March 17, 2014: Sweet, Salty Taste Preferences Tied Together in Kids
Study also suggests that children's growth and development affect their choices

March 07, 2014: Health Tip: Baking With Less Sugar
Don't be afraid to cut back

February 21, 2014: Health Tip: Cut Down on Sugar
Watch how much you eat and drink

February 14, 2014: Food Price Hikes May Affect Those With Type 2 Diabetes
USDA study finds glucose levels increase as produce, low-fat dairy become more costly

February 14, 2014: For a Sugar-Free Valentine's Day...
Here are some alternative gifts for a loved one with diabetes

February 03, 2014: Added Sugar in Diet Tied to Death Risk From Heart Trouble
Sugar can be 'hidden' in savory foods as well as desserts and soda, experts note

December 06, 2013: Switching to Healthier Eating May Cost You More
Following a healthy diet runs about $1.50 more a day than junk food, study finds

November 08, 2013: Poor Diet May Spur Inflammation-Related Health Problems
Eating too much sugar and unhealthy fats linked to cancer and early death in study

October 30, 2013: Halloween Treats Can Spook Kids' Teeth
Dentists offer cavity-prevention tips

October 18, 2013: California Teens Drinking More Sugary Drinks: Report
Daily consumption of soda, sports and energy drinks contributes to obesity crisis, experts warn

October 07, 2013: Star Athletes Often Endorse Junk Food, Study Says
Sugar-packed 'sports drinks' among products hawked in lucrative ad campaigns

October 04, 2013: Junk Food Makers Target Kids With Free Online Games, Study Says
Experts call for regulation of 'advergames' while industry says it polices itself

September 26, 2013: Gel May Offer Simple Treatment for Newborns With Low Blood Sugar
However, U.S. experts say inexpensive medication is promising but needs more research

September 20, 2013: Carbonation May Help Artificially Sweetened Soda 'Trick' the Brain
Study unclear whether this helps or hinders people trying to lose weight

September 11, 2013: Nearly 60 Percent of Uterine Cancer Cases Preventable: Report
Women who exercise, maintain healthy weight and drink coffee daily may cut their risk

August 28, 2013: In Type 2 Diabetes, Gut May 'Taste' Sugar Differently
Small study suggests people with condition absorb glucose more rapidly

July 12, 2013: Sweet Tooth May Foretell of Binge Drinking, Brain Scans Show
Preference for alcohol, sugary water both show up in reward center; finding could aid future research

June 25, 2013: Did Extreme Cola Habit Cause Woman's Irregular Heartbeat?
After years of drinking only soda, no water, her potassium levels dropped too low, report says

June 12, 2013: Soda Size Limits Could Aid Fight Against Obesity, Experts Say
Ban would mostly affect overweight Americans, and would not discriminate against poor, findings suggest

June 11, 2013: Skepticism Needed When Buying Foods Labeled 'Healthy': Expert
Products to avoid include veggie chips, muffins and frozen yogurt, dietitian says

June 10, 2013: Junk Food Bans Help Schoolkids Avoid Unhealthy Snacks: Study
But most elementary schools are in districts or states that don't limit sales of fat, sugar, salt to students

May 14, 2013: Health Tip: Bake With Less Sugar
You probably don't need as much as you've been using

May 08, 2013: Fast Food Hasn't Gotten Much Healthier, Study Says
Researchers analyzed 14 years of menus from familiar U.S. chains

April 25, 2013: 12 Ounces of Sugary Soda a Day Raises Diabetes Risk: Study
European researchers found odds rose by up to 22 percent at this level of consumption

March 31, 2013: Kids of Better-Educated Parents Have Healthier Diets: Study
European research compared nutritional choices such as fruits and veggies, sugary drinks

March 19, 2013: Sugary Drinks Tied to 25,000 U.S. Deaths a Year
Study estimated beverages' role in worldwide obesity and heart disease, diabetes, some cancers

March 12, 2013: Sweet Drinks Tied to Higher Calorie Consumption in Kids
And sugary beverages go hand-in-hand with fatty foods, like pizza and fries, study finds

January 16, 2013: Cut Back on Sugar to Lose Some Weight
Limiting intake seems to have small but significant effect on body weight, study says

January 08, 2013: Diet Drinks Tied to Depression Risk in Older Adults: Study
Higher odds also seen for regular soda drinkers

January 02, 2013: Is Fructose Making People Fat?
Simple sugar found in high-fructose corn syrup and elsewhere is tied to appetite changes in study

December 25, 2012: Holidays Spell Trouble for Folks Unaware They're Diabetic
High-salt, high-fat foods may put these people at risk for heart attack, stroke

December 10, 2012: Could Kids' Salt Intake Affect Their Weight?
Study found those who consumed more sodium also drank more sugary beverages

November 27, 2012: Diabetes Rates Higher in Countries Using Lots of High Fructose Corn Syrup: Study
But critics say this research doesn't prove the sweetener is any worse than other sugars

October 03, 2012: 'Junk Food' May Significantly Hike Risk of Stroke, Researchers Say
Western diet tied to health problems in young rats after just 2 months, study finds

September 17, 2012: Diets High in Fructose May Harm Liver in Some, Scientists Warn
Increased consumption of this sugar linked to altered metabolism, energy balance stores

September 17, 2012: Food-Assistance Program Sees $2 Billion Spent on Sweet Drinks: Study
Yet initiative's goal is promoting good nutrition

September 13, 2012: NYC OKs Ban on Big Sugary Drinks
Mayor Michael Bloomberg says initiative is bid to combat obesity; opponents call it intrusion on individual rights

September 12, 2012: NYC 'Soda Ban' Decision Expected Thursday
Mayor's attempt to combat obesity comes up against industry, individual rights, opponents say

September 09, 2012: Water or Sports Drink?
Plain old H2O is usually the better choice, expert says

September 04, 2012: Even 'High-Normal' Blood Sugar Tied to Brain Shrinkage
Scans show memory, thinking regions shrank in those at high end of 'normal' range; more study needed

August 06, 2012: Sugary Sports Drinks Plentiful at U.S. Schools: Study
Fewer stock soda, but fruit beverages, Gatorade-like drinks are widely available

July 23, 2012: NYC Ban on Super-Sized Sodas Would Cut Consumers' Calories: Study
Researchers find reduction of about 63 calories per fast-food meal

July 18, 2012: Sugary Drinks Not Replacing Milk as Kids Age: Study
Children consume more sweetened beverages each day, but also keep drinking milk, 100% fruit juice

June 25, 2012: 'Dessert' With Breakfast Boosts Weight Loss: Study
But several nutritionists disagree with the finding

March 13, 2012: Race, Location Big Factors in American Diets
Study finds 5 major patterns of food consumption based on environment, background

March 12, 2012: Sugary Drinks Can Be Hard on Heart: Study
Men who drank one sweet beverage daily had higher risk of heart disease

February 29, 2012: U.S. Kids Still Eat Too Much Added Sugar: CDC
Though consumption has fallen, it's far above recommended levels

February 24, 2012: Kids From Poorer Families Drink Too Much Juice: Poll
Sugary beverages can cause obesity, tooth decay, experts say

January 25, 2012: Less Salt, More Veggies in School Lunches: USDA
New rules call for healthier foods but some say changes don't go far enough

January 25, 2012: Kids' Snacks Can Be Healthy <i>and</i> Inexpensive
New study at YMCAs finds food combinations that satisfy budgets, nutrition guidelines