June 20, 2014: FDA: Bee Pollen Weight Loss Products Pose Health Risks
Some contain undeclared ingredients that can harm people with high blood pressure, other ailments, agency says

June 13, 2014: Can Weight-Loss Surgery Lower Cancer Risk for the Obese?
Study found it might cut chances to levels of normal-weight people, but experts view finding with caution

May 29, 2014: Fast Weight Loss May Mean Muscle Loss
Study volunteers eating 500 calories a day lost more muscle than those eating more than twice as much

May 21, 2014: Losing Weight at Any Age May Help the Heart
Dropping excess pounds -- even in middle-age or later -- linked to better heart health, study finds

May 08, 2014: Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Prevent Heart Rhythm Disorder
So-called 'bariatric' procedures appear to cut risk of atrial fibrillation, researchers report

April 25, 2014: Severe Obesity in Teens Tied to Possible Kidney Problems
Study looked at young patients planning to undergo weight-loss surgery

April 18, 2014: Appetite, Taste Changes Reported After Weight-Loss Surgery
Sense of smell also altered for some patients in British study

April 10, 2014: Does Facebook Make Women Feel Bad About Their Bodies?
Study found more time on the social networking site was tied to greater likelihood of negative self-image

April 03, 2014: Exercise, Diet May Help 'Pre-Diabetics' Dodge Heart Disease Death
Study followed Chinese people with high blood sugar for more than two decades

March 31, 2014: More Evidence Weight-Loss Surgery Helps People With Diabetes
One-third of gastric-bypass patients kept type 2 diabetes under control without meds during three-year study

March 18, 2014: Water Myths Revisited, From Weight Loss to Hydration
Increasing intake won't help you shed pounds, expert says

March 18, 2014: Weight-Loss Surgery Might Help Mild Knee Pain
Small, early study of obese patients found improvement similar to knee replacement

March 14, 2014: Wider Waistline May Mean Shorter Lifespan: Study
Evidence review suggests extra inches raise risk of dying younger, regardless of body weight

February 28, 2014: Early Signs That High-Calorie Diet May Help With Lou Gehrig's Disease
Regimen that boosted carbohydrate intake seemed to work best, researchers say, but more study needed

February 20, 2014: A Little Weight Loss May Ease Sleep Apnea
Finnish study of obese people found the breathing condition improved over four-year period

February 19, 2014: A Judgmental Doctor May Make It Hard to Lose Weight
Finding suggests physicians need to be less negative when counseling overweight patients

February 05, 2014: Shivering, Like Exercise, May Help Boost Weight Loss
When you shiver, your body converts white fat to healthier brown fat, study finds

February 04, 2014: 'Gastric Banding' Patients Often Have Dietary Issues, Study Finds
Weight-loss surgery may lead to nutritional deficiencies; supplements and counseling urged

January 09, 2014: Food Companies Cut 6.4 Trillion Calories From Supermarket Shelves: Report
Honoring a pledge, 16 major companies went beyond their goals

January 08, 2014: Whites More Likely to Undergo Weight-Loss Surgery: Study
Researcher says blacks don't seem to feel obesity affects their quality of life as much as whites do

December 29, 2013: Tips to Jump-Start Your New Year's Resolutions
Expert advice on putting weight-loss, healthy-eating and exercise plans in motion

December 18, 2013: Review Finds Weight-Loss Surgery Safe and Effective
Benefits outweigh risks for many severely obese patients, expert says

December 17, 2013: Ear Acupuncture May Hold Promise for Weight Loss
But small study doesn't prove it works, expert says

December 16, 2013: Diabetes Drug Metformin Tied to Slight Weight Loss in Obese Kids
But, experts say drug isn't meant for that use, while diet and exercise have proven effective

November 25, 2013: Might Stomach Artery Treatment Be Future Weight-Loss Tool?
Early study found unexpected side effect after procedure to stop bleeding

November 21, 2013: Texting Your Way to Weight Loss
Women in small study used it to track their eating and exercise habits

November 15, 2013: Could Weight-Loss Surgery Help Slow Aging for Some?
Small, early study found longer 'telomeres' in genes of patients with cholesterol and inflammation problems

November 13, 2013: Study Ties Weight-Loss Surgery to Higher Risk of Preemie Birth
Lower birth weights also seen in babies whose mothers had undergone procedure

November 07, 2013: Kidney Patients May Face Serious Side Effects From Weight-Loss Surgery
Acute kidney damage was most common problem in U.K. study

November 07, 2013: Metformin Won't Help Heart Patients Without Diabetes: Study
But it might have a future as a weight-loss drug, results suggest

November 04, 2013: Fewer Pounds May Lead to Better Sex, Researchers Say
Women who had weight-loss surgery reported improved sexual satisfaction, study finds

November 04, 2013: Weight-Loss Surgery Safe for Very Obese Teens, Study Says
But investigators add that more research needed to assess long-term results

November 01, 2013: Romance Can Sour When Only One Partner Slims Down
Study of couples probes the 'dark side' of weight loss

October 23, 2013: Removable 'Gut Sleeve' Might Become a Future Weight-Loss Tool
Study of experimental procedure showed promise in rats

October 23, 2013: Weight-Loss Surgery Seems to Beat Diet and Exercise
Study finds surgery more effective at least two years out

October 14, 2013: President Taft's Obesity Struggle Was a Harbinger of Things to Come
All that's different today are the numbers: one-third of Americans now obese

October 09, 2013: Less-Skilled Weight-Loss Surgeons Often Have Higher Complication Rates: Study
Research compared 20 surgeons and effects among thousands of patients

October 01, 2013: Weight-Loss Surgery May Add to Painkiller Dependence, Study Says
Doctors should warn patients their need for pain relief may continue, researchers say

September 24, 2013: 10 Percent Weight Loss May Relieve Arthritic Knee Pain
Biggest improvement seen with diet-exercise combo in 18-month study of older, overweight adults

September 19, 2013: Weight-Loss Surgery Can Improve Long-Term Diabetes Control, Study Says
Some patients were benefiting up to nine years later

September 13, 2013: 4 Factors Predict Diabetes Remission After Surgery: Study
Scoring system could help determine if weight-loss procedure will help control disease in obese patients

September 06, 2013: Obesity Gene Tests May Not Hamper Weight-Loss Efforts
Knowing you have 'obesity gene' could reduce self-blame, study suggests

September 04, 2013: Short Bouts of Brisk Exercise May Help Cut Obesity Risk
Intensity of activity more important than duration for controlling weight, study finds

September 03, 2013: New Drug Shows Promise for Type 2 Diabetes
It appears to improve blood fat levels and may aid weight loss, researchers report

July 01, 2013: Can Hi-Tech Avatars Promote Real-Life Weight Loss?
Virtual sessions on portion control and exercise helped women in small pilot study

June 20, 2013: Women Fret More Over Weight Gain in College
Guys seem okay with the extra pounds, study finds

June 13, 2013: Deep Brain Stimulation Studied as Last-Ditch Obesity Treatment
No major side effects seen in 3 patients over nearly 3 years

June 07, 2013: Heavy Patients Trust Diet Advice From Overweight Docs Most: Study
Researcher suggests 'shared identity' might be the reason why

June 06, 2013: Pedometers Can Keep You Moving
Research shows they're a low-cost motivator for sitting less, particularly for those with desk jobs

May 29, 2013: Weight Loss Might Ease Psoriasis, Study Hints
Obese people on low-calorie diet reported relief of skin symptoms, better quality of life