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Extracurricular Sports May Give Kids' Academics a Boost July 01, 2015

Study suggests these activities might improve kids' attention span, self-control

Endurance Athletes Should Only Drink When Thirsty, Experts Say June 30, 2015

Consuming excess fluids can lead to dangerous drop in sodium levels

A Healthy Body Often Equals a Healthy Brain June 30, 2015

Experts stress that exercise, good diet help maintain memory as much as mental challenges do

Diabetes Rates Fall in Neighborhoods With Healthy Food, Parks and Gyms June 29, 2015

Study suggests making these resources easily accessible, affordable might cut odds of disease

Parents, Stop Hovering: 'Risky' Play May Have Benefits for Kids June 29, 2015

Less free-time supervision helps social development, and children get more exercise, experts say

Parents Should Set Good Example to Keep Kids Slim, Pediatrics Group Says June 29, 2015

Avoid keeping sugary, high-calorie foods in the house, and encourage being active together

Health Tip: Exercising With Heart Problems June 29, 2015

Consult your doctor first

Overuse Injuries More Common in High School Females June 28, 2015

Track, field hockey and lacrosse linked to repetitive use problems in girls, study says

School Coaches Often Ill-Equipped to Spot, Manage Concussions June 26, 2015

Better education recommended, especially at youth and middle school levels

Health Tip: Swimming Safely June 26, 2015

Make sure pool is enclosed

Exercise Benefits People With Parkinson's Disease: Study June 24, 2015

The sooner you start regular physical activity, the better, researchers say

Intense Therapy Helps Restore Arm Function Long After Stroke: Study June 23, 2015

Participants had been severely impaired for a year or more

Health Tip: Competing in Marathon Races June 22, 2015

Suggestions to help you stay well

Keep Safety in Mind When Skateboarding June 21, 2015

Experts offer tips on how to protect yourself from injury when catching 'air'

Safety Tips for Water Skiing and Wake Boarding June 20, 2015

Thousands injured every year, experts say

Surf's Up. Be Safe June 19, 2015

Stay near lifeguards, watch for riptides, experts say

Summer Beach Time Means Water Safety June 19, 2015

Expert offers tips for dealing with rip currents and other risks

Even Light Activity Can Boost Seniors' Health June 19, 2015

Researchers suggest 300 minutes weekly of activities such as walking or gardening

Thinking About a Pool? Think About Safety June 19, 2015

Never assume someone else is watching the kids

Extreme Exercising Can Lead to Blood Poisoning, Study Reveals June 19, 2015

Expert says gradual training can help prevent problems

Exercise May Have Benefits Beyond Fitness in Type 2 Diabetes June 18, 2015

Study finds aerobics or strength training can improve blood sugar levels, lower body fat and waist size

High School Football Players May Be at Doubled Risk of Migraine June 18, 2015

Head injuries likely play a role in these headaches, second study suggests

COPD Patients Less Active, Which Can Worsen Outcomes June 17, 2015

Study finds a 'vicious circle' where decline in exercise exacerbates the disease

Study Questions Value of Arthroscopic Knee Surgery for Older Patients June 17, 2015

Exercise a better way to relieve arthritis discomfort, researchers say

Most Physical Activity Helps You Sleep Better June 12, 2015

But housework and child care linked to poorer slumber

Health Tip: Creating a Compost June 12, 2015

Can lead to a thriving garden

Exercise, Games, Puzzles Don't Prevent Signs of Alzheimer's in the Brain: Study June 10, 2015

But mental and physical activity may keep your mind healthy in other ways, expert says

Exercise Can Cut Risk of Pregnancy-Related Diabetes: Study June 08, 2015

Women who were more physically active while expecting also were about 2 pounds lighter

Test Endurance Athletes for Heart Woes While They Exercise: Study June 03, 2015

European researchers report detection of arrhythmias should also focus on right ventricle

Office Workers, On Your Feet! June 02, 2015

Report calls for at least 2 hours a day standing on the job

Exercise May Blunt a Woman's Risk of Lung and Breast Cancer: Studies June 02, 2015

Experts say findings make sense, but note they are preliminary

Average New Yorker Sits 7 Hours Each Day: Study May 28, 2015

Rates may even be higher, and experts warn that too little daily activity can cause serious harm

Health Tip: Exercising Despite Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May 28, 2015

Start slowly so you don't overdo it

Health Tip: Avoiding Overuse Injury May 27, 2015

Vary your exercise routine

Health Tip: Be Safe Around Lawn Mowers May 26, 2015

Don't let kids play nearby while mowing

Go Take a Hike -- Safely May 23, 2015

Proper footwear, first-aid kit and extra food are must-haves, experts say

Diet and Exercise May Not Stave Off Age-Related Muscle Loss May 22, 2015

Review finds current research is inconclusive

Rugby Player's Head Injuries Linked to Brain Decline May 22, 2015

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy was diagnosed after his death at age 57

Weight Training's Benefits May Depend on Genetics May 22, 2015

Study shows muscle-building exercise not as effective in women with high risk for obesity

Health Tip: Exercise Boosts Heart Health May 22, 2015

It can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Breath-Holding Games Are Killing Swimmers, CDC Warns May 21, 2015

Even seasoned athletes are drowning because of dangerous underwater behaviors, agency says

Health Tip: Wear Baseball Gear May 21, 2015

And make sure it fits correctly

At-Home Walks Help Those With Clogged Leg Arteries Stay Mobile May 20, 2015

In study, people with peripheral artery disease benefited from organized exercise program

Nation's Capital Named 'Fittest City' in U.S. May 19, 2015

Washington, D.C., followed by Minneapolis/St. Paul and San Diego as places that encourage exercise

Health Tip: Discourage Too Much Screen Time May 19, 2015

Avoid couch potato children

Serious Concussions Linked to Memory Problems in Retired NFL Players May 18, 2015

Study found those who had lost consciousness during football career were more likely to show brain damage

Health Tip: Swimming Pools Can Harbor Germs May 18, 2015

Keep the water clean for safety sake

Preschoolers Get Too Little Physical Activity in Child Care May 18, 2015

At least two hours recommended every day, study authors say

Activity Improves Survival for Those With Implanted Defibrillators May 15, 2015

People who are most active soon after getting heart device tend to live longer, researchers find

How Safe Is Exercise for Those With Common Irregular Heartbeat? May 15, 2015

Atrial fibrillation strikes many older Americans, and study finds gender influences safety of physical activity