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Some Smart Yet Easy Ways to Shield Yourself From Skin CancerApril 28, 2016

Dermatologist offers advice on how to prevent, detect any abnormalities

Sunscreen Delays Melanoma in Mice, Researchers SayApril 18, 2016

Study results suggest scientists can use mice to find better ways to prevent deadly skin cancer in humans

Gene May Raise Melanoma Risk, Even Without Sun ExposureApril 06, 2016

Variant of gene linked to skin pigmentation tied to higher chance of deadly skin cancer in study

Tanning May Limit Skin's Ability to Produce Vitamin D: StudyApril 04, 2016

Even those with significant sun exposure can have low levels of this essential vitamin, research shows

Study Pushes 'More Is More' Approach to Shielding Kids From the SunFebruary 16, 2016

Protective swim shirt, text reminders some ways to help reduce children's skin cancer risk

Teens Who Tan Indoors May Be More Likely to Smoke, Drink, Use Drugs: StudyJanuary 20, 2016

But researchers add that finding doesn't prove cause-and-effect link

B Vitamin May Help Ward Off Some Skin CancersOctober 21, 2015

Study found high-risk patients who took nicotinamide daily developed fewer non-melanoma lesions

Tanning Bed Use, Skin Cancer Rates High Among Gay Men: StudyOctober 07, 2015

Experts note future prevention efforts need to target this group

Check Yourself for Signs of Skin Cancer, Doctors AdviseSeptember 22, 2015

One in five Americans will develop the disease in their lifetime, experts say

Many Parents Aren't Shielding Babies From Sun's Harmful Rays: StudyAugust 20, 2015

12 percent told researchers their children had tanned in their first six months of life

Serving in Middle East May Raise Skin Cancer Risk in U.S. VetsAugust 14, 2015

Study cites limited use of sun protection, lack of awareness

New Skin Cancer Drug Approved by FDAJuly 24, 2015

Odomzo is a pill for locally advanced basal cell carcinoma

New Dumb-But-Deadly Trend: Sunburn 'Art'July 16, 2015

Experts warn against the dangers of the increasingly popular practice

Drug Offers Hope Against Disease Where Sunlight Causes PainJuly 02, 2015

Implanted pellet allows people with rare genetic condition to venture into daylight

Can Orange Juice, Grapefruit Raise Your Melanoma Risk?June 29, 2015

Study authors think compounds in citrus may sensitize skin to sunlight, but further study needed

Health Tip: Sunburn May Cause Permanent DamageJune 29, 2015

Premature skin aging and skin cancer are possible

Graphic Warnings May Work Best to Keep Women From Tanning BedsJune 11, 2015

In study, labels with pictures of skin cancer's grim toll worked better than printed cautions alone

Health Tip: Protect Against Skin CancerJune 09, 2015

Use sunscreen daily, no matter the weather

Melanoma Rates Way Up Among Young People in U.S.June 02, 2015

Women account for two-thirds of cases, likely due to unsafe tanning, researchers say

Many Animals Armed With Built-In Sun Block: StudyMay 14, 2015

Clues sought for better solar-protection products for people

Tan Skin Is Damaged SkinApril 13, 2015

Dermatologist stresses there is no safe amount of sunning time

Athletes Need to Guard Against Skin WoesMarch 24, 2015

From blisters to burns, what to watch out for

Skin Cancer Rates Rise for Hispanic, Asian WomenMarch 20, 2015

Shifting preferences for tanning, along with belief that darker skin is protected, may explain trend

Sun's Damage Lingers Long After DarkFebruary 19, 2015

UV rays cause DNA-related harm to skin cells, study finds

Health Tip: Using SunscreenJanuary 29, 2015

For some, it's more of a necessity

Scientists Spot Gene Linked to Tanning 'Addiction'January 16, 2015

Understanding biology behind dependence important because of rising skin cancer rates, expert says

Indoor Tanning Tied to Burns, Fainting, Eye Injuries: StudyDecember 15, 2014

Women, whites account for majority of emergency room patients

Skin Cancer Costs Soar Compared to Other Malignancies: CDCNovember 10, 2014

Findings underscore importance of prevention efforts

Many U.S. Colleges Have Indoor Tanning Salons On, Near Campus: StudyOctober 29, 2014

Universities should ban them because of skin cancer risk, researchers say

As Culture Changed, So Did Melanoma Risk, Study FindsOctober 07, 2014

New fashions led to more revealing clothing -- and tans

Some U.S. Troops May Face Greater Skin Cancer RiskSeptember 19, 2014

Soldiers might not have regular access to sunscreen, research reveals

Pilots, Cabin Crews Face Higher Risk of Skin Cancer, Study SaysSeptember 03, 2014

But, it's not clear whether flying is to blame

Fewer U.S. Teens Using Sunscreen, Study FindsAugust 21, 2014

Warnings about sun exposure and skin cancer aren't getting through, experts say

Shield Yourself From the SunAugust 02, 2014

Expert offers tips on avoiding, treating sunburn

Health Tip: Act Fast After SunburnJuly 09, 2014

Get to a shady spot at the first signs of burn

Indoor Tanning Leads to Early Skin Cancer, Study SaysJune 23, 2014

Researchers say radiation from artificial sources is much stronger than midday sun

Mouse Study Supports Notion of 'Tanning Addiction'June 19, 2014

'Feel-good' hormones respond to daily UV light exposure, researchers find

It's Better to Prevent a Sunburn Than to Treat One, Dermatologist SaysJune 07, 2014

Sunscreen, shade and covering up can help protect against skin damage in the short- and long-term

Prom Isn't a Good Reason to Hit the Tanning SalonMay 30, 2014

Indoor tanning increases the risk of skin cancer, experts say

5 or More Bad Sunburns While Young Tied to Higher Melanoma RiskMay 30, 2014

Odds for deadly skin cancer rise 80 percent, nurses' study finds

Indoor Tanning Ups Melanoma Risk, Even Without Burning: StudyMay 28, 2014

Expert warns against trying for a pre-summer glow

Tips for Staying Safe in the SunMay 26, 2014

Cover up or slather on the sunscreen to protect skin from the sun, even on cloudy says, advise experts

Health Tip: Which SPF Do I Need?May 13, 2014

Here's how to figure it out

Teens' Indoor Tanning May Be Linked to Unhealthy DietingApril 11, 2014

Poor body image behind both behaviors, expert says

College Women: Have a Healthy Spring BreakMarch 23, 2014

FDA has tips on sun safety, medication, staying hydrated and more

Teens Who Indoor Tan Often Take Other Health Risks: SurveyFebruary 26, 2014

CDC study tied practice to binge drinking, drug use and extreme weight control measures

Beauty, Not Health May Spur Teens to Use SunscreenFebruary 17, 2014

Tanning's damaging effect on looks mattered more to teens than skin cancer risks, study found

Indoor Tanning Laws Help Keep Teen Girls Away, Study FindsFebruary 14, 2014

In states that had some restrictions in place, use of tanning beds dropped 30 percent

Health Tip: Talk to Teens About TanningFebruary 14, 2014

Make sure they use sunscreen

Lymph Node Test a Good Strategy for Melanoma: StudyFebruary 12, 2014

Disease spread was detected and treated sooner, with better survival in patients who received 'sentinel node' biopsy