June 27, 2014: Summer's a Great Time for Tonsil Removal
Surgery won't disrupt school schedule, kids can relax during recovery, doctor says

April 17, 2014: Tonsillectomy May Spur Weight Gain in Kids, But Won't Cause Obesity: Study
Post-op rise in weight occurs mostly in younger, thinner children, research shows

April 07, 2014: Complication Rate After Adult Tonsillectomy Higher Than Thought
Most common complaints: pain, bleeding, dehydration, study finds

January 30, 2014: Study Finds Tonsillectomy Just as Safe for Adults as Kids
Researchers found low complication rates, similar to those seen in children

January 20, 2014: U.S. Children's Hospitals Vary Widely In Tonsillectomy Care
Study finds big differences in what medications patients get during and after procedure

October 03, 2013: After Tonsillectomy, Over-the-Counter Painkillers Suffice, Study Says
Researchers recommend using Advil, Motrin post-op

May 21, 2013: Removing Tonsils Helps Kids With Sleep Apnea, Study Finds
Better slumber improved daytime energy and behavior, but not memory, learning, researchers say

April 02, 2013: Tonsillectomy Might Be Worth It for Some Adults
Finnish study found fewer sore throats after surgery, less time lost from work or school

February 21, 2013: Codeine Risky for Kids After Certain Surgeries, FDA Says
10 deaths, 3 overdoses reported following removal of tonsils or adenoids

September 26, 2012: After Tonsillectomy, Steroids May Not Increase Bleeding
Study contradicts previous European research that found the drugs can cause hemorrhage

September 12, 2012: Younger Kids Likelier to Gain Weight After Tonsillectomy
Those under 6 years often gain 2 to 5 pounds, study finds

September 10, 2012: New Strep Throat Guidelines Tackle Antibiotic Resistance
Most sore throats are actually caused by viruses

June 29, 2012: Summertime Is Tonsillectomy Time
Many parents take advantage of summer break to schedule the surgery to give kids time to recover

April 11, 2012: Codeine After Surgery Could Endanger Certain Kids: Study
In children with rare gene mutation, post-tonsillectomy death seemed to be due to reaction to pain medicine

August 26, 2011: Health Tip: Recovering From Adenoid and Tonsil Removal
Suggestions to help ease discomfort

June 01, 2011: Can Removing Tonsils, Appendix Boost Early Heart Attack Risk?
Tonsillectomy, appendectomy before age 20 may slightly raise threat, study suggests

May 16, 2011: Tonsil Removal Might Cure Bedwetting in Some Kids With Sleep Apnea
Study shows additional benefit of the surgery for certain children

February 01, 2011: Children May Pack on Pounds After Tonsillectomy
Doctors should consider patient's weight before resorting to surgery, researcher says

January 20, 2011: Sleep Study May Be Advisable Before Removing Tonsils, Adenoids
The point is to identify children likely to have post-op respiratory complications, study says

January 06, 2011: No Surgery for Moderate Tonsillitis, New Guidelines Say
Experts draft standards to help doctors identify, manage tonsillectomy patients

August 05, 2010: Health Tip: When It's Time for a Tonsillectomy
Signs that the tonsils may need to be removed

June 02, 2010: Tonsillectomy Study Finds Best Way to Avoid Complications
Three common techniques all deemed safe, but one appeared safest, research shows

February 09, 2010: Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Kids May Have Genetic Cause
Future treatments might come in the form of a throat spray, researchers say

October 23, 2009: After Tonsillectomy, Short-Term Antibiotics Effective: Study
Three-day course relieves pain as well as seven-day regimen, researchers find

August 19, 2009: Post-Tonsillectomy Codeine May Pose Dangers
Pain medication tied to death of small boy after the procedure, report says

August 04, 2009: Health Tip: Recovering From a Tonsillectomy
Watch what you eat

July 21, 2009: Sleep Benefits From Tonsillectomy Peak at 6 Months
For kids with breathing issues, having tonsils removed helps most right after surgery

December 09, 2008: Steroid After Tonsillectomy Raises Bleeding Risk
But dexamethasone did limit vomiting and results are preliminary, researchers note

August 22, 2008: Smokers More Likely to Bleed After Throat Surgery
Understanding link may help doctors better counsel patients before operations