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FDA Renews Call to Reduce Salt in Processed Foods July 22, 2016

By cutting down on hidden sodium sources, agency hopes to reduce America's overall intake

Health Tip: Go Easy on the Condiments July 13, 2016

Make healthier choices

FDA Calls for Less Salt in Processed Foods June 01, 2016

Agency sets short- and long-term goals in effort to cut Americans' risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke

High-Salt Diets May Raise Heart Risks for Kidney Patients May 24, 2016

Study found higher odds for heart attack, stroke in people who consumed more sodium daily

Could a Low-Salt Diet Hurt Your Health? May 20, 2016

Report suggests restricting sodium might backfire, but heart experts are critical of the finding

Restaurants Cut Calories in Kids' Meals, Study Finds April 06, 2016

But salt and fat still a concern, expert says

For 'Ironman' Athletes, Study Shows Danger of Too Much Water March 09, 2016

Frequent fluid stops entice racers to drink more than they need, expert says

Americans Still Consume Too Much Salt: CDC January 07, 2016

Most of it comes from processed or restaurant food, not salt shaker, experts say

Reducing Salt Intake Might Harm Heart Failure Patients, Study Claims December 28, 2015

But finding is preliminary and much more research needed to test hypothesis, experts say

Health Tip: Watch Out for the Saltiest Foods October 19, 2015

Too much salt contributes to heart ills

A High Salt and Potassium Diet May Accelerate Chronic Kidney Disease September 17, 2015

Study participants had far more sodium than the recommended daily limit

Health Tip: Skip the Salt in Your Child's Lunch August 28, 2015

Suggestions to reduce sodium

In Some Ways, Fast Food No Worse for Health Than Full-Service Meals: Study July 10, 2015

Salt, cholesterol consumption higher at sit-down restaurants, researchers find

Study Challenges Salt Guidelines for Kids April 27, 2015

But one expert questions the controversial findings

Salt Pills Do Little for Endurance Athletes: Study April 17, 2015

Finding challenges common belief that they can boost performance

Many U.S. Shoppers Choose Low-Salt Fare April 09, 2015

Survey found about a third opt for healthier grocery items, although experts say labels could be improved

Packaged Grocery Foods Often High in Salt, Study Finds April 02, 2015

Many cold cuts, pizza, packaged meals contain too much sodium to be labeled healthy

Processed Foods the Biggest Chunk of Calories in U.S. Groceries: Study March 30, 2015

These items tend to have more fat, sugar and salt than unprocessed foods, researchers say

Salt May Be Bad for More Than Your Blood Pressure March 13, 2015

Study found damage to organs and tissues, even with no sign of hypertension

A Bit More Salt Each Day May Not Harm Older Adults January 19, 2015

But experts say restricting intake is still advisable

Pizza Takes a Slice Out of Kids' Health, Study Finds January 19, 2015

Children, teens consume more calories, fat and salt on days they eat this American staple

Health Tip: Cutting Back on Salt November 17, 2014

Fresh foods tend to have less than prepared

Salty Foods May Double Smokers' Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis September 12, 2014

About half of raised risk from tobacco tied to interaction with too much sodium, study finds

Nine of 10 American Kids Eat Too Much Salt: CDC September 09, 2014

Almost half of daily intake comes from the 10 foods they eat most

Quality of U.S. Diet Improves, Slightly September 02, 2014

But Americans still eat too few vegetables and too much salt, survey finds

Could Too Much Salt Harm MS Patients? August 29, 2014

Researchers find a link but say it's too soon to recommend reducing sodium intake

Are We Overdoing Salt Restrictions? August 13, 2014

Too little sodium can harm heart, study suggests

More Americans Working to Control Blood Pressure, Cholesterol: CDC May 29, 2014

But rates for these and other heart-healthy habits still fall far short of goals, agency says

Iodine Deficiency Common in Pregnancy, Pediatricians Warn May 27, 2014

Processed foods deprive women of iodized salt; supplementation recommended

People With High Blood Pressure Often Have a 'Salt Tooth' May 16, 2014

Small new study suggests that some may have an unhealthy preference for saltier food

Less Salt Use Tied to Drop in U.K. Heart Deaths April 15, 2014

Deaths from stroke also fell in the 8-year study from England

Salt's Harm Evident in Heavy Teens, Study Finds March 20, 2014

Cellular changes seen in 14- to 18-year-olds

Sweet, Salty Taste Preferences Tied Together in Kids March 17, 2014

Study also suggests that children's growth and development affect their choices

Diet to Reduce Blood Pressure May Also Stave Off Kidney Stones March 03, 2014

Study found DASH diet just as effective, less limiting, than traditional eating plan

U.S. Teens Eat Too Much Salt, Hiking Obesity Risk: Study February 03, 2014

Researchers found that kids consume at least twice the recommended daily amounts

Americans Still Eat Too Much Salt: CDC December 19, 2013

New strategies needed to reduce risk of high blood pressure, experts say

Switching to Healthier Eating May Cost You More December 06, 2013

Following a healthy diet runs about $1.50 more a day than junk food, study finds

Fizzy Drugs May Pose a High-Salt Danger, Study Suggests November 27, 2013

One day's dose of Alka-Seltzer exceeds recommended total intake of salt

Kidney Patients May Gain From Less Salt November 07, 2013

Small study showed reductions in blood pressure, less fluid retention

Many Restaurant Chains Not Serving Healthier Fare: Report October 02, 2013

Average entree still has same number of calories, only tiny drop in salt content, researchers say

Diet Choices May Help Diabetics Stave Off Kidney Disease August 12, 2013

Fruit, protein and moderate alcohol intake tied to lower risk of chronic disease in study

More U.S. Kids May Be at Risk for High Blood Pressure July 15, 2013

Study looked at rise in body fat, waist size and salt intake over 13-year period

Junk Food Bans Help Schoolkids Avoid Unhealthy Snacks: Study June 10, 2013

But most elementary schools are in districts or states that don't limit sales of fat, sugar, salt to students

People With High Blood Pressure May Crave Salt May 15, 2013

It's important to resist these cravings, study author says

Most Americans Should Eat Less Salt: Report May 14, 2013

But too little salt may also cause health problems, report authors add

How to Quickly Spot Signs of Stroke: Experts May 13, 2013

Prompt recognition and treatment offer best chance of full recovery

Fast Food Hasn't Gotten Much Healthier, Study Says May 08, 2013

Researchers analyzed 14 years of menus from familiar U.S. chains

Less Salt, More Potassium = Millions of Lives Saved April 05, 2013

Modest dietary changes would reduce risk of stroke, heart disease, studies confirm

Ready-to-Eat Foods for Toddlers Often Too Salty: Study March 21, 2013

Parents urged to balance convenience with healthier meals, snacks

Excess Salt a Factor in 2.3 Million Deaths Annually Worldwide March 21, 2013

Study finds overconsumption may have contributed to 15 percent of heart-related fatalities in 2010