April 15, 2014: Younger Adults Hit Hardest This Flu Season
Although H1N1 strain predominates, previous exposure prevented pandemic

April 14, 2014: As African Ebola Outbreak Spreads, Hopes for Vaccine Remain Years Away
There are promising avenues of research, but sporadic nature of outbreaks makes testing difficult

April 14, 2014: Cervical Cancer Vaccine Program in England a Success, Researchers Report
Infections with strains of HPV believed to cause disease dropped after immunization effort

April 11, 2014: Swine Flu From 2009 Pandemic Also Struck Sea Otters: Study
Scientists say finding shows marine animals may be yet another host of flu viruses

April 10, 2014: Report Questions Effectiveness of Flu Meds
'Hidden' trial data reveals that some Tamiflu claims were unfounded, researchers say

April 10, 2014: Measles Cases Linked to U.S. Adoptions of Chinese Children: CDC
The highly infectious illness is still endemic in China, so adopted kids should get their shots, experts say

April 07, 2014: Muscle Weakness May Persist for Months After ICU Stay
Hospitalized patients who'd been on mechanical ventilators were studied up to 2 years after discharge

April 05, 2014: Your Dog Truly Loves Your Scent
Brain scans showed greater response to owners' odor than to those of other people and pets

April 03, 2014: Stroke Risk Spikes Shortly After Shingles Episode: Study
But getting antiviral meds to treat painful rash lowers chances of brain attack, researchers add

March 27, 2014: Stroke Survivors Deserve Team Care: Statement
Experts call for palliative care to improve patients' quality of life

March 26, 2014: Hospital-Related Infections Hit Nearly 650,000 Patients in 2011: CDC
Specific source of dangerous germs still unclear in about half of cases

March 25, 2014: Low Back Pain Leading Cause of Disability Worldwide: Study
Nearly 10 percent of people are affected, researchers find

March 20, 2014: HPV-Linked Throat Cancer May Have Telltale First Symptoms
Signs of potential trouble could be different in people without the virus, study suggests

March 19, 2014: Common Cold Meds May Pose Health Threats
Interaction of two ingredients could cause serious side effects, researchers say

March 19, 2014: Partial Skull Removal May Save Older Patients' Lives After Massive Stroke
But disability after surgery is often severe, study finds

March 19, 2014: No-Fridge Nasal Vaccines on the Horizon
Tests in mice look promising for people in remote regions, researcher says

March 19, 2014: Tamiflu Saved Lives During Swine Flu Pandemic, Study Confirms
Best to start treatment within 48 hours, experts say

March 18, 2014: Same Meningitis Strain Behind Drexel, Princeton Outbreaks: CDC
Drexel student recently died from the bacterial infection

March 17, 2014: Flu Can Infect Many Without Causing Symptoms: Study
British researchers call those who get physically sick 'tip of iceberg' in terms of total cases each year

March 14, 2014: Do Job Hunters Who Stutter Face Bias?
Participants in small British study reported rejection, unsuitable work

March 13, 2014: Every Minute Matters With Clot-Busting Stroke Drug: Study
Every 60 seconds shaved off how quickly tPA was given meant patient had one less day of disability

March 06, 2014: State Flu Shot Rule for Preschoolers Curbs Kids' Hospitalizations: CDC
When vaccination rates rose in Connecticut, serious complications dropped, report finds

March 06, 2014: Study Adds to Evidence That HPV Vaccine Helps Guard Against Cervical Cancer
Large population of Australian women were protected to some degree after vaccination, researchers report

March 06, 2014: Hospital Policy Spurs New Moms to Get Whooping Cough Shot
With standing order for vaccine, coverage went from 18 percent to 69 percent, findings showed

March 05, 2014: Boomers Should Consider Shingles Vaccine, Physician Says
Painful condition, caused by same virus responsible for chicken pox, can last several weeks

March 03, 2014: Sleep Apnea Might Raise Pneumonia Risk: Study
Disrupted nighttime breathing makes getting fluid into the lungs more likely, researchers explain

March 03, 2014: Vaccines Prevent Millions of Infections, Save Billions in Costs: CDC
But messages about immunization benefits often don't achieve intended goal, researchers discover

February 28, 2014: Blacks Respond Better to German Measles Vaccine, Study Contends
Future immunization research may target specific groups or individuals, scientist says

February 27, 2014: One-Third of Young Stroke Victims Remain Disabled Years After: Study
Keys to improved function include preventing a 2nd stroke and continuing with rehab, experts say

February 27, 2014: Doctors' Germ-Laden Stethoscope May Spread Nasty Bacteria
Cleansing after each use should be part of good patient care, study says

February 25, 2014: On-time Use of Routine Vaccine Keeps Kids Out of Hospital
Illnesses rose when measles-mumps-rubella shot was given out of order, Danish study found

February 25, 2014: Flu Shot May Lower Stroke Risk, Too
Getting immunized early in season delivers most cardiovascular benefit, study suggests

February 20, 2014: Flu Hitting Younger Adults Hard, Vaccination Helps: CDC
Hospitalizations, deaths up for people 18 to 64

February 20, 2014: Head, Throat Cancer Survival May Be Longer if Tumor Caused by HPV: Study
Patients with recurrent disease seem to 'do better' if cancer is tied to the virus, researcher says

February 20, 2014: More Evidence That HPV Vaccine Might Lower Cervical Cancer Risk
Danish study finds reduction in precancerous lesions for women who got vaccinated in girlhood

February 19, 2014: Too Much Sitting After 60 May Lead to Disability, Study Says
For each extra sedentary hour per day, researchers found a 50 percent increased risk

February 14, 2014: Flu Hits Unvaccinated Hardest, Study Finds
Those who have had vaccine are far less likely to need intensive-care unit

February 12, 2014: Infections Like Colds, Chickenpox Tied to Some Stroke Risk in Kids
The brain attacks are rare in children, experts note, and study found vaccines may offer some protection

February 11, 2014: Partial HPV Vaccine Series May Help Prevent Genital Warts in Girls
But Swedish study didn't address more critical issue of cervical cancer prevention

February 11, 2014: States May Be Getting Stricter on Child Vaccine Exemptions
Study finds bills to expand parental opt-outs are failing, while others to limit them have passed

February 10, 2014: West Nile Virus Has Cost U.S. Nearly $800 Million: CDC
Researchers tallied costs in health care, lost productivity over 14 years

February 10, 2014: President's Panel Calls for More Girls, Boys to Get HPV Vaccine
It protects against cancers of the cervix, throat, rectum and penis, but too few getting the shots

February 06, 2014: Many U.S. Adults Not Getting Key Vaccines: CDC
Little progress seen beyond shingles, HPV and Tdap vaccinations, researchers report

February 05, 2014: There's Still Time to Get a Flu Shot
Younger adults seem at risk this year, FDA says

February 05, 2014: China's New Bird Flu Might Put People at Risk, Report Says
Genetic analysis after woman's death finds virus may 'replicate efficiently in humans'

February 04, 2014: Eye Condition in Preemies Hints at Risk for Later Disabilities
Study found 'severe retinopathy of prematurity' raised risk of motor problems, mental impairment, hearing loss

February 04, 2014: Decline of Antibiotic Use Among Kids Seems To Be Leveling Off: Study
Ear infections most common reason for prescriptions in children under 6; trends vary by region

February 04, 2014: Expectant Mothers' Colds May Affect Baby
Exposures in womb might raise risk of asthma, allergies in childhood, study suggests

February 03, 2014: HPV Shot Doesn't Encourage Sexual Activity in Young Girls: Study
Finding should reassure parents about the cervical cancer vaccine, doctors say

January 31, 2014: Health Tip: Using a Nasal Spray
Make sure you follow the directions