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Post-Op Bacterial Infection Raises Odds for Complications, Death November 25, 2015

Clostridium difficile can be devastating to patients recovering from surgery, experts say

Firefighter Receives Most Extensive Face Transplant Ever November 16, 2015

26-hour procedure included more than 100 physicians, nurses, technical and support staff at NYC hospital

Too Much Traffic in OR May Put Patients at Risk, Study Finds November 13, 2015

Doorways are designed to keep air sterile, but repeated openings may let germs in during surgery

Lung Cancer Surgery Rates Differ Widely Between States November 13, 2015

Quality of insurance across U.S. may influence treatment, researcher says

Arm Artery Access Safer for Angioplasty, Review Finds November 13, 2015

When compared to using the groin artery, there were fewer bleeding events, death rates

Emergency Surgery Patients Often Wind Up Back in Hospital: Study November 11, 2015

Surgical site infections were the most common reason why

Heart Valve Patients Who Manage Their Own Blood Thinners May Do Better November 10, 2015

Study found self-monitoring was linked to a lower risk of death after 5 years

High-Risk Lung Cancer Patients May Benefit From Surgery November 10, 2015

Study showed procedure can be an option for people with early stage disease

Doctors Often Flub Achilles Tendon Diagnosis, Review Finds November 06, 2015

1 in 4 ruptures missed during initial exam, but most patients still do OK, researchers say

Weight-Loss Surgery May Bring Long-Term Benefits to Very Obese Teens November 06, 2015

3 years later, most had rid themselves of diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, study found

Rule Changes Might Lead to More Lung Transplants for Kids November 05, 2015

Study suggests that widening the geographic pool could increase available organs

Complications From Tummy Tucks Exceed Other Cosmetic Surgeries November 05, 2015

Combining the surgery with another cosmetic procedure boosts the risk by 50 percent, study finds

Weight-Loss Surgery May Trim Health Care Costs November 04, 2015

Study found people, especially diabetes patients, spent far less on doctors, drugs after procedure

Weight-Loss Surgery Often Brings Less Painful Joints: Study November 04, 2015

Patients tend to get around better as the pounds drop away, but not everyone will benefit, researchers say

Better Sex Life May Be a Weight-Loss Surgery Bonus November 04, 2015

Effects were long-lasting, and both men and women benefited, researchers say

Extracting Clot Beats Clot-Busting Drug Alone in Study of Stroke Patients November 03, 2015

People who had removal procedure were more likely to have functional independence after 90 days

Antibiotics May Not Help After 'Complicated' Appendectomy November 02, 2015

Use of the drugs did not lower infection risk after these higher-risk operations, study found

Face-lifts Seem to Do Little to Boost Self-Esteem: Study October 29, 2015

Researchers note that sense of self-worth is more complicated than appearance alone

Drugs May Be as Good as Surgery for Chronic Sinusitis October 29, 2015

Study found sufferers who stuck with treatments like nasal sprays saw improvements in quality of life

Marriage May Aid Recovery From Heart Surgery, Study Finds October 28, 2015

Greater risk of dying or disability seen among divorced, separated, widowed

Surgeon's Calming Words May Ease Stress of Surgery October 28, 2015

Study found reassuring voice might even beat anti-anxiety meds in lowering pre-op distress

No Need to Stop Taking Statins Before Surgery, Study Finds October 27, 2015

Not using cholesterol-lowering drugs may boost risk of death during recovery from non-cardiac operations

Nitrous Oxide OK During Surgery for People With Heart Disease October 26, 2015

Study eases concerns about the use of the anesthetic in non-cardiac procedures

Medication Errors Seen in Half of All Operations in Study October 26, 2015

And 80 percent of the mistakes were preventable, researchers report

The Long and (Financial) Short of Fixing Leg Length Differences October 23, 2015

More common treatment for children may mean lower earnings throughout adulthood, researchers report

Common Shoulder Injury Heals Well Without Surgery: Study October 22, 2015

Nonsurgical treatment brings fewer complications and shorter recovery time, researchers say

Knee Replacement Brings Less Pain, Better Function October 21, 2015

But risks make physical therapy a viable option, researchers say

Botox Might Prevent Irregular Heartbeat After Bypass Surgery October 20, 2015

Injectable toxin helped thwart atrial fibrillation, researchers report

'Older' Blood Poses No Harm to Heart Surgery Patients: Study October 20, 2015

Storage duration didn't influence complications, death rate

Poor Patients May Be More Likely to Die After Heart Surgery: Study October 19, 2015

Higher death rates apparent even with equivalent medical care

Not All Large Breast Tumors Warrant Mastectomy, Study Says October 19, 2015

Doctors shouldn't automatically rule out less invasive surgery plus radiation

Antibiotic Resistance Could Threaten Surgery, Chemo Patients October 16, 2015

Study warns of thousands more deaths if bacteria grow stronger

Study Ties Essure Birth Control Implant to Greater Need for Reoperation October 14, 2015

Device is already under scrutiny by FDA due to complaints of complications

Marijuana Extract Ill-Suited for Preventing Nausea After Surgery October 13, 2015

THC study halted early because of poor results, side effects

For Early Breast Cancer, More U.S. Women Choose Less Invasive Treatment October 09, 2015

Lumpectomy plus radiation results in nearly 90 percent survival over 10 years, study says

Decrease Seen in Epidural-Related Complications for C-Sections October 09, 2015

Rates for problems linked to certain types of anesthesia down 25 percent over decade, study finds

Surgery May Raise Survival With Advanced Melanoma: Study October 08, 2015

New analysis counters prior notion that tumor removal is useless in such cases, experts say

Surgeon's Experience Tied to Success of Thyroid Removal: Study October 08, 2015

Patients should ask how many of these operations the doctor does each year

Suicide Risk May Rise for Some After Weight-Loss Surgery October 07, 2015

Expert says that the life changes that follow can make it hard for these patients to cope

Less-Invasive Surgery May Not Be Best Option for Rectal Cancer October 06, 2015

Two studies found standard surgery was slightly more successful

Some Blood Pressure Drugs May Be Risky for Certain Surgery Patients October 05, 2015

Study found those without heart problems faced higher chances of heart trouble after non-cardiac operations

Obesity Won't Affect Joint Surgery Safety, Study Finds October 02, 2015

Heavy patients needed fewer blood transfusions, did not have more complications

CT Scans for Lung Cancer Turn Up Few False-Positives: Study October 01, 2015

Worries that wider adoption of the screen might lead to unnecessary surgeries are unfounded, experts say

Surgery Patients Like Online Follow-up, Study Finds September 29, 2015

But sometimes an in-person check still needed, researchers add

Most of World's People Lack Access to Safe Cancer Surgery: Report September 28, 2015

But more than 80 percent of patients have tumors that require operations

With Liposuction, Weight Should Guide Fat Removal Limits: Study September 25, 2015

People with higher body mass can have more removed safely, researchers claim

MRIs Before Breast Cancer Surgery on the Rise: Study September 24, 2015

Use of imaging tool has jumped dramatically, despite unclear guidelines on its use in this setting

Placing Large Catheter in Vein Under Collarbone Best, Study Finds September 23, 2015

Compared to neck or groin placement, it reduced chances of blood infections, clots among critically ill

Though Rare, Some Disabilities Seen Long After Newborn Heart Surgery September 21, 2015

Study authors suggest a lack of oxygen before the procedure may play a role

Tonsillectomy for Sleep Apnea Carries Risks for Some Kids: Study September 21, 2015

Though the surgery is a primary treatment for sleep disorder, breathing problems can occur afterwards