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Your Post-Heart Attack Survival May Depend on Choice of Hospital October 06, 2016

Patients treated at hospitals with better track records gained additional year of life, study finds

Childhood Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: CDC September 16, 2016

Brain cancer supplants leukemia as the leading killer

Can Exercise Offset Alcohol's Damaging Effects? September 08, 2016

Even gardening, brisk walking may reduce your risk of booze-related death, researchers say

Do Overweight People Fare Better Than Others With Kidney Cancer? September 07, 2016

Study suggests they do, giving insights into potential new treatments

Stroke Survivors Often Struggle With Depression September 07, 2016

Risk was 8 times higher for those who suffered a brain attack than for those who didn't, study found

Heart Attack Before 50 Ups Early Death Risk August 30, 2016

But healthy living can improve those odds, experts say

Average Lifespan Longer for Twins August 23, 2016

And, identical twins tend to outlive fraternal twins, study shows

How Long Will You Live? Look to Your Parents August 15, 2016

Lower risk of dying from heart disease if mom and dad lived past 70, study suggests

Cancer Survivors More Prone to Obesity, Study Finds August 12, 2016

Risk appears to be particularly high for people who had breast or colon cancer

Long-Term Health Effects of Atom Bomb on Japan Not as Bad as Feared: Study August 11, 2016

Survivors of 1945 attacks lived almost as long as others and their children show no apparent health effects

Ancient Tools Offer New Clues to Skills of Early Humans August 09, 2016

Traces of animal proteins, presumably from food, show Stone Age settlers adapted to challenging conditions, researcher says

Health Insurance Status May Affect Cancer Patients' Survival August 08, 2016

2 studies highlight disparities in outcomes for uninsured and Medicaid patients

New Guidelines Issued for Cancer Patients' Post-Treatment Pain July 29, 2016

Specialists urge doctors to offer alternative therapies for this widespread problem

Some Brain Cancer Patients Have Radiation Options: Study July 26, 2016

Targeted approach appears to preserve mental functioning

Omega-3s in Fish Tied to Better Colon Cancer Outcomes July 21, 2016

Study couldn't prove cause-and-effect, however, so experts believe more data is needed

Are Blood Transfusions From Younger or Female Donors Riskier? July 11, 2016

Study found lower survival rates among recipients, but didn't prove cause-and-effect

Blood Test May Rule Out Too Many Donor Hearts June 21, 2016

Results don't seem to alter survival rates, even 5 years after transplant, researchers say

Could Eating More Whole Grains Help You Live Longer? June 13, 2016

Three servings a day lessens risk of dying from heart disease and cancer, study suggests

Strategies That Work to Help Prevent Suicides June 10, 2016

Measures include physical barriers and selling fewer pills at once, experts say

Americans Living Longer and Better June 09, 2016

Improvements in heart and vision care likely behind the progress, study finds

Antibody-Based Therapy Shows Promise Against Stomach Cancer June 06, 2016

Patients with advanced disease lived longer when they received this targeted treatment, research shows

Weight-Loss Surgery May Boost Survival June 03, 2016

Overall death risk dropped 57 percent, study says

Low-Dose Aspirin Tied to Longer Colon Cancer Survival June 02, 2016

Study found most benefit seen in those taking the drug before their cancer diagnosis

15.5 Million Americans Now Surviving Cancer: Report June 02, 2016

But better tools needed to support their long-term recovery, experts say

Brain Cancer Treatment Shows Promise in Early Trial June 01, 2016

Injectable virus appears to extend lives of glioblastoma patients

Too Many Advanced Cancer Patients Lack Info About Their Disease May 23, 2016

In study, just 1 in 20 terminally ill people understood their prognosis, researchers say

Melanoma Drug Boosting Survival for Many, Study Shows May 19, 2016

Keytruda also seen prompting remission in 1 in 6 cases

Devout Women May Enjoy Better Health May 16, 2016

They were one-third less likely to die over 20-year period, study suggests

Seniors: Pump Iron, Live Longer May 04, 2016

Twice-weekly strength training cut risk of dying during 15-year study

Building Muscle Could Boost the Body's Most Important Muscle April 28, 2016

People with heart disease should prioritize weight training over weight loss, study says

The 7 Deadliest Emergency General Surgeries April 27, 2016

Gastrointestinal and bowel operations top the list because they're often done without planning or preparation, experts say

Fewer Children May Explain Why More Women Now Outlive Men April 25, 2016

As number of births started to decline century ago, females began living longer than males, researchers suggest

Low-Dose Aspirin Tied to Better Cancer Survival in Study April 25, 2016

Improved odds seen for patients with colon, prostate or breast tumors, but research isn't definitive

Americans' Longer Life = Poorer Health April 19, 2016

Life spans increased between 1970 and 2010, but disabilities also rose along the way, researchers say

Drug Seems to Extend Survival for Advanced Melanoma Patients April 18, 2016

One-third of study participants lived 5 years or more after starting treatment

Your Income, Hometown May Be Key to Your Lifespan April 11, 2016

Certain areas in U.S. trend toward shorter lives, and poverty lowers life expectancy across the board, study finds

Cancer Patients Who Choose to Die at Home Live Longer: Study March 28, 2016

They and their families should make choice based on preference, researchers say

Moderate Drinking May Not Lengthen Life, Study Suggests March 22, 2016

But other experts note that numerous studies have shown benefits of alcohol consumption

Kidney Dialysis Might Not Extend Survival of Elderly March 17, 2016

Study suggests conservative care may be suitable option for some patients over 80

Hospital Volume Tied to Success of Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer March 16, 2016

Study finds more experienced medical centers achieve better survival rates

Many Cancer Survivors Struggle to Make Ends Meet March 14, 2016

Money problems can affect their mental health, quality of life, researchers say

U.S. Cancer Death Rate Continues to Fall March 09, 2016

But there's been a concerning increase in liver cancer, experts say

Body Fat May Be Bigger Health Danger Than Body Size March 07, 2016

Study finds fat levels a better indicator of early death than commonly used BMI measure

Male Childhood Cancer Survivors Less Likely to Have Kids, Study Finds February 24, 2016

But Norwegian researchers also found no increased risk of birth defects or delivery complications

Social Groups May Lengthen Retirees' Lives February 16, 2016

Interpersonal activities are similar to exercise in extending life, researchers say

Weight-Loss Surgery May Lengthen Older People's Lives: Study February 10, 2016

But those under 35, and especially women, may not reap as much benefit

Why Americans Have Shorter Lifespans Than People in Similar Nations February 09, 2016

Study finds shootings, crashes and drug overdoses contribute to a 2-year gap in life expectancy

Racial Disparity in Kidney Transplant Outcomes Narrows: Study February 04, 2016

Rejections, early deaths on the decline among black organ recipients

Majority of Americans and Canadians Expects Cancer Cure in Their Lifetime February 04, 2016

And, about two-thirds don't see cancer diagnosis as inevitably fatal, Harris Poll finds

New Kidney Transplant Drug Cuts Risk of Earlier Death: Study January 27, 2016

Belatacept showed long-term benefits over older immune-suppressing drug, but costs more