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Infants Born to Drug-Abusing Mothers Often Readmitted to Hospital October 06, 2015

These babies are often born addicted and have higher risk of breathing, feeding problems, experts say

Aristada Approved for Schizophrenia October 06, 2015

Long-acting drug injected every four-to-six weeks

Hormone Replacement May Protect Women's Kidneys, Study Suggests October 06, 2015

But the finding is considered preliminary and needs more study

Optune Device Approved for Newly Diagnosed Brain Cancer October 06, 2015

Emits electric pulses designed to thwart tumor growth

As HIV Patients Live Longer, Certain Cancer Risks Rise: Study October 05, 2015

Anal, colon and liver cancers more common now, researchers find

FDA Orders Studies on Contaminated Endoscopes Tied to Illness Outbreaks October 05, 2015

Duodenoscopes used at 2 Los Angeles hospitals carried drug-resistant 'superbug'

Some Blood Pressure Drugs May Be Risky for Certain Surgery Patients October 05, 2015

Study found those without heart problems faced higher chances of heart trouble after non-cardiac operations

New Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbug' an Emerging Threat, CDC Says October 05, 2015

Evidence of CRE found in seven U.S. cities monitored by researchers

Keytruda Approved for Leading Form of Lung Cancer October 02, 2015

Helps immune system fight non-small cell lung cancer

FDA Approves New Treatment for Lung Cancer October 02, 2015

Keytruda shrank tumors in some patients with advanced disease

'Tennis Elbow' Usually Heals Without Therapy, Study Finds October 02, 2015

For most people, pain is gone within a year

'Drugged Driving' on the Rise in U.S. October 01, 2015

Marijuana accounted for third of drugs found in systems of drivers killed in accidents

2 Experimental Drugs Offer Hope Against Psoriasis: Studies September 30, 2015

Targeted therapies produce significant results, researchers say

Injury Toll in U.S. in 2013: $671 Billion September 30, 2015

Accidents and violence the driving forces, CDC officials report

'Placebo Effect' Might Help Predict Response to Depression Treatment September 30, 2015

Those who improved with fake drug benefited from antidepressants, study found

Earlier Hormone Therapy May Pose Less Risk for Menopausal Women September 30, 2015

Starting treatment around onset of menopause seems to lower threat to heart, study says

Added Calcium May Not Help Older Bones: Studies September 30, 2015

Researchers find no evidence that boosting intake will prevent fractures

New Immune-Focused Drug Shows Promise Against Advanced Kidney Cancer September 28, 2015

Opdivo appears to outperform older med, Afinitor, in new clinical trial

New Drug May Give Small Survival Boost to Some With Advanced Lung Cancer September 28, 2015

Nivolumab is most effective in tumors with a particular gene mutation, researchers report

How to Dispose of Unused or Expired Prescription Drugs September 25, 2015

Stashing them in a cabinet is unwise; old medications can become ineffective or unsafe

8 of 10 People in Addiction Treatment Smoke, Study Finds September 25, 2015

Helping smokers quit can improve their chance for successful drug and alcohol treatment, researcher says

Almost Half of American Adults With HIV Don't Take Meds: Report September 24, 2015

Finding highlights challenges of 'unequal epidemic,' researcher says

Taking Blood Pressure Drugs at Night May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes September 24, 2015

Study finds taking medication at night cut risk of blood sugar disorder in half

For Unexplained Infertility, Breast Cancer Drug No Better Than Standard Treatment September 23, 2015

Study found letrozole did not result in more pregnancies compared to two other fertility drugs

Non-Antibiotic Medicine May Fight Drug-Resistant 'Superbug' September 23, 2015

Mouse study found treatment was effective and safe; currently unknown if therapy will help in humans

Antidepressants Top Treatment Choice for Severe PMS: Researchers September 23, 2015

Other options include birth control pills, calcium, study says

Lonsurf Approved for Advanced Colon Cancer September 22, 2015

Among people who aren't responding to other treatments

Some Prostate Cancer Patients May Not Benefit From Hormone Therapy September 22, 2015

Analysis found men with heart disease might live longer when treated with radiation alone

Drug May Calm Agitation in Alzheimer's Patients September 22, 2015

It's a combination of cough suppressant and heart medication, and experts don't yet know why it may work

Study: Lowering Beta-Blocker Dose May Boost Survival After Heart Attack September 21, 2015

Dosage should be tailored to the needs of individual patients, researchers say

Vraylar Approved for Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder September 18, 2015

Label warns against use by certain elderly

New Antibiotics May One Day Beat Superbugs September 18, 2015

But research is still in early stages, with testing only done on human cells in the lab

FDA Approves New Drug for Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder September 18, 2015

Vraylar is an atypical antipsychotic taken once a day

Antidepressant Paxil Isn't Safe for Teens, New Analysis Says September 17, 2015

Review of study data contradicts findings reported in 2001

E-Pillboxes Improve Medication Adherence, Study Finds September 15, 2015

Text messaging alone was as ineffective as no reminders at all among TB patients

FDA Bans Sale of New R.J. Reynolds Cigarettes September 15, 2015

Products didn't meet requirement that they be substantially the same as existing cigarettes, agency says

Too Little Vitamin D May Hasten Mental Decline September 15, 2015

Study found adults with low levels more likely to have dementia, and poor memory and thinking skills

California Lawmakers Pass Right-to-Die Measure September 14, 2015

If signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, doctors could prescribe life-ending drugs to terminally ill

Beware Unregulated Stem Cell Treatments, Experts Warn September 11, 2015

Clinics selling treatments that are unproven, researcher says

Could Eating Fish Help Ward Off Depression? September 11, 2015

Consuming more meals from the sea linked to lower risk, study suggests, but cause-and-effect not proven

California Right-to-Die Measure Could Soon Become Law September 11, 2015

If approved, it would let doctors prescribe life-ending drugs to patients expected to die within 6 months

FDA Acts to Make Food Safer in Wake of Outbreaks September 10, 2015

New rules focus on cleanliness of manufacturing facilities

Fewer U.S. Teens Abusing Alcohol, Prescription Meds: Survey September 10, 2015

Rate of smoking has also dropped dramatically over time, data shows

More Evidence Daily Pill Can Prevent HIV Transmission September 10, 2015

This preventative treatment should be routinely offered to gay men at high risk, researchers say

Could Marijuana Chemical Help Ease Epilepsy? September 09, 2015

Early research suggests yes, but laws limit access to the drug and its compounds

Dangers of Vaginal Mesh Surgery for Incontinence May Be Overstated: Study September 09, 2015

It found only 1 in 30 women will suffer a complication that requires a second procedure

Kids' ER Visits for Medicine Overdoses Dropping: Report September 08, 2015

Education, prevention messages, safer packaging may be working, CDC says

Could Psychedelic Drugs Be Good Medicine for Some? September 08, 2015

Preliminary research suggests potential benefits for psychiatric disorders, substance abuse

Teens Using E-Cigarettes to 'Vape' Pot, Survey Finds September 08, 2015

But researchers don't know how the kids are modifying the devices to get high

Antipsychotic Drugs Will Become More Affordable, Study Predicts September 04, 2015

With patents expiring, access for Medicaid patients will likely expand