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Lung Cancer Surgery Worthwhile for Older PatientsMay 05, 2016

Study found those 65 and older survived longer when they had operation

No Statins Before Heart Surgery, Study SuggestsMay 04, 2016

They don't prevent complications and may cause kidney damage, researchers report

Robots Stake Their Claim in the Operating RoomMay 04, 2016

Study found they outperformed surgeons when stitching pig intestines back together

Emergency Surgery Risky Business in Poor CountriesMay 04, 2016

Study points to need to address disparities in care

Medical Errors: A Hidden KillerMay 04, 2016

Study claims they're the 3rd leading cause of U.S. deaths, but CDC doesn't track such data

The 7 Deadliest Emergency General SurgeriesApril 27, 2016

Gastrointestinal and bowel operations top the list because they're often done without planning or preparation, experts say

Nipple-Preserving Mastectomies Appear Safe for High-Risk Women: StudyApril 25, 2016

Preventive breast surgeries with nipple intact don't raise breast cancer risk, researchers report

Early Stage Breast Cancer Does Need Treatment, Study FindsApril 15, 2016

Experts say surgery, not observation, is best for cancer confined to milk ducts

Only Half of Rectal Cancer Patients Get Recommended Treatment: StudyApril 15, 2016

Uninsured and minority patients had lower odds of receiving standard therapies, researchers found

Radiation May Help After Surgery for 'Soft-Tissue' CancersApril 14, 2016

Biggest benefit was seen in people over 65, research suggests

Spinal Fusion Not Always Necessary for Back Pain, Studies SayApril 13, 2016

Some patients may benefit from a simpler procedure called decompression

How Important Is Surgeon's Skill for Weight-Loss Surgery Outcomes?April 13, 2016

Study saw no differences at one year after procedure, but one expert believes longer follow-up needed

Common Infection Caused First U.S. Uterus Transplant to Fail, Hospital SaysApril 11, 2016

Blood supply to implanted organ was compromised, forcing its removal

Doctors Report on Success of Throat ReconstructionApril 08, 2016

Seven years after receiving metal stents, donated skin tissue, patient can swallow and eat normal food

Some 9/11 First Responders Suffer Severe Sinus Problems: StudyApril 08, 2016

Firefighters exposed to dust right after the attack or for long periods later are more likely to need surgery

Weight-Loss Surgery Gets People Moving, Study ShowsApril 05, 2016

More than half of patients showed improvement in pain symptoms, ability to walk

Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Control Type 2 Diabetes in Long RunApril 04, 2016

After 5 years, more patients in surgery group had lower blood sugar than in medication-only group

Could a Low-Risk Surgery Help Your Chronic Heartburn?March 30, 2016

Death rate from procedure lower than previously reported, study finds

Antipsychotics Don't Ease Delirium in Hospitalized PatientsMarch 29, 2016

These drugs won't prevent or effectively treat the condition, review suggests

Mild Appendicitis Complication Rates Similar for Surgery, AntibioticsMarch 25, 2016

Decision not to operate might be matter of personal preference, researchers say

Surgeons' Experience Matters With Thyroid RemovalMarch 25, 2016

Track record best for doctors who perform 25-plus thyroidectomies a year, researchers say

Men, Avoid Impotence Drugs Before SurgeryMarch 21, 2016

Let an anesthesia professional know if you take these medications, expert cautions

Health Tip: Take Charge of Your HealthMarch 17, 2016

Learn all you can about pending surgery

Flu Shot Safe for Surgery Patients in Hospital: StudyMarch 14, 2016

Findings show it won't increase complications

Preventive Mastectomies Triple Among U.S. Women With Cancer in One BreastMarch 11, 2016

Patients increasingly opt to have the healthy breast removed, despite limited benefit, study says

Anesthesia Not Linked to Long-Term Mental Decline, Study FindsMarch 11, 2016

Underlying health, previous functioning are more likely factors, researchers say

Woman Who Had 1st U.S. Uterus Transplant Loses the Organ Due to ComplicationMarch 09, 2016

Doctors at Cleveland Clinic aren't yet revealing what went wrong, but stress that procedure does have risks

Scientists Use Stem Cells to Correct Infant CataractsMarch 09, 2016

Leaving these cells behind during removal of damaged tissue led to regeneration of new, clear lens

With Early Breast Cancer, Targeted Radiation Shows PromiseMarch 09, 2016

Study finds limited radiotherapy effective after low-risk tumors are removed, but questions remain

Amputee 'Feels' With Bionic FingertipMarch 08, 2016

Swiss researchers attached electrodes to upper arm to transmit touch sense

Preventive Mastectomy May Not Boost Sense of Well-BeingMarch 08, 2016

Over time, women reported similar states of mind with or without additional surgery, study finds

First U.S. Uterus Transplant Patient Grateful for Chance to Have ChildrenMarch 07, 2016

She will have to wait a year before she can try to become pregnant, Cleveland Clinic doctors say

Steroid Shot for Hip Pain May Carry Infection Risk If Too Close to SurgeryMarch 02, 2016

Hip replacement should be delayed for three months after an injection, researchers say

Study Finds Shortage of Surgeries in World's Poorest CountriesMarch 01, 2016

Report reveals 'huge disparities' around the globe

More Americans Opting for Butt Implants, LiftsFebruary 26, 2016

New data on plastic surgery trends also finds men increasingly undergoing breast reductions

New Cooling Technique Might Aid Brain Surgery: StudyFebruary 25, 2016

Combined with verbal checks, it allowed surgeons to protect areas where speech occurs

Health Problems Can Plague Seniors After Cancer SurgeryFebruary 24, 2016

Researchers find falls, broken bones, bed sores more likely in older patients

More American Women Opting for Mastectomy, Study FindsFebruary 22, 2016

Rate went up 36 percent between 2005 and 2013, researchers say

Surgery, Stents Equally Effective for Opening Neck Arteries: StudyFebruary 18, 2016

Both procedures reduce risk of stroke due to narrowed arteries, researchers find

1 in 4 Breast Cancer Lumpectomies Requires Follow-Up SurgeryFebruary 17, 2016

Risk after breast-conserving operation is lower with 'high-volume' surgeons, researchers say

New Type of Weight-Loss Surgery May Be Less Risky, CheaperFebruary 15, 2016

But, at least one expert isn't sure about long-term success of procedure

More Young Breast Cancer Patients Getting Gene TestFebruary 11, 2016

New study finds nearly all women under 40 at diagnosis are opting for BRCA evaluation

Weight-Loss Surgery May Lengthen Older People's Lives: StudyFebruary 10, 2016

But those under 35, and especially women, may not reap as much benefit

Is Fat From Another Area of Body Safe for Breast Reconstruction?February 08, 2016

Research shows this practice doesn't increase risk for new cancers or recurrence

Many Donor Livers for Sickest Patients Rejected, Study FindsFebruary 05, 2016

Just over one-third of the organs are accepted for those most in need

Surgical Safety Checklists May Shorten Hospital Stays, Save LivesFebruary 03, 2016

Overall health costs fall as a result, researchers say

Patient Care Doesn't Suffer When Surgical Residents Work More: StudyFebruary 02, 2016

Even shifts that exceeded 28 hours didn't worsen outcomes

Could C-Section Baby Benefit From Mom's Vaginal Fluids?February 01, 2016

Small study suggests it's possible to partially restore good bacteria to cesarean infants

'Til Weight Loss Do Us Part?January 29, 2016

Spouses should be consulted before obesity surgery, researchers suggest

Small Number of Doctors Trigger Big Share of Malpractice PayoutsJanuary 27, 2016

Study ties physicians' future claims risk to past claims experience, specialty, sex and age