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Missing Just 1 Hour of Sleep May Double Drivers' Crash Risk December 06, 2016

Too little shut-eye can equal alcohol in terms of impairment behind the wheel, traffic safety group warns

24-Hour Shifts Can Play Havoc With the Heart December 02, 2016

Small study found lack of sleep affected blood pressure, heart rate in healthy volunteers

Web-Based Help for Insomnia Shows Promise November 30, 2016

Interactive program aims to build better sleep habits, researchers say

Lack of Sleep Takes Big Bite Out of World Economies November 30, 2016

More than $411 billion a year lost in U.S. due to lower productivity levels, study finds

Health Tip: Adjusting to Life With a Roommate November 28, 2016

You're likely to be uncomfortable at times

Violent Media Often Give Rise to Nightmares November 22, 2016

Research also found viewing sexual content can lead to erotic dreams, but not as often

Poor Sleep Linked to Worsening Kidney Disease November 21, 2016

But more shut-eye associated with better kidney function in study

Health Tip: Getting Enough Sleep? November 15, 2016

Signs of too little shuteye

Trouble Sleeping Tied to Higher Risk for Irregular Heartbeat November 14, 2016

Atrial fibrillation can trigger strokes, study authors note

Sugary, Caffeinated Drinks Could Cost You Sleep November 10, 2016

Researchers don't know if beverages keep you awake or lack of sleep prompts cravings

Health Tip: When Sleep is Interrupted November 10, 2016

What weary parents can do

Smartphones May Hinder a Good Night's Sleep November 09, 2016

Study suggests a link between the devices and troubled slumber

Health Tip: Safer Sleep for Baby November 08, 2016

Here's what's recommended

Sunday's Time Change a Mixed Bag November 06, 2016

Some welcomed extra hour of sleep, but others will struggle with depression during winter months

Lack of Sleep May Stretch Your Waistline November 03, 2016

Tired people tended to eat higher fat foods, researchers found

Got a Moody Teen? Lack of Sleep May Not Be the Culprit November 03, 2016

Rather, adolescents' nocturnal tendencies a mismatch for early school start times, sleep specialist says

Health Tip: Skip TV Before Bed November 01, 2016

How the tube can harm your sleep

Smartphones, Tablets Keep Kids Buzzing at Bedtime October 31, 2016

Children with access to these devices don't get enough sleep, study finds

Health Tip: Sleeping When You're Pregnant October 28, 2016

Suggestions to help fight insomnia

Sleep Can Affect Male Fertility October 19, 2016

Study found too little or too much shuteye linked to reduced chance of pregnancy

Why Parenting May Be More Stressful for Mom October 12, 2016

Mothers are often doing household chores, but dads get more play time with the kids, study finds

Health Tip: Kick Dust Mites Out of Bed October 10, 2016

How to protect yourself

Fitful Sleep May Take Toll on Older Women's Hearts October 06, 2016

Before and after menopause, less sleep linked to plaque buildup in blood vessels, study found

Health Tip: Making the Transition to Sleep October 06, 2016

Suggestions for a better night's rest

Health Tip: Skip the Late Night Snacks October 04, 2016

Here's what you should be eating

Health Tip: Avoid These 5 Pre-Bedtime Don'ts September 30, 2016

For a better night's sleep

The Phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis September 26, 2016

Up to 8 percent of people experience frightening episodes of the condition, experts say

Sleep Troubles, Heart Troubles? September 19, 2016

American Heart Association says it's too soon to say what's the optimal amount of shut-eye

Study Sees Link Between Long Naps, Type 2 Diabetes Risk September 15, 2016

But the research did not prove cause-and-effect

Health Tip: Relax With Music Before Bed September 13, 2016

Suggestions that promote better sleep

Why Some Women Find Good Sleep Tough to Get September 13, 2016

Researchers rule out menstrual cycle as the culprit

For Those With Sleep Apnea, Maybe It's Time for a Driving Test September 07, 2016

Researchers hope to ID those with higher crash risk due to fatigue

Health Tip: Find a Fun Alarm Clock September 06, 2016

It can make waking a little easier

Mouse Study Suggests Brain Circuit Involved in Sleep-Wake Cycle September 06, 2016

Researchers hope findings may lead to better sleep treatments

Health Tip: Chatting Before Bed Can Help You Sleep September 02, 2016

Keep pillow talk light and relaxing

Sleep Apnea Mask Treatment Fails to Curb Heart Risks August 30, 2016

CPAP helped patients feel better, but didn't cut odds for heart death, heart attack or stroke, study found

Unhappy at Work in Your 20s, Unhealthy in Your 40s? August 22, 2016

How young adults feel about their careers might affect them physically, mentally by middle-age, study finds

Truth or Fib? When Kids Say They're Too Sick for School August 22, 2016

An expert's advice on when to keep your child home

Health Tip: Early to Bed Before Back to School August 22, 2016

The routine should start now

Early to Bed, Early to Rise a Back-to-School Challenge August 19, 2016

Sleep expert offers parents some advice

Health Tip: Squash Stress Before Bed August 19, 2016

Create a relaxing routine

Sleep Is Key to College Success August 17, 2016

Deprivation can make you cranky and sick, and take a toll on your GPA, sleep specialist says

Don't Lose Sleep Over Screentime at Night August 16, 2016

More exposure to daylight may help people get better shuteye after going online at bedtime, study finds

Babies Often Put to Sleep in Unsafe Positions August 15, 2016

About 3,500 U.S. infants still succumb to sudden infant death syndrome each year: CDC

Brain Relies on Two Timekeepers for Sleep August 12, 2016

Study shows internal clock and hourglass may sometimes be at odds with each other

How to Get Your Child Ready for a Successful School Year August 11, 2016

Good sleep, ample exercise and sound nutrition are keys, doctor says

5 Tips to Help Teens Get Needed School-Year Zzzzzs August 10, 2016

Avoid late nights, bright lights, noise and worry to get your rest and have a successful year, expert advises

Health Tip: When it Takes Too Long to Fall Asleep August 09, 2016

Here's what experts recommend

Drowsy Driving Causes 1 in 5 Fatal Crashes: Report August 08, 2016

Teens and young adults, shift-workers and people with sleep disorders face greater risk

Study Links Sleep Problems to Stroke Risk, Recovery August 03, 2016

Treating sleep difficulties may reduce the threat, neurologist says