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Health Tip: Select Running Shoes Based on Your Arches March 28, 2016

Consider if arches are flat or high

Health Tip: Considering Shoe Inserts March 08, 2016

How they can help

Health Tip: Choosing Shoes for Your Busy Toddler September 10, 2015

Pay attention to fit and function

Health Tip: Shoe Inserts May Help Pain September 03, 2015

Some popular types of inserts

Start Your Hike on the Right Foot With Proper Footwear August 30, 2015

Expert gives tips on avoiding and dealing with injury

Health Tip: Want to Wear Sandals? August 06, 2015

Make sure they're worn appropriately

Health Tip: Shopping for Teens' Shoes March 31, 2015

Consider fit and function

Health Tip: Boost Balance With the Right Shoes March 23, 2015

Measure your feet whenever you shop

Health Tip: Shopping for Athletic Shoes March 05, 2015

How to fit your feet

Health Tip: Selecting Shoe Inserts March 03, 2015

Suggestions for the right fit

Health Tip: Battling Bunion Pain December 09, 2014

Get more comfortable shoes

Health Tip: Tight Shoes May Be Damaging Your Feet October 07, 2014

They could lead to bunions or corns

Health Tip: Keeping Seniors on Their Feet April 29, 2014

Choose the right shoes

Health Tip: Choose a Sturdy Pair of Flip-Flops April 03, 2014

Avoid those that are too limp

Health Tip: Choosing Walking Shoes December 02, 2013

Suggestions for seniors

Health Tip: Buying Children's Shoes September 10, 2013

Make sure they're sturdy

Want to Spend Less? Shop in High Heels, Study Says August 27, 2013

When consumers were focused on physical balance, they tended to show restraint with purchases

Health Tip: Fit Your Teen's Feet August 14, 2013

Use a dedicated shoe for your child's sport

Health Tip: Take a Hike -- In the Right Shoes April 02, 2013

And make sure they have sufficient traction

Health Tip: Shopping for Children's Shoes December 13, 2012

Young feet can grow quickly

Health Tip: Shoes Too Tight? November 08, 2012

You may be at risk for these problems

Health Tip: Choosing the Right Running Shoes October 12, 2012

Consider your arches

Health Tip: Wearing Flip Flops September 28, 2012

Buy a new pair when they appear worn

Health Tip: Buying Shoes for Your Child July 23, 2012

Start by making sure you always measure the feet

Health Tip: Easing Heel Pain June 07, 2012

Make sure shoes fit properly

Health Tip: Managing a Hammertoe May 04, 2012

Wear loose-fitting shoes

High Heels Can Bring on Ingrown Toenails March 06, 2012

Can't trade in stilettos for sensible shoes? You can still protect your feet

Health Tip: Choosing the Right Athletic Shoes March 06, 2012

Pay attention to these features