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Neanderthal DNA May Play Role in Modern Human HealthFebruary 11, 2016

Genetic legacy can affect risk for nicotine addiction, depression, blood clots and stroke, research suggests

Many U.S. Women Still Smoke Before, During Pregnancy: ReportFebruary 10, 2016

Smoking puts about 300,000 infants at risk each year, experts say

National Smoking Bans Help Everyone, Especially Nonsmokers: StudyFebruary 10, 2016

Review of worldwide research finds reductions in heart disease after restrictions introduced

Chemical That Can Irritate Lungs Found in Flavored E-CigarettesJanuary 29, 2016

Highest levels seen in cherry versions, but levels still far below federal safety standards

Smoking Lowers Breast Cancer Survival, Study FindsJanuary 26, 2016

Smoking after diagnosis tied to 72 percent higher risk of death from the disease versus never smoking

Teens Who 'Vape' May Be More Likely to Try Smoking, TooJanuary 26, 2016

Study finds e-cigarette users have almost triple the odds compared to nonusers

No Clear Winner Seen Among Stop-Smoking Aids in StudyJanuary 26, 2016

Whether you use the nicotine patch, lozenges or Chantix, strong desire to quit is key, experts say

Candy-Flavored E-Cigarette Ads Appeal to Young: StudyJanuary 18, 2016

Though research did not show that kids became more interested in tobacco, experts still worry

Smokers With Pneumonia at Risk for Lung Cancer: StudyJanuary 14, 2016

Chest scans a cost-effective strategy to screen this population, researchers say

E-cigarettes Don't Help Smokers Quit Tobacco: StudyJanuary 14, 2016

Devices actually lower chances of quitting by 28 percent, researchers say

Half of U.S. Teens Exposed to Secondhand Smoke, CDC SaysJanuary 11, 2016

Their own homes and family cars are common sources

1 in 10 Medicaid Recipients Gets Drugs to Quit SmokingJanuary 06, 2016

In some states, rate is as low as 1 percent, study finds

Graphic Warnings on Cigarettes Help Smokers Consider QuittingDecember 23, 2015

Disturbing images get people thinking about health risks associated with tobacco, study finds

Mom-to-Be's Smoking Tied to Poorer Fitness in SonsDecember 09, 2015

Higher body mass index in mother also linked to worse performance by young men on running test

E-Cigarettes May Contain Chemicals Linked to Lung DiseaseDecember 08, 2015

Flavoring compounds have been tied to a serious illness known as 'popcorn lung'

Could There Be a 'Quit-Smoking' Gene?December 03, 2015

Study suggests willpower isn't the only player

Higher Cigarette Taxes Tied to Fewer Infant DeathsDecember 01, 2015

U.S. study suggests pregnant women may be less likely to smoke if tobacco prices are higher

Hiding Tobacco Displays in Stores Might Lower Kids' Smoking RatesNovember 23, 2015

Teens less likely to buy cigarettes when promotions aren't visible, study shows

E-Cigarette Ads Boost Use Among Young Adults, Study FindsNovember 20, 2015

Researchers explore potential impact of unrestricted marketing

Here's Your Chance to Stop SmokingNovember 17, 2015

Join the Great American Smokeout Nov. 19

U.S. Adult Smoking Rate Dips Below 15 Percent: CDCNovember 17, 2015

Latest figures from June show more Americans are kicking the habit

Teens, Parents Share E-Cigarette Concerns, Poll FindsNovember 16, 2015

Both groups want tighter controls on devices' use, health warnings on packaging

U.S. Adult Smoking Rate Falls to New LowNovember 12, 2015

CDC says less than 17 percent are lighting up, but big gap remains between well-off and poor

Anti-Smoking Programs May Sometimes BackfireNovember 03, 2015

Study found smokers can get angry, defensive when public health programs stigmatize tobacco use

Smoking Common in Foreign Films, Study FindsNovember 03, 2015

International research team calls for governments to stop subsidizing films that show tobacco use

E-Cigarette Use Highest Among Young Adults, U.S. Report FindsOctober 28, 2015

Almost 4 percent of all adult Americans use them, new survey shows

Raise Smoking Age to 21, U.S. Pediatricians UrgeOctober 26, 2015

And regulate e-cigarettes the same way as other tobacco products, doctors add

Study Refutes Notion That Obese Fare Better Against Chronic IllsOctober 23, 2015

Prior research suggesting that excess weight may offer protection called flawed

Secondhand Smoke in Infancy May Harm Kids' TeethOctober 22, 2015

Exposure increased risk of cavities, researchers report

Fewer Teens Smoking Cigarettes, But Twice as Many Using Pot: CDCOctober 15, 2015

Meanwhile, more American adults are trying to break the tobacco habit, second government study shows

Obamacare Allows Tobacco Surcharge on Older SmokersOctober 14, 2015

Wide state-by-state variations cited in study

Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix May Help Women Sooner Than MenOctober 13, 2015

Differences in brain's nicotine receptor system may explain gender gap, researchers say

Cigarettes May Sabotage Alcoholics' RecoveryOctober 07, 2015

Smokers were twice as likely as nonsmokers to resume drinking, study finds

Secondhand Smoke Linked to Behavior Issues in KidsOctober 01, 2015

Risk is greatest among children exposed both in the womb and at a young age, study suggests

'Low-Nicotine' Cigarettes May Help Smokers QuitSeptember 30, 2015

Study found those inhaling the lowest levels of the addictive agent were more likely to try to stop

More Children, Teens Enticed to Smoke With Flavored Tobacco: CDCSeptember 30, 2015

7 out of every 10 kids who said they used tobacco have used flavored varieties, survey shows

Some More Vulnerable to Nicotine Addiction Than Others: StudySeptember 29, 2015

Finding has implications for prevention and treatment as use of electronic cigarettes grows, researcher says

Medical Costs Soar for Smokers Who Develop Artery DiseaseSeptember 28, 2015

More likely to be hospitalized for related leg problems as well as heart disease, heart attack, study finds

Differences Found in Smokers, Nonsmokers Who Develop Lung CancerSeptember 28, 2015

Nonsmokers with a common form of lung cancer more apt to be women, study finds

Secondhand Smoke May Double Risk of Hospitalization for Kids With AsthmaSeptember 24, 2015

Exposure can worsen symptoms and make the disease more difficult to manage, researchers say

Teens Copy Parents' Smoking: StudySeptember 18, 2015

If mom smokes, daughters are almost four times as likely to get hooked on cigarettes

Smoking Linked to Greater Risk for Type 2 DiabetesSeptember 18, 2015

Study also found continual exposure to secondhand smoke raised chances of developing disease

Most Smokers Haven't Considered QuittingSeptember 17, 2015

21-country survey shows the few who do think about giving up the habit don't even try, U.S. study says

FDA Bans Sale of New R.J. Reynolds CigarettesSeptember 15, 2015

Products didn't meet requirement that they be substantially the same as existing cigarettes, agency says

Anti-Tobacco Policies Cut Youth Smoking Rates: StudySeptember 08, 2015

Cigarette tax increases also seem to keep teens from picking up the habit

Quitting Smoking After MS Diagnosis May Delay Disease ProgressionSeptember 08, 2015

Accelerates about 5 percent for each additional year of smoking, study finds

Trying E-Cigarettes May Lead to Smoking, Study SuggestsSeptember 08, 2015

Surveys of teens, young adults detect correlation

Teens Using E-Cigarettes to 'Vape' Pot, Survey FindsSeptember 08, 2015

But researchers don't know how the kids are modifying the devices to get high

Obese Smokers Tend to Put on More Weight After QuittingSeptember 07, 2015

Study also found those who smoked the most gained the most weight after kicking the habit

More High School Athletes Using 'Dip' and 'Chew,' CDC FindsSeptember 03, 2015

Experts think ban on smokeless tobacco among pro athletes might help curb use among kids