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Gene Tied to Breast Cancer Raises Uterine Cancer Risk Too June 30, 2016

Women with BRCA1 may want to consider preventive removal of uterus, researcher says

New Drug Shows Promise for Rare Blood Cancers June 29, 2016

Organ damage improved in 60 percent of patients with advanced systemic mastocytosis

Testosterone Therapy May Boost Older Men's Sex Lives June 29, 2016

Gel hormone treatment led to improved libido and sexual function, study finds

For Better Skin Cancer Checks, Partner Up June 29, 2016

Melanoma survivors benefited when they and a loved one got training in spotting malignancies, study found

Arthritis Possible Side Effect of Certain Cancer Drugs: Study June 28, 2016

Doctors should weigh the risk-benefit ratio, researcher says

Type of Disease May Dictate End-of-Life Care June 27, 2016

Cancer and dementia patients get more access to palliative care, VA study finds

Five New Genes Linked to Colon Cancer June 24, 2016

But researchers say it's likely that all the major genetic mutations have been discovered

Smoking May Hinder Common Breast Cancer Treatment June 24, 2016

Cigarettes and drugs called aromatase inhibitors appear to be a bad mix, researchers say

Healthy Living Slashes Cancer Risk June 23, 2016

The 'good' life cuts tumor odds up to 45 percent and risk of cancer death up to 61 percent, study finds

Scans May Spare Some Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients From Chemo June 23, 2016

Test finds those who might respond well, may spare others treatment side effects

Patient Positioning Might Hamper Accuracy of Breast MRI June 22, 2016

The scans are used to plan surgeries, but face-down position might introduce error, small study suggests

A Little Guidance Is Key to Getting That Cancer Screen June 22, 2016

Study shows how one hospital's 'patient navigators' boosted testing rates

Blood Test May Rule Out Too Many Donor Hearts June 21, 2016

Results don't seem to alter survival rates, even 5 years after transplant, researchers say

Long Work Hours May Hurt Your Health June 21, 2016

At the job more than 60 hours a week had most damaging effects on women's well-being, study finds

Exercise May Help Thwart Ovarian Cancer June 21, 2016

Chronic inactivity linked to greater risk for the disease in study

Do Too Many Lung Cancer Patients Miss Out on Surgery? June 21, 2016

Study evaluates treatment outcomes for late-stage disease

Brain Tumors More Common in Better Educated, Wealthier Folks: Study June 21, 2016

But perhaps it's because they just pay more attention to their health, experts say

Middle-Aged More Often Diagnosed With Late-Stage Lung Cancer June 16, 2016

British study highlights the need for better early detection, researchers say

Extensive Surgery Best for an Aggressive Brain Cancer: Study June 16, 2016

Although larger procedure carries more risk, odds of longer survival are higher, researchers say

Health Tip: Are You Losing Your Vision? June 16, 2016

Here are classic warning signs

Skin Cancer Check? Do Some Sole-Searching June 15, 2016

Deadly melanoma is rare on feet, but often advanced when diagnosed

Novel Brain Cancer Treatment Taps Into Sound Waves June 15, 2016

Experimental device seems to help more chemotherapy reach tumors, researchers report

Expert Panel Reaffirms Need for Colon Cancer Screen Beginning at Age 50 June 15, 2016

U.S. advisory group says there's not enough evidence to endorse one screening method over another

Heart Disease Down Among Over-40 Americans June 15, 2016

Better control of risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure likely behind the change

Stem Cell Transplant Can Help HIV Patients Battling Lymphoma: Study June 15, 2016

Outcomes after the therapy similar to those for patients who don't carry the virus

Health Tip: Exercising for Seniors June 15, 2016

Start slow and take it easy

Impotence Drugs Won't Raise Melanoma Risk, Study Suggests June 14, 2016

Researchers say skin cancer in these patients is likely due to more sun exposure

Got a Spare 15 Minutes? A Little Exercise May Boost Life Span June 14, 2016

Study finds even modest daily workouts make a difference for older adults

Clashes at Nursing Homes Not Uncommon June 13, 2016

20 percent of residents affected over 1-month period, study found

Could Eating More Whole Grains Help You Live Longer? June 13, 2016

Three servings a day lessens risk of dying from heart disease and cancer, study suggests

Diabetes Doesn't Doom Seniors to Disability June 13, 2016

Study found increase in 'good' years of life in recent decades

Strategies That Work to Help Prevent Suicides June 10, 2016

Measures include physical barriers and selling fewer pills at once, experts say

MS Stem Cell Therapy Succeeds But Poses Risks June 10, 2016

Toxic side effects of heavy chemo could limit use, researcher says

Bifocals Might Trip You Up June 09, 2016

Some eyeglasses may cause blurry vision, so seniors need to watch their step, researchers say

Americans Living Longer and Better June 09, 2016

Improvements in heart and vision care likely behind the progress, study finds

Better Lung Cancer Survival? There's an App for That June 09, 2016

Study found tracking symptoms, alerting doctors to trouble early led to longer survival

California Enacts Right-to-Die Law June 09, 2016

Move triples percentage of terminally ill patients in U.S. who will now have this option

Cancer's Heavy Financial Burden June 08, 2016

1 in 10 patients skipped doctor visits, nearly 1 in 5 didn't fill prescriptions due to cost, survey shows

U.S. Black Women Get Less Care to Prevent Breast Cancer Return June 07, 2016

Genetic testing, risk-reducing surgery more likely for whites, Hispanics, study finds

Female Reproductive Tract Not a Sterile Environment, Study Finds June 07, 2016

Researchers also found different microbes in women with ovarian cancer

Double Stem Cell Transplant May Help Fight a Childhood Cancer June 07, 2016

Tandem treatments might give survival edge to kids with neuroblastoma, researcher says

Longer Use of Certain Drugs Cuts Recurrence for Breast Cancer Survivors June 06, 2016

Women who took an aromatase inhibitor for 10 years instead of 5 got added benefit, study found

Useless Treatments Common in Young, Terminal Cancer Patients June 06, 2016

3 in 4 get aggressive therapies with painful side effects in last months of their lives, study finds

Intensive Blood Sugar Control May Be Too Much for Some With Type 2 Diabetes June 06, 2016

Individualized treatment is important, expert says

Superior Results for Myeloma Drug That's Added Earlier in Treatment June 06, 2016

Response rate doubled for patients with this blood cancer, study finds

U.S. Pays Highest Prices for Cancer Meds: Study June 06, 2016

However, actual ability to pay for the drugs is better than in some other countries, researchers add

Antibody-Based Therapy Shows Promise Against Stomach Cancer June 06, 2016

Patients with advanced disease lived longer when they received this targeted treatment, research shows

Two-Pronged Chemo Helps Some With Advanced Ovarian Cancer June 06, 2016

Study found using both abdomen drip and IV delayed progression of disease

Liquid Biopsy May Help Doctors Track Changes in Tumors June 06, 2016

Large study found it predicted when cancer DNA was mutating, could help tailor treatments to avoid drug resistance

Immune-Based Drug May Help Some With Advanced Bladder Cancer June 06, 2016

About a quarter of older patients deemed too frail for chemo responded to Tecentriq, study found