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Those in Their 50s Now Largest Group Battling Addiction to Narcotics: Study November 25, 2015

Big jump also seen in those aged 60 and older needing treatment for painkiller, heroin abuse

First Year of Life Poses Highest Risk for Child Abuse: Study November 24, 2015

Babies this young are also three times more likely to die of their injuries than those hurt accidentally

Women Starting to Match Men's Drinking Habits, Study Finds November 24, 2015

Men still consume more alcohol, but gap is narrowing

Yoga May Boost Quality of Life for Prostate Cancer Patients November 20, 2015

Small study shows those undergoing radiation therapy had fewer side effects, less fatigue

Narcan Nasal Spray Approved to Counter Narcotic Painkiller Overdose November 19, 2015

First-of-its-kind drug sanctioned to reverse effects of heroin or oxycodone use

Do Men 'Eat to Impress' When a Woman's Around? November 19, 2015

Guys ate 93 percent more pizza from an Italian buffet when a female was at the table, study found

Drug Overdose Rates Soaring Among U.S. Youth November 19, 2015

Report finds prescription painkillers, heroin largely to blame, with some states hit especially hard

FDA Approves Nasal Spray to Reverse Narcotic Painkiller Overdose November 19, 2015

Drug marketed as Narcan offers new treatment option for family members or first responders

Health Tip: Getting Ready for Pregnancy November 19, 2015

Suggestions before you conceive

Controversial Fertility Treatment Resulted in Live Births November 18, 2015

Italian scientists used 'chromosomally abnormal' embryos to produce 6 healthy babies

Could Viagra Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes in Those at Risk? November 18, 2015

Small trial suggests the drug might help, but much more study is needed

Almost 1 in 10 Americans Has Lifelong Drug Problem November 18, 2015

Federal study suggests only about one-quarter seek treatment for addiction

Alzheimer's-Linked Gene Tied to Brain Bleeds in Men: Study November 17, 2015

Researchers find increased risk in those with ApoE4

Gene Mutation May Be Tied to Drunken Recklessness November 17, 2015

Finnish study suggests some people are genetically at risk of impulsiveness, even when sober

Male Infertility Might Signal Higher Odds of Testicular Cancer November 16, 2015

Abnormally low sperm count tied to greater risk, study suggests

Vitamin D Deficiency Might Be Tied to Erectile Dysfunction November 13, 2015

Men with low levels of 'sunshine vitamin' more likely to be impotent, study suggests

First Uterus Transplant Planned in U.S. November 13, 2015

Innovative procedure would potentially allow infertile recipients to become pregnant

Heavy Drinking May Strain the Heart November 10, 2015

Study found abusers had 70 percent higher risk of heart failure

Illegal Toad Venom 'Aphrodisiac' Linked to NYC Man's Death November 05, 2015

Ingredient in products called 'stone' can dangerously alter heart rhythm, city health officials say

Substance Abuse, Suicide Killing More White, Middle-Aged Americans: Report November 02, 2015

Experts cite despair, especially among the least educated

Teens Do Listen to Parents' Advice About Sex: Study November 02, 2015

Discussions may help kids delay sexual activity, and use condoms or other birth control

Ex-NFL Star Helps Spread the Word on Risks Posed by Painkillers October 30, 2015

America Starts Talking campaign designed to teach consumers how to use potent pain meds wisely

Ovarian Cancer Drug Shows Promise With Tough-to-Treat Prostate Tumors October 28, 2015

In small study, olaparib targeted gene mutation in men who had failed other therapy, researchers report

Narcotic Painkiller Use in Adolescence May Raise Risk of Adult Addiction October 28, 2015

Study found those less experienced with illegal drugs were more likely to abuse narcotics later

Genetic Makeup May Help Explain Methadone Overdoses October 27, 2015

Study findings shed light on how drug for pain, addiction is metabolized in different people

More Evidence That Drinking May Raise Breast Cancer Risk October 27, 2015

European study found odds for the disease rose along with daily consumption

Wielding Power May Spur Testosterone Surges: Study October 26, 2015

Women see greater increase in levels of this 'male' hormone in competitive situations

Pot Use Tied to Specific Type of Stroke in Young October 26, 2015

Stroke patients who smoked marijuana also tended to be younger than those who didn't, study finds

Kids Drawn to 'Gateway' Flavored Tobacco Products, FDA Finds October 26, 2015

Sweet-tasting additives have widespread appeal, expose teens to nicotine

Too Few Boys Get HPV Vaccine, CDC Study Finds October 26, 2015

This leaves them vulnerable to sexually transmitted virus, cancer

Many Teens Knowingly Ride With Drunk Drivers, Survey Finds October 22, 2015

Peer pressure isn't the only reason why, experts say

Black Men May Get Worse Prostate Cancer Care, Study Contends October 22, 2015

Problems include longer waits, greater need for more care after surgery, and higher costs

Rare Condition Can 'Masculinize' Women October 21, 2015

Case report details how ovarian hyperthecosis leads to balding, excess body hair

Obama Administration Takes Aim at Epidemic of Heroin, Painkiller Abuse October 21, 2015

New initiative involves government, medical groups, media, drug store chains and more

Pot Use Doubles Among Americans in Past Decade: Report October 21, 2015

But some experts say some of the increase may just be more people telling the truth

Technique Could Preserve Fertility for Wounded Soldiers October 20, 2015

Sperm retrieval might help injured servicemen have children in the future, study says

Good Results From IVF Egg Donors Over Age 35 October 20, 2015

Pregnancy, live birth rates from older and younger women appear comparable

Men's, Women's Hearts Age Differently October 20, 2015

Treatments may need to be gender-specific, study suggests

Stereotypes Can Hurt a Patient's Care October 20, 2015

People who fear being judged might avoid preventive services, study says

College Kids Easily Find Contraband ADHD Drugs, Other Meds October 19, 2015

Survey reveals most users take the drugs to help them study or catch some sleep

Men's Health Supplements Don't Benefit Prostate Cancer Patients: Study October 19, 2015

Research suggests these products won't cut risk of disease spread or death

No Amount of Alcohol Safe During Pregnancy, Doctors Say October 19, 2015

American Academy of Pediatrics issues new warning to women of childbearing age

U.S. Report Urges End to 'Conversion' Therapy for LGBT Youth October 15, 2015

Mental health experts say the practice is ineffective, potentially harmful

Tough Alcohol Policies Linked to Lower Death Rates From Liver Damage October 15, 2015

Findings dovetail with prior research that has shown tighter rules associated with less binge drinking

Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix May Help Women Sooner Than Men October 13, 2015

Differences in brain's nicotine receptor system may explain gender gap, researchers say

Prescription Painkiller Abuse Rate Down, But Many Are Addicted: Study October 13, 2015

Second study finds 80 percent of abusers don't get treatment for their addiction

Americans Concerned About Prescription Painkiller Addiction October 12, 2015

People support more education for doctors and regulations to limit abusive access, survey finds

Common Gene Variant May Raise Miscarriage Risk, Study Finds October 09, 2015

Associated with abnormal number of chromosomes in a cell, it's also linked to failed fertility treatments

Scientists Get Closer to Genetics of Homosexuality in Men October 08, 2015

Researchers able to make accurate predictions 70 percent of time in study of twins

Cigarettes May Sabotage Alcoholics' Recovery October 07, 2015

Smokers were twice as likely as nonsmokers to resume drinking, study finds