangerous exposures since 2011, mostly in kids

Swaddling May Increase Chances of SIDS May 09, 2016

Study found wrapping blanket tightly around sleeping baby raised risk by almost 60 percent

Even in Taxis, Kids Belong in Safety Seats May 02, 2016

But study finds only 11 percent of children were properly restrained

More Kids Burned, Hospitalized as Fireworks Sales Rules Ease May 02, 2016

Findings don't show direct link to serious injuries, but reassessment of laws needed, researchers say

Playground-Related Brain Injuries on Rise in U.S. May 02, 2016

ERs treat more kids, perhaps because of greater concussion awareness, experts say

'Wandering' a Hazard for More Than a Third of Kids With Autism May 02, 2016

In study, many were unaware they might be in danger, couldn't distinguish strangers from people they knew

1 in 4 Hospitalized Newborns Gets Heartburn Drugs, Despite Risks April 27, 2016

Study shows use is common, but prior research suggests a danger to babies

Spanking: More Harm Than Good? April 27, 2016

It can lead to psychological, learning problems in kids, analysis of 75 studies suggests

Skateboarding Mishaps Send 176 U.S. Kids to ERs Every Day April 27, 2016

Protective gear is essential for preventing injuries, experts say

More Kids Being Poisoned by Detergent Pods: Study April 25, 2016

Parents of young kids should not have these products in the home, experts say

Teen Moms May Ignore Advice for Helping Babies Sleep Safely April 21, 2016

Awareness of SIDS risk didn't spur young mothers to follow recommendations, study finds

FDA Launches Ad Campaign Against Chewing Tobacco April 19, 2016

Health officials targeting rural teens with messages about health risks of smokeless tobacco products

Simple Steps Can Keep Lawn Mowing Safe April 15, 2016

Before cutting the grass, review these safety tips

Stay Safe in the Water This Spring Break March 29, 2016

Vigilance at the beach is key, especially for young children, expert says

Head Lice No Cause for Panic, Expert Says March 07, 2016

But ask your pediatrician if a prescription remedy is needed

Simple Changes in Bad Neighborhoods Might Lower Teen Murder Rates March 07, 2016

Adding streetlights, maintaining vacant lots could make a difference, researchers suggest

Chemical-Free Cosmetics May Be Safer for Teen Girls, Study Suggests March 07, 2016

Lower levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals seen in adolescents after trying products without potentially harmful ingredients

Lawn Mowers Can Cause Severe Injuries to Kids March 03, 2016

Study found that more than half of accidents required amputation

Paid Family Leave Tied to Decline in Child Abuse February 26, 2016

California study found hospital admissions for abuse-linked head injuries dropped after policy enacted

Kids With Autism More Likely to Wander, Less Likely to Recognize Danger February 19, 2016

Researchers concerned about risks to children with developmental issues, as well as the stress on parents

Do Benefits of City Gardening Outweigh Risks? February 16, 2016

Lead and other soil contaminants aren't a concern for all vegetables, expert contends

Child Abuse Costs Nations Billions of Dollars a Year: Panel February 12, 2016

Laws, parent education and sex-abuse prevention programs are effective ways to keep kids safe, experts report

Homemade 'Dewshine' Can Be Deadly February 09, 2016

2 teens have already died from toxic mix of soda and racing fuel, expert says

Super Bowl Safety: Protect Kids From Toppling TVs February 06, 2016

Poorly positioned televisions injure thousands of children a year, experts say

Child Abuse at Daycare, Youth Groups Rarer Than Thought: Survey February 02, 2016

Kids at higher risk at home than while in the care of such organizations, study finds

Homeless Youth More Likely to Visit Drop-In Center Than Shelter February 01, 2016

Services offered help teens find jobs and housing

Boys Victims of Dating Violence, Too January 29, 2016

Survey of 'at risk' teens finds males as likely as females to suffer abuse

Preventable Ills Cause Nearly 8 Million Childhood Deaths Globally January 25, 2016

Diarrhea, respiratory infections are top killers, research shows

Majority of Americans Supports 'Smart' Guns, Survey Reveals January 21, 2016

Finding counters claims there is no market for childproof weapons, researchers say

Kindergartners With Traumatic Life Experiences Struggle More in School January 14, 2016

Multiple adverse events linked to poorer concentration, more aggression, researchers find

Acetaminophen Tops List of Accidental Infant Poisonings January 13, 2016

Other common dangers included cough/cold meds, ibuprofen and diaper rash creams, data shows

Kids With ADHD May Be More Likely to Have Accident in Traffic: Study January 08, 2016

Research points to impulsive behavior and problems paying attention as key reasons

Make Toy Safety a Top Concern December 24, 2015

Dangerous playthings account for thousands of injuries each year in U.S.

Tiny Turtles Carry Salmonella Threat December 23, 2015

Though banned as pets in U.S., they're still sold illegally and children are often the ones sickened, CDC finds

Agricultural Pesticides May Affect Kids' Breathing December 03, 2015

Early exposure to organophosphates could raise risk of COPD later, researchers suggest

Delayed Clamping of Umbilical Cord May Be Better for Preemies December 01, 2015

Waiting 45 seconds was linked to enhanced motor skills among infants in study

Assessing Health Issues of Child Refugees November 27, 2015

Medical profiles of newly arrived children are important for treatment, researcher says

Weekend Childbirth Riskier, British Study Suggests November 25, 2015

Infant deaths, maternal infections lower on weekdays, study finds

First Year of Life Poses Highest Risk for Child Abuse: Study November 24, 2015

Babies this young are also three times more likely to die of their injuries than those hurt accidentally