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With Kids in School, Parents Can Work Out August 22, 2014

Include exercise in your weekly calendar of commitments, fitness expert says

Health Tip: Incorporating Flexibility Training August 22, 2014

Stretching, for example, can help improve range of motion

Getting Healthier a Big Money-Saver for People With Diabetes August 21, 2014

Sticking with a fitness and nutrition plan can save more than $500 a year in health-care costs, study finds

Exercise May Guard Against Irregular Heartbeat in Older Women August 20, 2014

Study found it lowered risk even if they were obese

Want to Stay Slim? Leave the Car at Home August 20, 2014

Driving to work, rather than walking, cycling or public transit, tied to extra pounds in study

Education Linked to Activity Levels During the Week August 19, 2014

College grads exercise more on Saturday, Sunday, while high school dropouts more active on weekdays, study finds

Fitness May Boost Kids' Brainpower August 19, 2014

Study found fitter kids had different white matter, which helps brain regions communicate with each other

Big Drop in U.S. Heart-Related Hospitalizations and Deaths, Study Finds August 18, 2014

Lifestyle changes, wider use of medications driving the trend, researchers say

Study: Vigorous Exercise Seems Safe for Heart Transplant Recipients August 18, 2014

Small trial found intense activity can improve exercise capacity, lower blood pressure

Health Tip: Practice a Well-Balanced Exercise Program August 18, 2014

Don't focus on just one form of activity

Exercise Helps Protect Black Women From Breast Cancer, Study Says August 15, 2014

Research confirms findings previously noted for whites

Health Tip: Warm Up Before Exercise August 13, 2014

It boosts metabolism before activity

For Heart Attack Survivors, More Exercise Isn't Always Better, Study Says August 12, 2014

Excessive walking, running may lose protective effect

Health Tip: Dressing for Fitness Success August 12, 2014

Clothing should be loose, lightweight

Front-of-Head Hits Blamed for Nearly Half of Young Football Player Concussions August 11, 2014

High school injury reports support safer tackling efforts

Exercise Cuts Breast Cancer Risk in Older Women, Study Finds August 11, 2014

But the effect quickly fades once workouts stop, researchers noted

Fitness May Help Ward Off Depression in Girls August 07, 2014

Being in good physical condition likely to help boys avoid the blues too, expert says

Health Tip: Take Care in the Heat August 06, 2014

Avoid the outdoors during peak hours

Skip the Steroids for Shoulder Pain? August 05, 2014

Physical therapy as effective as injections, researchers say

Abuse of Prescription Painkillers on the Rise Among High School Athletes: Survey August 04, 2014

Teen football players use the most illegal drugs, research shows

Sports, Hot Weather Can Be Dangerous Combo August 01, 2014

It's crucial to spot the early symptoms of heat-related illness, expert says

Hairdo Trumps Exercise for Many Black Women, Study Finds July 31, 2014

But shift toward lower-maintenance styles may free some up for physical activity

Teen 'Growing Pains' May Persist For Years July 31, 2014

Left untreated, knee discomfort can become chronic, researchers caution

Health Tip: If You Get Lost on a Hiking Trail July 31, 2014

Suggestions for what to do

Gardens a Center of Calm for People With Dementia July 30, 2014

Review found some evidence it helped soothe, distract sufferers, but safeguards important

Protect Your Eyes When Hitting the Pool July 29, 2014

Skip contact lenses, try goggles, doctor suggests

Extra Exercise Could Help Depressed Smokers Quit: Study July 29, 2014

Withdrawal symptoms, cravings are harder on people with mood disorders, researchers say

Healthy Habits May Slow Cellular Signs of Aging, Study Finds July 29, 2014

Pay attention to your lifestyle during stressful times, researcher says

Health Tip: Encourage Kids to Exercise July 29, 2014

Here's a list of health benefits

Heat Stroke a Greater Threat to Endurance Runners Than Heart Problems: Study July 28, 2014

More education needed about how to prevent it, researchers say

Running Could Add 3 Years to Your Lifespan July 28, 2014

Just 5 to 10 minutes a day seems to bring benefits, study says

A Healthy Lifestyle May Deflect Dementia July 15, 2014

Older folks who began eating right, exercising did better on memory and problem-solving tests in study

Health Tip: Considering High-Intensity Interval Training? July 15, 2014

Here are potential benefits

Make Exercise Fun, Eat Less Afterwards July 12, 2014

Researchers found that people ate more if told their walk was exercise, rather than scenic stroll

Delaying Kid's Knee Surgery Could Be a Bad Play, Study Finds July 11, 2014

Secondary injuries more common among children who postpone ligament repair, research shows

Shoulder Surgery Gets NFL Players Back in the Game July 10, 2014

About 90 percent return to play after stabilizing procedure, study finds

Young Pro Pitchers May Face Higher Risk of 'Tommy John' Surgery: Study July 10, 2014

Most players who needed the ligament procedure had it within first 5 years of professional ball

Doctors Need to Protect Athletes From Concussion Risk: Neurologists July 09, 2014

They should educate, clear players to return to field only when ready, statement says

Exercising Moms-to-Be Have Less Chubby Babies, Study Finds July 09, 2014

This could benefit newborns later in life, researcher suggests

Inactivity May Be Main Culprit in Obesity Epidemic: Study July 08, 2014

Sharp rise seen in number of Americans who didn't exercise, while calorie intake stayed steady

Change Bad Habits Early, Save Your Heart Later July 03, 2014

Young adults who adopt healthier lifestyle can cut their heart disease risk, researchers say

Aerobic/Strength Training Combo May Be Best Workout for Diabetics July 03, 2014

In study, people with type 2 disease had better blood sugar control when both modes used

Brisk Walking May Help Curb Parkinson's Symptoms July 02, 2014

Study found it improved gait, stiffness, mood, attention and overall quality of life

Bad Weather May Dampen Will to Exercise June 30, 2014

People in hot, cold climates less likely to get physical activity, more likely to be obese, study says

Prepare for Summer Sports to Avoid Injury June 28, 2014

Wear appropriate footwear, vary your activities, and stretch and warm-up, advises expert

Dance Those Cares Away! June 27, 2014

Study of seniors shows decreased knee-hip pain and increased ability to walk among those who dance

Winning Attitude on the Field Translates to Career Success June 27, 2014

Former high school athletes seen as having more self-confidence and leadership abilities, study finds

For Heat Stroke Victims, Cool First, Then Transport June 27, 2014

New guidelines stress the importance of immediate cooling for athletes

Health Tip: Keep High Schoolers Safe During Sports June 27, 2014

Make sure they train properly and wear protective equipment

Precautions Help Keep Kids Safe in Water June 26, 2014

Children can drown in as little as 2 inches of water, pediatrician warns