September 10, 2013: Some Painkillers Tied to Certain Birth Defects in Study
Overall risk of problems like spina bifida called low, but experts advise women to discuss prescription opioid use with doctor

July 29, 2013: Birth Defect Discovery in Weimaraners Might Help Humans
There may be a connection with neural tube defects in people, study suggests

March 29, 2013: Traffic Smog Tied to Serious Birth Defects
California study found higher risk of spinal cord, brain disorders

April 06, 2012: Planning Pregnancy May Cut Birth Defects
Timing allows changes or adjustments in risky medications, experts say

November 09, 2011: Maternal Blood Test Might Spot Birth Defects More Safely
Researchers take steps toward noninvasive screening for fetal abnormalities

October 11, 2011: Folic Acid in Pregnancy May Prevent Kids' Language Delays
Moms started supplements before conception in Norwegian study

June 16, 2011: Adding Folate to Tortilla Flour Might Cut Birth Defects Among Hispanics
This group has higher rate of neural tube defects than general population, experts say

February 09, 2011: Fetal Surgery Could Boost Outcomes in Severe Spina Bifida
Delicate in utero procedure cut rates of disability, but does come with risks, study finds

December 03, 2010: Common Epilepsy Drug Taken During Pregnancy Might Raise Spina Bifida Risk
But absolute risk is small with Tegretol, researchers note

August 14, 2009: Low Choline Level in Pregnancy Tied to Birth Defects
Anencephaly, spina bifida linked to nutrient found in foods, study shows

July 24, 2009: Agent Orange Linked to Parkinson's, Heart Disease
Study finds possible increased risk of both conditions among Vietnam vets

May 29, 2009: Enzyme Deficiency Linked to Neural Tube Defect in Mice
Study findings may hold key to preventing spina bifida

December 05, 2008: New Statistical Model Could Cut Needless Breast Biopsies
But further study needed before method can become standard, researchers say