July 22, 2014: High-Salt Diets Could Double Risk of Heart Woes for Diabetics
Risk even greater for people whose diabetes isn't well-controlled, study finds

May 29, 2014: More Americans Working to Control Blood Pressure, Cholesterol: CDC
But rates for these and other heart-healthy habits still fall far short of goals, agency says

May 27, 2014: Iodine Deficiency Common in Pregnancy, Pediatricians Warn
Processed foods deprive women of iodized salt; supplementation recommended

May 16, 2014: People With High Blood Pressure Often Have a 'Salt Tooth'
Small new study suggests that some may have an unhealthy preference for saltier food

April 15, 2014: Less Salt Use Tied to Drop in U.K. Heart Deaths
Deaths from stroke also fell in the 8-year study from England

March 20, 2014: Salt's Harm Evident in Heavy Teens, Study Finds
Cellular changes seen in 14- to 18-year-olds

March 17, 2014: Sweet, Salty Taste Preferences Tied Together in Kids
Study also suggests that children's growth and development affect their choices

March 03, 2014: Diet to Reduce Blood Pressure May Also Stave Off Kidney Stones
Study found DASH diet just as effective, less limiting, than traditional eating plan

February 03, 2014: U.S. Teens Eat Too Much Salt, Hiking Obesity Risk: Study
Researchers found that kids consume at least twice the recommended daily amounts

December 19, 2013: Americans Still Eat Too Much Salt: CDC
New strategies needed to reduce risk of high blood pressure, experts say

December 06, 2013: Switching to Healthier Eating May Cost You More
Following a healthy diet runs about $1.50 more a day than junk food, study finds

November 27, 2013: Fizzy Drugs May Pose a High-Salt Danger, Study Suggests
One day's dose of Alka-Seltzer exceeds recommended total intake of salt

November 07, 2013: Kidney Patients May Gain From Less Salt
Small study showed reductions in blood pressure, less fluid retention

October 02, 2013: Many Restaurant Chains Not Serving Healthier Fare: Report
Average entree still has same number of calories, only tiny drop in salt content, researchers say

August 12, 2013: Diet Choices May Help Diabetics Stave Off Kidney Disease
Fruit, protein and moderate alcohol intake tied to lower risk of chronic disease in study

July 15, 2013: More U.S. Kids May Be at Risk for High Blood Pressure
Study looked at rise in body fat, waist size and salt intake over 13-year period

June 10, 2013: Junk Food Bans Help Schoolkids Avoid Unhealthy Snacks: Study
But most elementary schools are in districts or states that don't limit sales of fat, sugar, salt to students

May 15, 2013: People With High Blood Pressure May Crave Salt
It's important to resist these cravings, study author says

May 14, 2013: Most Americans Should Eat Less Salt: Report
But too little salt may also cause health problems, report authors add

May 13, 2013: How to Quickly Spot Signs of Stroke: Experts
Prompt recognition and treatment offer best chance of full recovery

May 08, 2013: Fast Food Hasn't Gotten Much Healthier, Study Says
Researchers analyzed 14 years of menus from familiar U.S. chains

April 05, 2013: Less Salt, More Potassium = Millions of Lives Saved
Modest dietary changes would reduce risk of stroke, heart disease, studies confirm

March 21, 2013: Excess Salt a Factor in 2.3 Million Deaths Annually Worldwide
Study finds overconsumption may have contributed to 15 percent of heart-related fatalities in 2010

March 21, 2013: Ready-to-Eat Foods for Toddlers Often Too Salty: Study
Parents urged to balance convenience with healthier meals, snacks

March 06, 2013: Salty Diet Might Help Trigger MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Studies found it activated cells in the immune system, resulting in form of MS in rodents

February 11, 2013: Cut Salt, Save 500,000 U.S. Lives Over a Decade, Study Finds
Strategy would greatly reduce deaths from stroke and heart attack, experts say

January 12, 2013: Winter Holds Many Hazards for Seniors, Expert Warns
Preparation, caution can help keep elderly safe from injuries and illness related to season

January 04, 2013: Experts Challenge Americans to Reduce Salt Intake
Your palate will adjust to less salty foods in 3 weeks, heart professionals say

December 25, 2012: Holidays Spell Trouble for Folks Unaware They're Diabetic
High-salt, high-fat foods may put these people at risk for heart attack, stroke

December 10, 2012: Could Kids' Salt Intake Affect Their Weight?
Study found those who consumed more sodium also drank more sugary beverages

October 03, 2012: 'Junk Food' May Significantly Hike Risk of Stroke, Researchers Say
Western diet tied to health problems in young rats after just 2 months, study finds

September 21, 2012: Obese Black Kids More Susceptible to Hypertension, Study Finds
Differences in salt consumption, hormone levels may play a role, researchers say

September 17, 2012: Too Much Salt Might Harm Kids' Health: Study
High intake may lead to rise in blood pressure, especially in overweight children

September 12, 2012: Stress Adds to Salt Load of Some Blacks, Study Says
This may raise their risk for high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease

September 10, 2012: Electrolyte Problem Raises Post-Op Death Risk: Study
Patients with low sodium levels in the blood also had more complications such as infections

July 17, 2012: Sodium Buildup in Brain Linked to Disability in MS Patients
Those with advanced-stage multiple sclerosis have high levels of the mineral, study says

July 10, 2012: Teens' Lifestyle Choices Affect Their Blood Pressure
Australian study found more hypertension risk in boys who drink, girls who use birth control pills

June 18, 2012: Long-Term Salty Diets Tied Again to High Blood Pressure
But eating sodium-rich foods over the short term doesn't have the same effect, study suggests

April 19, 2012: Health Tip: Add Flavor, Without Salt, to Your Food
Here are low- and no-sodium seasoning options

April 16, 2012: Fast Food Is Saltier in U.S. Than Overseas
International chains sell same items abroad but with less sodium, study finds

March 29, 2012: Health Tip: Diabetics, Avoid Too Much Salt
Suggestions to help you cut back

March 14, 2012: Doctors Likely to Preach What They Practice
Those with healthy behaviors more inclined to recommend patients make lifestyle changes: study

March 13, 2012: Race, Location Big Factors in American Diets
Study finds 5 major patterns of food consumption based on environment, background

February 07, 2012: Everyday Foods Add Up to Major Salt Problems: CDC
Ten food types, including bread, account for higher risk of heart disease, stroke, report says

December 20, 2011: Early Food Choices Seem to Influence Taste for Salt Later
Infants fed starchy foods at 6 months of age tended to prefer salty flavor by preschool: study

November 22, 2011: How Much Salt Is Best for the Heart?
New study shows fine balance: too much or too little raises death, hospitalization risk

November 09, 2011: New Research Questions Wisdom of Cutting Down on Salt
While doing so lowers blood pressure, it might raise cholesterol, other risk factors for heart disease

October 20, 2011: U.S. Diet Still Has Too Much Salt, CDC Warns
Efforts needed to cut the 75% of dietary sodium that comes from processed foods, restaurant meals

September 13, 2011: Blacks Develop High Blood Pressure a Year Ahead of Whites
New research shows those with pre-hypertension progress more rapidly without lifestyle changes

July 11, 2011: Study: Potassium Boosts Heart Health, Salt Harms It
Combo of high sodium, low potassium called 'double whammy' for cardiovascular risk