July 22, 2014: Gene Discoveries Could Shed New Light on Schizophrenia
Suspect DNA often tied to neurological 'pathways' centered on brain cell communication, experts say

July 18, 2014: Antipsychotics Linked to Lower Brain Volume in Schizophrenia Patients
But mental function, symptoms of illness were not worsened, researchers say

June 04, 2014: Premature Death, Suicides Up Among People With Schizophrenia, Study Says
Researchers find link between greater harms, reduced hospitalizations in Sweden

May 30, 2014: Schizophrenia May Raise Dementia Risk in Older Adults
Researchers find chances double for those with the mental illness, but their rates of cancer are lower

May 23, 2014: Mental Illness Linked to Shortened Life Spans
Poor mental health can affect longevity as much or more than heavy smoking, study finds

May 09, 2014: Antipsychotics Help Cut Crime Rate: Study
New research suggests medications curb violence in patients with psychiatric disorders

March 14, 2014: Science Probes Secrets of 'Contagious Yawning'
People don't do it because they are empathizing with a yawner, study suggests

February 10, 2014: Teen Pregnancy Rates Much Higher for Girls With Serious Mental Illness: Study
But it's not clear from Canadian study if there's a direct connection

February 06, 2014: Schizophrenia Linked to Pregnancy Complications, Study Suggests
Rates of preterm births, C-sections and ICU treatment higher for mothers with the mental illness

February 06, 2014: Psychotherapy May Be Effective Alternate Treatment for Schizophrenia, Study Finds
Cognitive behavioral therapy appears to help ease symptoms in patients who decline medication

January 22, 2014: Children Who Lose Close Relative at Risk of Mental Problems: Study
Youngest kids, those exposed to suicide most likely to develop illnesses such as schizophrenia, researchers found

January 07, 2014: Chantix Helped People With Mental Illness Quit Smoking Longer in Study
Extended treatment combined with talk therapy might be most effective, researcher says

December 16, 2013: Brain Scan Study Suggests 'Pothead' Stereotype Might Be Real
Teens who smoked or had smoked in the past had shrunken structures in areas linked to memory

November 04, 2013: J&J to Pay $2 Billion for Improperly Marketing Antipsychotic Drug
Settlement will cover criminal, civil charges with U.S. government, 45 states

September 19, 2013: Imaging Provides New Insights Into Schizophrenia
Findings suggest white matter abnormalities are complex, researcher says

August 15, 2013: Quit-Smoking Programs Work for Psychiatric Patients
Study found improved chances of quitting, lower rehospitalization rates

August 11, 2013: Genetic Overlap Seen in Five Mental Disorders
Strongest link between schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, researchers say

July 17, 2013: Mental Illness Can Shorten Lives, Studies Show
Research into bipolar illness, psychotic symptoms point to higher risk for early death

April 09, 2013: Google Search Trends Suggest Mental Woes Vary by Seasons
Study in U.S. and Australia found more online inquiries in winter than summer

April 05, 2013: Scans May Reveal Pre-Schizophrenia Brain Changes
By identifying vulnerable children, doctors might be able to prevent the illness, study says

March 21, 2013: Mental Illness May Not Impede Healthy Weight Loss, Study Says
Overweight patients on a 'lifestyle changes' program improved exercise, nutrition, shed more pounds

March 07, 2013: Human Brain Cells Used to Make Mice Smarter
Findings could advance research on conditions such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, experts say

March 06, 2013: Mental Illness May Raise Risk of Being Murdered
Swedish study found 5 times higher chance of becoming a victim

February 28, 2013: Shared Genes May Link ADHD, Autism and Depression
Largest study of its kind also found ties to schizophrenia, bipolar disorders

February 20, 2013: Brains of Fetuses 'Build a Bridge' Between Regions, Images Show
Research might one day lead to better treatments for disorders such as ADHD, autism, scientists say

January 03, 2013: Genes Changes Seen in Alzheimer's Can Be Found in Infancy: Study
Prenatal brain development may influence psychiatric risk later in life, researchers say

December 19, 2012: For Psychiatric Patients, Cancer Is Often Spotted Too Late
An Australian study found they're more likely to be diagnosed when disease has already spread

November 28, 2012: Long-Term Use of Some Antipsychotics Not Warranted in Older Adults: Study
It found the drugs had serious side effects, didn't help patients after several months

November 20, 2012: Pot Psychosis May Be Gene-Related
Scientists identify genetic variant that could explain mental impairment in marijuana users

November 14, 2012: Schizophrenia Patients Who Take Antipsychotics Live Longer, Study Says
Exception was patients on high doses of first-generation drugs

October 17, 2012: More Evidence Linking Creativity, Mental Illness
Are new approaches needed to safeguard benefits of psychiatric disorders?

October 08, 2012: New Gene Mutations Tied to Schizophrenia
Researchers say the variations occur in fetal development and are not passed down by parents

August 22, 2012: Older Dads May Raise Risk for Autism, Schizophrenia in Kids
New mutations in male DNA increase with age, study finds

August 14, 2012: Older Antipsychotics May Work as Well as Newer Ones: Review
First-generation medications are also much cheaper, researchers note

August 07, 2012: More Kids Taking Antipsychotics for ADHD: Study
Unapproved uses of these powerful drugs need further investigation, experts say

July 20, 2012: Serious Mental Illness Tied to Higher Cancer, Injury Risk: Studies
Causes may include gaps in screening, preventive care and lifestyle differences, researcher says

July 20, 2012: Genes Influence Whether Psych Drugs Lead to Weight Gain
Finding might help steer at-risk patients to other treatments, researchers say

July 13, 2012: Schizophrenia in Movies: Don't Believe Everything You See
Hollywood portrayals are often inaccurate, misleading, study shows

July 02, 2012: Family History of Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder May Up Kids' Risk for Autism
The three conditions might share similar underlying risk factors, study authors say

July 02, 2012: Antipsychotic Drugs Linked to Higher Odds for Diabetes in Pregnancy
Many women may rely on meds to function properly, so decisions must be weighed carefully

May 03, 2012: New Clues to the Evolution of the Human Brain
Gene event 2.5 million years ago may explain why humans are smarter than great apes, researchers say

May 03, 2012: Antipsychotics Do Help Many With Schizophrenia, Study Finds
More than 50 years of data shows the drugs cut relapse rates, although side effects common

April 30, 2012: Children Usually Excluded From Clinical Drug Trials: Study
Kids with chronic illnesses might react differently to new medicines than adults, researchers say

April 19, 2012: Genes Associated With Autism Also Related to Schizophrenia
Researchers also identified 22 new genes connected to autism

April 16, 2012: Researchers ID Genes That May Determine Mental Illness
Genetic links to brain size, intelligence also examined in study

April 03, 2012: Prenatal Antipsychotic Drugs Linked to Motor Delays: Study
Movement, posture, reflexes below normal for many exposed infants

March 19, 2012: Study Explains How Shock Therapy Might Ease Severe Depression
Treatment appears to reduce connections in a part of the brain involved in thought and socializing

January 04, 2012: MRI Scans Show Brain Changes in Kids With Schizophrenia
Progressive loss of gray matter linked to worse prognosis for young patients, researchers say

December 29, 2011: Even Today, the Stigma of Mental Illness Won't Fade
And that can cause people to feel isolated, afraid -- and even forgo treatments

December 29, 2011: Virginia Man Won't Let His Mental Illness Define Him
He overcomes decades-long struggle with paranoid schizophrenia, and is now helping others