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Exercise Speeds Seniors' Recovery From Disability September 26, 2016

Walking regimen also curbs risk of injury in the first place, study finds

Study: Colonoscopy After 75 May Not Be Worth It September 26, 2016

But, expert says age shouldn't be only criterion for screening for colon cancer

New Type of Radiation Treatment May Up Survival for Older Lung Cancer Patients September 26, 2016

2 new studies find benefit to using stereotactic body radiation therapy

Cancer Treatment More Likely to Leave Blacks in Debt September 26, 2016

Or forego therapies due to cost, study finds

Many Patients Enter Cancer Trials With Unrealistic Expectations September 26, 2016

Study finding is a red flag, researcher says

More Hispanics Treated at Breast Cancer Center After Obamacare September 26, 2016

Enrollment in clinical trials also increased, study finds

How Older People Can Head Off Dangerous Drug Interactions September 24, 2016

Taking multiple medications and supplements could cause serious problems, FDA warns

'Medical Tattoos' Help Hide Surgical Scars September 23, 2016

Pigments can restore more natural appearance that patients are happy with, study finds

Software Speeds Up Analysis of Breast Cancer Risk: Study September 22, 2016

Doctors were 30 times slower reading mammograms, researchers report

Falls a Growing and Deadly Threat for Older Americans September 22, 2016

They cause millions of injuries and soaring health care costs, CDC report shows

Tamoxifen OK for Breast Cancer Patients Without Uterine Abnormalities: Study September 22, 2016

Pretreatment ultrasounds may reassure women about their uterine cancer risk, researchers say

Experimental Immune Cell Rx Shows Promise for Leukemia September 21, 2016

In preliminary trial, 4 out of 9 people with acute myeloid leukemia had complete remission

Organ Transplants Linked to Higher Skin Cancer Risk September 21, 2016

Experts say all recipients should have full-body skin evaluations after transplant surgery

More Breast Cancer Patients Should Consider Radiation, New Guidelines Say September 21, 2016

Mastectomy patients with small tumors, fewer lymph nodes involved, benefit from the therapy, cancer experts agree

More Cancer Patients Gaining From Immune-Based Treatments September 20, 2016

These therapies help arm the body to fight off malignancy, new report explains

Obamacare Tied to Rise in Mammograms September 20, 2016

Research shows small uptick in Medicare patients who got screened for breast cancer

Even at Cancer Centers, Finding Relief for Pain Can Be Tough September 20, 2016

'Mystery shopper' study shows staff at 1 in 10 facilities gave people misinformation on palliative care services

Vasectomy May Not Raise Prostate Cancer Risk After All September 19, 2016

Large study challenges previous research linking the procedure to slightly higher chance of disease

Childhood Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: CDC September 16, 2016

Brain cancer supplants leukemia as the leading killer

31 Million Older Americans Aren't Getting Enough Exercise September 15, 2016

Inactivity boosts their risk for falls, broken bones, serious disease and early death, CDC warns

Prostate Cancer Treatments: Different Choices for Different Men September 14, 2016

Survival rates are all high, but watchful waiting is linked to some cancer spread, British study reports

Brains of 'Super-Agers' Look Decades Younger September 14, 2016

Regions of mentally sharp older folks don't shrink like their peers with memory loss do, study finds

Seniors Not Scared of Social Media After All September 12, 2016

Study also finds using it helps them feel less isolated, may boost their health

For Teens With Leukemia, Pregnancy Tests Often Neglected September 12, 2016

Risk of chemo-related birth defects needs to be considered, researchers say

Strides Made in Treating Childhood Cancer: Report September 09, 2016

But more needs to be done to battle tougher tumors, guard the health of survivors

Know Your Risk for Ovarian Cancer -- and the Symptoms September 09, 2016

Because early signs are often easy to ignore, 140,000 women worldwide die of the disease every year

Early Palliative Care Improves Patients' Quality of Life September 09, 2016

Also increases chances of having end-of-life discussions, study shows

FDA Warns Ovarian Cancer Tests Not Reliable September 09, 2016

May delay preventive therapies for high-risk women, spur unnecessary procedures in some without cancer

Cancer Caregivers Face Difficult Demands September 09, 2016

Survey results suggest more support is warranted

Can Exercise Offset Alcohol's Damaging Effects? September 08, 2016

Even gardening, brisk walking may reduce your risk of booze-related death, researchers say

Immune Therapy Makes Headway Against a Lymphoma September 08, 2016

Early trial results termed 'fantastic step forward' in fight against non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Health Tip: Choosing a Senior Home September 08, 2016

Signs it's a good place for a loved one

Cord-Blood Transplants Show Promise in Leukemia Treatment September 07, 2016

Donors and recipients don't need to be a perfect match, researcher says

Do Overweight People Fare Better Than Others With Kidney Cancer? September 07, 2016

Study suggests they do, giving insights into potential new treatments

Stroke Survivors Often Struggle With Depression September 07, 2016

Risk was 8 times higher for those who suffered a brain attack than for those who didn't, study found

Are Birth Control Pills Tied to Decline in Ovarian Cancer Deaths? September 07, 2016

Rates down 16 percent in U.S., 8 percent in Canada, and 10 percent in Europe over a decade: study

Fans May Not Be Cool Choice for the Elderly September 06, 2016

Heart rate, core body temperature rose more with fan use than without in 108 degree heat, study finds

Tasmanian Devils' Genes May Be Outwitting Deadly Cancer September 02, 2016

Researchers note genetic changes in survivors of facial tumor disease

Injury Risk Spikes While Cancer Patients Seek Diagnosis: Study September 01, 2016

Researchers urge greater prevention of medical and drug therapy complications, accidents and self-harm

1 in 6 Younger Americans Wants to Die Before 80 September 01, 2016

Negative views of old age are powerful influence on how long people want to live, survey finds

14 Genes That May Affect Cancer Treatment August 31, 2016

Researchers say finding might help identify patients most likely to be helped by chemotherapy, radiation

Heart Attack Before 50 Ups Early Death Risk August 30, 2016

But healthy living can improve those odds, experts say

Vitamin A Compound Might Aid in Colon Cancer Fight August 30, 2016

Researchers studying connection between retinoic acid and inflammation in gut

Study: Trained Experts Can Spot Breast Cancer in 'Blink of an Eye' August 29, 2016

Skilled radiologists see abnormalities immediately, and researchers want to learn how they do it

Over 64? Want to Cut Your Heart Disease Risk? Try Exercise August 29, 2016

Finnish study finds even moderate exercise lowers odds of early death

FDA Recommends All Blood Donations Be Tested for Zika August 29, 2016

Updated guidance provides further protection for U.S. blood supply

Even a Little Exercise May Help Stave Off Dementia August 26, 2016

Sedentary seniors more likely to suffer mental decline, study finds

Hopes Dashed for Rare Bone Cancer Treatment August 26, 2016

Extra chemo drugs failed to change course of osteosarcoma, researchers say

More Americans Can Afford Medications Under Obamacare: Study August 26, 2016

Improvement seen in all age levels, but millions still struggle with the cost of prescription drugs

Serious Heart Problem a Family Matter August 25, 2016

If a relative has had an aortic dissection, you could too, study says