April 11, 2014: Teens' Indoor Tanning May Be Linked to Unhealthy Dieting
Poor body image behind both behaviors, expert says

March 23, 2014: College Women: Have a Healthy Spring Break
FDA has tips on sun safety, medication, staying hydrated and more

February 26, 2014: Teens Who Indoor Tan Often Take Other Health Risks: Survey
CDC study tied practice to binge drinking, drug use and extreme weight control measures

February 17, 2014: Beauty, Not Health May Spur Teens to Use Sunscreen
Tanning's damaging effect on looks mattered more to teens than skin cancer risks, study found

February 14, 2014: Indoor Tanning Laws Help Keep Teen Girls Away, Study Finds
In states that had some restrictions in place, use of tanning beds dropped 30 percent

February 14, 2014: Health Tip: Talk to Teens About Tanning
Make sure they use sunscreen

February 12, 2014: Lymph Node Test a Good Strategy for Melanoma: Study
Disease spread was detected and treated sooner, with better survival in patients who received 'sentinel node' biopsy

January 20, 2014: Sunlight Might Be Good for Your Blood Pressure: Study
Researchers figure out why, suggest not getting enough might raise risk for heart disease

December 26, 2013: Tanning Salons Now Outnumber McDonald's Outlets in Florida: Study
Indoor tanning has strong ties to skin cancer and Florida has one of the highest rates of the disease

October 05, 2013: Selecting Sunglasses for Healthy Eyes
Tips for protecting your vision and skin

October 02, 2013: Skin Cancer Patients Not Avoiding Sun, Study Suggests
Danish researchers looked at exposure after melanoma diagnosis

September 05, 2013: Health Tip: Help Sun-Damaged Skin
Apply sunscreen daily

September 04, 2013: Docs Rarely Discuss Sunscreens With Patients, Study Finds
That's true even when the patient has a prior history of skin cancer

August 19, 2013: Many Teen Girls Using Tanning Beds: Report
Messages about skin cancer don't seem to outweigh the desire for a 'healthy glow'

August 08, 2013: Health Tip: Are You at Risk for Melanoma?
Sun exposure and use of tanning booths increase your chances

August 05, 2013: Scientists ID Molecule Behind Sunburn Pain
Finding could lead to better sunblock products, researchers say

July 05, 2013: Perils of Grilling Go Far Beyond Charred Food
Flash fires from lingering vapors pose serious risks

July 05, 2013: Check Your Summer Burn IQ
From grills to fireworks to hot sand, danger lurks

June 21, 2013: Look Beyond the Sun for Skin Cancer Culprits, Doctors Warn
Tanning beds, organ transplants and smoking among additional risk factors

June 21, 2013: Oregon Woman Tans Her Way to a Melanoma Diagnosis
She now blogs about her experience and how she has learned to accept her natural skin color

May 30, 2013: Sunless Tanners Still a Tough Sell, Survey Finds
Despite health risks associated with tanning, many young women still prefer the real thing

May 26, 2013: As Summer Approaches, Experts Offer Tips on Preventing Skin Cancer
Sun protection, regular skin checks help lower your risk

May 20, 2013: Revised Sunscreen Labels Should Help Consumers Make Wiser Choices
New survey finds 1 in 7 products still claim an 'SPF' rating of 50 or higher

May 10, 2013: Look for New, Improved Sunscreen Labels
Choosing effective sun protection should be easier now, experts say

May 09, 2013: Red Hair Pigment Might Raise Melanoma Risk: Study
Dermatologists say redheads must take extra care to check skin, avoid sun

April 17, 2013: Among Hispanics, Risky Sun Exposure Varies by Language Spoken: Study
English-speaking adults less likely to protect themselves, researchers find

April 11, 2013: Strides Made in Preventing Cancer, But Challenges Remain: Report
American Cancer Society looked at smoking, obesity, disease screening, tanning and more

April 08, 2013: More Than a Quarter of Melanoma Survivors Skip Sunscreen, Study Finds
And 2 percent continue to use tanning beds, researchers report

April 03, 2013: Melanoma Rates Rising in U.S. Children
Deadly skin cancer still rare in kids, but long-term study found 2 percent yearly increase among whites

February 25, 2013: Without Laws, Many Tanning Salons Would Allow Kids: Study
Missouri survey found operators often misrepresent indoor tanning as safe, even healthy

February 05, 2013: Sunshine Linked to Lower Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk: Study
Women estimated to have more exposure to UV-B rays had decreased risk, researchers say

February 04, 2013: Living Near Equator May Boost Your Risk for Allergy, Asthma
This could be due to UV ray exposure, study author says

February 01, 2013: Certain Skin Cancers More Common in HIV-Positive People
Large study found higher rates of squamous cell, basal cell carcinomas

January 10, 2013: Fans of Reality Beauty Shows Twice as Likely to Tan: Study
Practice could make them more susceptible to skin cancer, researchers say

November 01, 2012: Health Issues Add to Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency, Study Says
Women with conditions including arthritis and cancer should be aware of vitamin D drop during winter

October 10, 2012: Melanoma Odds Doubled for Transplant, Lymphoma Patients: Study
Early detection of this serious skin cancer is critical

October 03, 2012: Indoor Tanning Causes Common Skin Cancers, Study Finds
While less deadly than melanoma, basal cell and squamous cell cancers can be disfiguring

September 30, 2012: Mailed Kits May Prompt Parents to Protect Kids From Sun
Low-cost mailers led to greater use of 'sun-protective' clothing, hats and shade, study finds

August 03, 2012: College Students Who Use Tanning Beds Often Burn: Study
Ultraviolet exposure not 'controlled' as advertised, researchers warn

July 30, 2012: Scientists Uncover Gene Variation Linked to Melanoma
'RAC1' mutation found in tumors on sun-exposed skin

July 25, 2012: People With Darker Skin Still at Risk for Melanoma
Expert describes how skin cancer looks, ways to protect yourself

July 25, 2012: 1 in 20 Cases of Melanoma Linked to Tanning Beds: Study
European data supports warnings to avoid the devices and cut your risk for skin cancer

July 17, 2012: 11 Countries Now Restrict Indoor Tanning Before Age 18
The trend is due to growing evidence of a link with melanoma skin cancer, experts note

July 16, 2012: Health Tip: Protect Your Feet
Avoid walking barefoot

July 14, 2012: Choosing Sunscreen? How to Decode the Labels
Dermatologist explains what SPF numbers really mean, how much protection to use and when

July 09, 2012: Sunburn May Help Rid Body of Radiation-Damaged Cells
Inflammatory process cleans up genetic damage, mouse study suggests

July 07, 2012: Keep Infants Out of Sun and Heat, Experts Warn
Avoid using sunscreen on babies under 6 months old and watch for signs of dehydration

June 25, 2012: New Melanoma Drug May Extend Survival
But only in the short term, international trial shows

June 20, 2012: Indoor Tanners Rationalize Risky Behavior, Study Finds
'Everything causes cancer these days,' said many students who use the devices

June 19, 2012: Could Sunlight Lower Your Odds for Pancreatic Cancer?
Experts say early study results are no reason to tan, however, given UV rays' link to skin cancer