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'Doctor-Shopping' for Painkillers Common After Broken-Bone Surgery, Study Finds August 29, 2014

1 in 5 patients sought narcotics from multiple physicians

Study Questions Value of Certain Knee Surgeries August 25, 2014

For age-related meniscus tears, physical therapy and meds may work as well as arthroscopy

Cosmetic Eye Procedure May Ease Migraines, Small Study Says August 22, 2014

Eyelid surgery may help treat severe headaches, but not everyone's convinced

Many Women Who Have Mastectomy Don't Get Breast Reconstruction: Study August 20, 2014

Most were satisfied with their decision, researchers noted

Implantable Heart Devices Work, Regardless of Race: Study August 18, 2014

Previous research into benefits hadn't included large numbers of minorities

Study: Vigorous Exercise Seems Safe for Heart Transplant Recipients August 18, 2014

Small trial found intense activity can improve exercise capacity, lower blood pressure

Treatment Delays for Many Who Need Gallbladder Surgery: Study August 14, 2014

About 20 percent who don't have immediate procedure return to ER within month, researchers say

Common Irregular Heartbeat May Pose Risks for Surgery Patients August 12, 2014

People with atrial fibrillation have higher odds for stroke after an operation, study finds

Burnout Common Among Transplant Surgeons, Study Reveals July 31, 2014

40 percent admit to feeling emotionally exhausted, researchers report

J&J Pulls Hysterectomy Tool Tied to Cancer Risk From Market July 31, 2014

Controversial device had been used for minimally invasive hysterectomies, uterine fibroid removal

Cholesterol Drugs May Speed Healing After Surgery July 31, 2014

Statin therapy may affect inflammatory response and help wounds recover, researchers say

Tonsillectomy for Sleep Apnea May Trigger Weight Gain July 28, 2014

Study found overweight kids who had surgery were more likely to become obese within seven months

Blood Thinners May Not Be Needed for Kids' Back Surgery July 15, 2014

Close monitoring enough for most of these patients, study says

Men With Prostate Cancer May Not Always Get Best Advice July 14, 2014

Doctors suggest widely varying treatments; second opinion vital, experts say

Cataract Surgery a Plus for Someone With Dementia, Study Says July 14, 2014

Besides better vision, patients and caregivers report improved quality of life

FDA Advisers Weigh Risks of Procedure for Removal of Uterine Fibroids July 14, 2014

No guarantee that devices won't increase chances of spreading cancer to other parts of a woman's body, experts say

Emergency Surgeries on Weekends Riskier for Kids: Study July 11, 2014

Possible explanations include fewer hospital staffers, slower response times, researchers say

Delaying Kid's Knee Surgery Could Be a Bad Play, Study Finds July 11, 2014

Secondary injuries more common among children who postpone ligament repair, research shows

Shoulder Surgery Gets NFL Players Back in the Game July 10, 2014

About 90 percent return to play after stabilizing procedure, study finds

Study Links Vasectomy to Aggressive Prostate Cancer July 10, 2014

But the finding doesn't prove cause-and-effect; urologists call for more research

Young Pro Pitchers May Face Higher Risk of 'Tommy John' Surgery: Study July 10, 2014

Most players who needed the ligament procedure had it within first 5 years of professional ball

Sutures Bested Staples After C-Section in Study July 08, 2014

Complications were reduced by 57 percent when stitches were used, researchers report

Less May Be More When It Comes to Gallbladder Surgery July 08, 2014

Studies find less aggressive care before and after surgery may lead to better results

Many Anesthesiologists Fail to Wash Hands, Study Shows July 07, 2014

Research documents numerous missed opportunities with each patient

Possible Advance for Some Late-Stage Lung Cancer Patients July 07, 2014

Surgical biopsy could pave way for targeted treatments, study says

Surgery Doubted as a Migraine Reliever June 27, 2014

Review of two studies finds inconclusive evidence of success

Summer's a Great Time for Tonsil Removal June 27, 2014

Surgery won't disrupt school schedule, kids can relax during recovery, doctor says

Anesthesia Type May Affect Recovery From Hip Fracture Repair June 24, 2014

Death rate, hospital stay reduced slightly with 'regional' approach

Women With Breast Cancer Genes More Likely to Choose Extensive Surgery June 23, 2014

Nearly three-quarters of patients changed their plans after learning they had increased risk: study

Cost of Prostate Cancer Surgery Varies Widely in U.S. June 19, 2014

Fees have no reflection on quality, researchers say

Study Questions Use of Beta Blockers Before Heart Bypass Surgery June 16, 2014

But at least one specialist says the finding shouldn't alter current procedures

Can Weight-Loss Surgery Lower Cancer Risk for the Obese? June 13, 2014

Study found it might cut chances to levels of normal-weight people, but experts view finding with caution

Hospital's Efforts to Boost Patient Safety Pay Off June 12, 2014

Study found obstetric malpractice claims dropped by half after program was put in place

Weight-Loss Surgery May Ease Type 2 Diabetes Long-Term June 10, 2014

New 15-year study says these procedures outperform regular care for obese patients

Knee Replacement Surgeries Rising With Obesity Rates June 06, 2014

Total knee replacements more than tripled between 1993 and 2009, study shows

Men Feel More Pain After Major Surgeries, Study Finds June 03, 2014

But women had more discomfort following minor procedures, research shows

Does Timing Play a Role in Survival After Hospital Admission, Surgery? June 02, 2014

Researchers find worse results for weekend operations, admissions

Air Travel Safe After Chest Surgery, Surgeon Says May 23, 2014

Whether flying or driving home, study finds similar complication rates

Double Mastectomy Often Not Needed, Study Finds May 21, 2014

Most women who have both breasts removed have low risk of opposite-breast cancer, researchers say

Removal of Faulty Mesh for Incontinence May Not Improve Women's Symptoms May 19, 2014

Experts say there's still no clear-cut answer as to whether or not to have surgery

Study Examines Effort to Preserve Voice During Thyroid Surgery May 16, 2014

Researchers use electrodes to monitor vocal cord during procedure

Injuries From Swallowed Magnets on the Rise in Kids, Study Finds May 16, 2014

Small, spherical magnetic sets introduced in 2009 tied to more cases and worse outcomes

Surgical Outcomes Worse for People on Medicaid: Study May 14, 2014

Chronic health conditions, high smoking rates, need for emergency surgeries some possible reasons why

Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Prevent Heart Rhythm Disorder May 08, 2014

So-called 'bariatric' procedures appear to cut risk of atrial fibrillation, researchers report

New Colon Polyp Removal Method May Be Easier on Patients May 05, 2014

Shorter hospital stays, less blood loss, earlier return to normal eating seen in study

Study Finds Steroids May Not Be Helpful After Infant Liver Surgery May 05, 2014

Evidence points to more complications with the drugs

Home Visits May Help Heart Bypass Patients Fare Better May 01, 2014

Pilot program found fewer hospital readmissions, lower death rate compared to standard care

Radiation May Equal Surgery, With Easier Recovery, for Cancerous Lymph Nodes April 30, 2014

Study of breast cancer patients found fewer complications with nonsurgical treatment

Doctors Regrow Large Areas of Muscle Lost in Injured Soldiers April 30, 2014

Trauma patients regained some function in severely damaged legs with first-time procedure

FDA Moves Female Incontinence Device to 'High Risk' Status April 29, 2014

Vaginal mesh devices have been linked to pain, infection, other problems, agency says