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Study Links Climate Change to Kidney DiseaseMay 05, 2016

Rising temperatures, less rain seen boosting rates of disease in rural areas with hot climes

Weight Loss Surgery May Boost Good Cholesterol in Obese BoysMay 05, 2016

Small study showed surgery also improved protective effects of HDL on the heart

Stay Lean, Live LongerMay 05, 2016

Researchers found slimmest people had lowest chances of dying in two studies

FDA Banning E-Cigarette Sales to MinorsMay 05, 2016

Agency also wants other retail restrictions on access to vaping products

Some Teen Girls Coerced Into Pregnancy: StudyMay 05, 2016

Small review finds high schoolers as young as 14 have had boyfriends who control their reproductive choices

Why Humans Have Bigger BrainsMay 04, 2016

Body fat, metabolism give people an evolutionary edge over other primates, study finds

Health Tip: Trim Daily CaloriesMay 04, 2016

Food substitutions that will make you feel full

Fatty Foods, Drowsy DaysMay 04, 2016

Study found men who preferred fat-filled fare were more likely to be habitually sleepy

Got Unused Meds? Here's What to DoMay 03, 2016

Check for local take-back events, or contact the DEA for collection locations

Could Infant Colds, Other Infections Raise Type 1 Diabetes Risk?May 03, 2016

Study suggests a link, but researchers still don't understand the potential mechanisms

Why Labradors Often Get FatMay 03, 2016

One copy of a gene variant led to an additional 4 pounds, on average, study found

Preemies' Brains Get Boost From Breast MilkMay 03, 2016

MRI scans found infants who drank more of it had more brain tissue, study found

Well Water a Suspected Cause of Bladder Cancer in New EnglandMay 02, 2016

Researchers believe arsenic exposure might contribute to higher-than-normal rates

Nuplazid Approved for Parkinson's HallucinationsMay 02, 2016

Half of people with Parkinson's may have them

High School Football Players Suffer More Symptoms After Concussion: StudyMay 02, 2016

Meanwhile, youth league players most likely to return to field less than 24 hours after head injury

Does TV Influence Which Alcohol Teens Favor?May 02, 2016

Study finds the more kids see a brand on shows, the more likely they'll drink it

Even Non-Obese Report Better Mood, Sex Drive After DietingMay 02, 2016

Calorie cutters said their sleep and relationships improved, too

Health Tip: Planning Makes Healthy Eating SimplerMay 02, 2016

Vary your menu to avoid boredom

If You're Craving Cookies, You Might Just Be BoredApril 29, 2016

Dull times lead to unhealthy choices, including chips, sweets and fast food, studies find

Jello Shots While Underage, Bigger Booze Problems Later?April 29, 2016

Study suggests the alcohol-soaked products are early sign of trouble

E-Cigarettes 'In' at Some SchoolsApril 29, 2016

In certain places, teens more likely to vape, regardless of regular cigarette use, study says

Health Tip: Avoid Alcohol While NursingApril 29, 2016

Help keep baby safe

Building Muscle Could Boost the Body's Most Important MuscleApril 28, 2016

People with heart disease should prioritize weight training over weight loss, study says

Coffee, Wine Good for Healthy Gut, Sodas May Be BadApril 28, 2016

Study examines how food and medications affect makeup of bacteria in people's tummies

Teen Birth Rate at Record Low in U.S.April 28, 2016

They're delaying sex, using more effective birth control, CDC researcher says

Psoriasis Tied to Obesity, Type 2 DiabetesApril 27, 2016

A genetic link is one theory for the possible association, researchers say

Mom's Pre-Pregnancy Weight May Help Predict Child's SizeApril 27, 2016

Study also found six months of breast-feeding offered protection against excess pounds in child

Type 2 Diabetes May Damage Hearing, Study FindsApril 27, 2016

Researchers recommend auditory testing of diabetic patients

Health Tip: Choose Energy-Boosting FoodsApril 27, 2016

The right diet fuels your workout

Skateboarding Mishaps Send 176 U.S. Kids to ERs Every DayApril 27, 2016

Protective gear is essential for preventing injuries, experts say

Statins Might Not Lower Colon Cancer Risk: StudyApril 26, 2016

But cholesterol levels may be associated with reduced chance of disease

Drug for Yeast Infections May Raise Miscarriage Risk, FDA WarnsApril 26, 2016

Agency recommends alternatives to fluconazole for mothers-to-be until its review is complete

Early Emotional Support May Help Kids Manage Feelings LaterApril 26, 2016

Preschool children given high levels of caring showed specific brain changes

Americans Getting Adequate Water Daily, CDC FindsApril 26, 2016

Men take in an average of 14 cups a day, women almost 12

Rates of Severe Obesity Among U.S. Kids Still Rising: StudyApril 26, 2016

Treatment for these 4.5 million children is urgently needed, researcher says

Pharmacists Can Manage Some Chronic Conditions Effectively, Study SuggestsApril 25, 2016

But it's not clear if they could reduce symptoms more or help you live longer than your doctor can

Female Pelvis Widens, Then Shrinks Over a Lifetime, Study FindsApril 25, 2016

Timing of shifts, at puberty and menopause, suggest that estrogen is steering changes, researcher says

Babies Fed Rice-Based Cereals Have Higher Arsenic Levels, Study FindsApril 25, 2016

To avoid potential harm, experts recommend consuming a variety of grains early in life

E-Cigarette Ads May Help Lure Teens to the Habit: StudyApril 25, 2016

Researchers, experts call for ban on such promotions, much like what happened with tobacco cigarette ads

Focus on Healthy Foods, Not Avoiding 'Bad' Ones, for Heart Health: StudyApril 25, 2016

Fewer heart attacks, strokes and deaths seen among those who follow Mediterranean-style eating plan

Health Tip: Dig Into More Flavorful FoodsApril 25, 2016

Seasonings boost taste

Teen Moms May Ignore Advice for Helping Babies Sleep SafelyApril 21, 2016

Awareness of SIDS risk didn't spur young mothers to follow recommendations, study finds

Nagging Your Kids About Weight Might BackfireApril 21, 2016

Children added pounds if parents thought they were heavy, research suggests

Health Tip: Start Changing Your LifestyleApril 21, 2016

Begin with these four simple steps

Eating Disorders Seem More Common in Schools Where Girls PredominateApril 21, 2016

And schools with kids from more educated parents also had higher rates, study found

Alcohol, Processed Meats May Raise Stomach Cancer RiskApril 21, 2016

Excess weight also seems to boost chances of disease, and risk increases as three factors increase, researchers report

Cow's Milk Allergy in Childhood May Lead to Weaker Bones: StudyApril 20, 2016

But one expert contends that difference in bone density wasn't enough, on average, to worry about fractures

Talk Therapy May Help Depressed Teens Who Shun AntidepressantsApril 20, 2016

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help boost mood without drugs, experts say

FDA Launches Ad Campaign Against Chewing TobaccoApril 19, 2016

Health officials targeting rural teens with messages about health risks of smokeless tobacco products

After Pregnancy-Linked Diabetes, Healthy Diet May Ease Blood PressureApril 19, 2016

Eating nutritious foods seems to counter higher risk, researchers find