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Study Counters Notion That Heart Surgery Poses More Kidney Risks to Women October 20, 2016

If factors such as other health conditions are taken into account, gender difference disappears

Zika Testing for All Pregnant Women Who Have Been in Florida County: CDC October 20, 2016

Latest recommendation covers more than the two areas in Miami-Dade where local transmission is occurring

New Clues on How Zika Causes Brain Birth Defects October 19, 2016

Virus appears to hijack certain cells involved in normal head and brain development, scientists say

Having Baby Too Soon After Weight-Loss Surgery May Raise Risks October 19, 2016

A suitable interval, plus proper nutrition, key to ensuring healthy mom and baby, study finds

CDC Updates Spending Plans to Combat Zika October 18, 2016

Some goals: prepare states for future outbreaks, and track virus' effects on the unborn

Rates of Preventive Mastectomy Doubled in a Decade, and Fear Is a Factor October 18, 2016

Many patients also think it's the best treatment for breast cancer, study finds

Expecting Twins or Triplets? What You Should Know Before They Arrive October 18, 2016

They're double or triple the fun -- and the work -- but having a game plan helps, pediatricians say

Are Fewer Cervical Cancer Screenings Needed After HPV Vaccine? October 17, 2016

Less testing could reduce risk of false positives and save money, researchers say

Fewer Birth Defects for Older Moms Who Have Fertility Treatments October 17, 2016

In vitro fertilization cut the rate in half for women over 40, study finds

Protein in Breast Milk May Reduce Hospital Infections in Preemies October 14, 2016

Lactoferrin is safe for newborns and might prevent pneumonia and meningitis, researchers say

Florida Officials Announce New Zika Zone in Miami October 14, 2016

News comes just weeks after another neighborhood was declared free of virus after aerial spraying to kill mosquitoes

Health Tip: Preparing Your Baby for a Sibling October 14, 2016

What you can do

Scientists Map DNA of Zika Virus From Semen October 13, 2016

It's another step in trying to understand the germ linked to severe birth defects worldwide

More U.S. Women Hope for Motherhood, With 2 Kids Ideal October 13, 2016

Federal report finds half of those under 45 expect to have a child

How to Prepare Your Child for a New Brother or Sister October 13, 2016

Children's reactions to family changes depend on their age, pediatric experts advise

Exercise Typically Healthy During Pregnancy, Olympic Panel Says October 13, 2016

But statement notes that more studies are needed on intense workouts while expecting

Zika Virus Can Damage Fetal Brain Late in Pregnancy: Study October 12, 2016

Finding challenges thinking that fetus is only in danger during first trimester

Mom-to-Be's Antidepressant Use May Be Tied to Speech Issues in Child October 12, 2016

Study shows a link but can't prove cause and effect, and experts stress that overall risk is small

Calcium Supplements May Not Be Heart Healthy October 11, 2016

Another study shows link to poorer cardiovascular health from the pills, but can't prove cause-and-effect

Chronic Disease in Mom May Be Linked to Newborns' Heart Disease October 11, 2016

Risk highest among women born with heart defects or who developed type 2 diabetes, study suggests

DEET Repellents Safe in Pregnancy to Prevent Zika, Researchers Say October 11, 2016

Analysis of available evidence on the insecticide finds no cause for concern

Prenatal Factors May Raise Child's Risk for OCD October 06, 2016

Smoking and C-sections appear to boost the odds for the psychiatric disorder, study suggests

More Evidence Tamoxifen, Other Meds Help Limit Breast Cancer's Spread October 06, 2016

6-year study finds follow-up therapy cuts survivors' risk for cancer in the other breast

Fitful Sleep May Take Toll on Older Women's Hearts October 06, 2016

Before and after menopause, less sleep linked to plaque buildup in blood vessels, study found

Depression Can Fuel Heart Disease in Midlife Women: Study October 06, 2016

Psychologist recommends mental health screening at routine checkups

Women's Memory Advantage Might Skew Alzheimer's Diagnosis October 05, 2016

Women tend to hold on to better verbal memory skills as they age compared to men, study finds

Doctors Perform 1st U.S. Living-Donor Uterine Transplant October 05, 2016

Infertility procedure was tried in 4 women but has remained successful in only one, Texas team says

For Many Women, Sex Gets Better at Midlife October 05, 2016

Doctors discuss how you and your partner can achieve greater satisfaction

C-Section Raises Risk of Blood Clots After Childbirth: Review October 04, 2016

Chances highest among those getting emergency cesareans

Delaying Breast Reconstruction After Cancer May Raise Patients' Anxiety October 04, 2016

Coordinating surgeries might reduce levels of distress after mastectomy for breast cancer, researchers say

3 Lifestyle Changes To Help Prevent Breast Cancer October 04, 2016

Healthy weight, regular exercise and less alcohol could cut incidence by one-third, cancer expert says

Some Doctors Swayed by Political Beliefs October 03, 2016

Voting issues may affect advice on abortion, guns, marijuana, study finds

Zika Causes Widespread Damage to Fetal Brain October 03, 2016

Infected moms-to-be should have regular ultrasounds, study author says

CDC: Pregnant Women Should Avoid Southeast Asia Due to Zika September 30, 2016

Meanwhile, French report shows virus can infect sperm

Scientists ID Key Fetal Cells Vulnerable to Zika September 29, 2016

Lab study suggests possible mechanism for birth defects to develop

Exercise May Not Lower Women's Risk of Multiple Sclerosis September 29, 2016

Study shows no benefit, but staying active can help ease disease symptoms, experts say

2nd Antibiotic Halves C-Section Infection Rate: Study September 29, 2016

Two medications are better than one, researchers say

'The Pill' May Raise Depression Risk September 28, 2016

Study also ties hormonal patches, IUDs to greater antidepressant use, especially in teens

U.S. Teen Births Hit Another Record Low: CDC September 28, 2016

Less sex, more contraception is the 'magic' formula, experts say

1st Baby Born With DNA From 3 Parents September 27, 2016

Technique designed to help couples who carry rare genetic mutations

Babies With Cleft Lip Likely to Have Normal Adulthood: Study September 27, 2016

However, cleft palate was associated with increased risk for developmental problems

Can Pregnancy Problems Foretell Future Health Risks? September 26, 2016

Gestational diabetes, high blood pressure might raise odds of same conditions later in life, cardiologist says

Is Morning Sickness a Good Thing? September 26, 2016

Women who experienced nausea, vomiting had 50 to 75 percent lower risk of pregnancy loss, study finds

Insecticide Spraying Working Against Florida's Zika Mosquitoes: Officials September 23, 2016

A two-pesticide punch kills insects and their larvae -- safe for people: CDC

Can Stress Lower a Woman's Fertility? September 21, 2016

Greatest impact is around ovulation time, research suggests

H1N1 'Swine Flu' Vaccine Unlikely to Raise Birth Defect Risk September 19, 2016

Swedish study finds that babies born to women who got the shot had no overall higher odds

CDC Ends Zika Travel Advisory for Miami Neighborhood September 19, 2016

Pregnant women still urged to protect themselves from mosquito bites

Tourette Threat Surges for Babies When Mom Smokes in Pregnancy September 16, 2016

Researchers probe increased risk of chronic tics and other disorders due to prenatal nicotine exposure

More Evidence That Zika Causes Microcephaly September 16, 2016

Study of Brazilian newborns spots virus far more frequently in blood tests of babies with the birth defect

CDC May Lift Zika Travel Advisory for Miami Neighborhood September 15, 2016

And report says Congress moves closer to OKing more funding to fight the mosquito-borne disease that causes birth defects