July 10, 2014: New Eczema Drug Shows Promise in Early Trials
Dupilumab eased severity of itching, lesions for those suffering chronic cases of skin disease

April 02, 2014: Childhood Eczema Often Persists Into Adulthood, Study Finds
There are steps people can take to reduce or ease flare-ups, experts say

February 28, 2014: Health Tip: Is That Itchy Skin Eczema?
Here are typical symptoms

December 28, 2013: Dermatologist Offers Tips on Dry Winter Skin
Keep showers short, apply moisturizer, wear soft fabrics such as cotton

December 11, 2013: Probiotics Don't Prevent Childhood Asthma, Study Finds
But they may have other benefits, including prevention of eczema

November 26, 2013: Health Tip: Soothing Baby's Eczema
First, get the pediatrician's OK

October 30, 2013: Staph Bacteria May Play Role in Eczema-Like Rash, Mouse Study Finds
A toxin released by the germ might trigger symptoms in certain cases, scientists say

August 23, 2013: Allergies, Asthma Show Links to ADHD: Study
All three conditions on the rise, but it's unclear whether ADHD risk is affected by others

August 18, 2013: Skin Allergies Can Flare Up in Summer Heat
Seasonal pitfalls include poison ivy, worsening eczema and hives, expert warns

August 07, 2013: Health Tip: If You Have Hand Eczema
Moisturize to help ease symptoms

July 19, 2013: Researchers Focus on Eczema-Food Allergy Link
Breakdown in skin barrier that occurs with eczema could play role in food sensitivity, study says

July 09, 2013: Health Tip: Help Prevent Hand Eczema
Keep hands dry

May 23, 2013: Got an Itch? Mouse Study May Help Explain Why
Itch is a sensation distinct from others, such as pain, researchers say

May 10, 2013: Dog DNA May Yield Clues to Human Eczema
Findings point to abnormal skin barrier as culprit, researchers say

May 03, 2013: Kids on Medicaid May Face Barriers to Eczema Treatment
Study investigated access to dermatologists for children with the skin condition

January 14, 2013: Fast Food Tied to Asthma, Eczema and Hay Fever in Kids
Study isn't conclusive, but it's another reason to make healthier choices, expert says

January 06, 2013: Tips to Avoid Dry Skin During Winter
Drink water, apply thick moisturizer, avoid harsh cleansers

August 24, 2012: Health Tip: If You Have Eczema
Suggestions that may help avoid a flare

July 26, 2012: Health Tip: Keep Your Child's Eczema at Bay
Make the bathwater warm, not hot

June 27, 2012: Prenatal Exposure to Common Household Chemical Linked to Eczema
Butyl benzyl phthalate is used in vinyl flooring, artificial leather

March 05, 2012: Smoke Exposure Late in Pregnancy Might Boost Baby's Eczema Risk
But study finds no raised risk for skin condition from exposure early in pregnancy or after birth

February 02, 2012: Pleasure in Scratching an Itch May Depend on Location
Sensation is especially intense in ankles, researchers say

November 08, 2011: Curiosity Makes for Better Students
Combined with conscientiousness, the trait strongly influences academic performance

August 24, 2011: Breast-Feeding Won't Prevent Kids' Eczema, Researchers Say
Babies that were exclusively breast-fed just as likely to develop common skin disorder, study finds

August 02, 2011: Health Tip: Help Prevent Eczema Flares
Keep skin moisturized

July 20, 2011: Scientists Close in on Origins of Psoriasis, Eczema
Rare cases where a patient has both conditions yield up crucial information

April 21, 2011: Corticosteroid Creams Safe for Kids With Eczema: Study
Researchers saw no worrisome side effects for those using the often effective medications

April 20, 2011: Kids' Eczema, Hay Fever Linked to Allergic Asthma Later
Children who have both conditions more likely to be asthmatic in their 40s, study says

March 31, 2011: Health Tip: Caring for Eczema
How to avoid that red, itchy rash

March 21, 2011: Severe Eczema Linked to Lasting Milk, Egg Allergy in Kids
Mild cases of the skin condition suggest children may outgrow the food reactions, researchers say

March 01, 2011: Health Tip: Controlling Baby's Eczema
Here's what experts recommend

February 22, 2011: Softening Water Does Not Seem to Ease Eczema
British study finds no benefit for kids with the skin disorder

February 10, 2011: Dermatitis May Be More Cause Than Effect of Food Allergies
Expert urges parents of young kids to be aware of the risk

September 30, 2010: A Dog May Help Guard Against Childhood Eczema
But study found cats did not give the same protection

May 21, 2010: Health Tip: Help Protect Your Hands From Eczema
Treat your hands with kid gloves

February 22, 2010: Health Tip: Avoid Triggers for Eczema
What may make the skin condition flare

December 24, 2009: Health Tip: Managing Eczema
Suggestions to soothe that itchy skin

July 10, 2009: Scientists Zero In on Elusive 'Allergy Gene'
Genetic mutation increases likelihood of eczema and asthma, study finds

May 28, 2009: Study Finds Multitude of Bacteria on Human Skin
The amount of genetic diversity surprises experts

May 20, 2009: Online System Could Cut Referrals to Dermatologists
Suspect skin conditions evaluated by e-mail may also keep lid on costs, study suggests

May 19, 2009: Molecule in Skin May Link Eczema and Asthma
Finding in mice might explain progression from skin to breathing condition

May 04, 2009: Diluted Bleach Baths Ease Kids' Eczema
5- to 10-minute soaks, twice a week, prevent painful flare-ups, study finds

March 14, 2009: Traditional Chinese Therapy May Help Ease Eczema
Teas, acupuncture reduce itching, improve quality of life, study finds

December 17, 2008: Manipulating Key Protein May Prevent Eczema
Study might lead to new treatments for itchy skin condition

October 29, 2008: Health Tip: Soothing Eczema
Avoid things that make the skin problem worse

September 26, 2008: Babies Who Eat Fish Lower Eczema Risk
Study found doing so before 9 months decreased chances of skin condition by 25%

June 25, 2008: Cats Can Trigger Eczema in Some Infants
Babies with a genetic mutation and a cat at home were more likely to develop skin condition before age of 1, study finds

June 19, 2008: Traffic Pollution Puts Kids at Higher Allergy Risk
Those living closer to busy streets were 50% more likely to develop symptoms