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For Early Breast Cancer, More U.S. Women Choose Less Invasive Treatment October 09, 2015

Lumpectomy plus radiation results in nearly 90 percent survival over 10 years, study says

Decrease Seen in Epidural-Related Complications for C-Sections October 09, 2015

Rates for problems linked to certain types of anesthesia down 25 percent over decade, study finds

Weight, Growth Early in Life May Affect Adult Brain October 09, 2015

Poor nutrition during childhood tied to poorer sight, hearing, and even thinking later on, study finds

Common Gene Variant May Raise Miscarriage Risk, Study Finds October 09, 2015

Associated with abnormal number of chromosomes in a cell, it's also linked to failed fertility treatments

Excess Weight Helps Women With Heart Failure, Hurts Men: Study October 07, 2015

This isn't an excuse for females to gain extra pounds, researcher says

PTSD Can Affect Female Vietnam War Vets, Too: Study October 07, 2015

They're at higher risk than women stationed in U.S. during the same time

Sex May Boost Female Immune System to Aid Fertility October 07, 2015

Effect appears to work regardless of when in a woman's cycle sex occurs, study finds

Ovarian Tissue Transplant Can Help Some Women Have Kids After Cancer Treatment October 07, 2015

Researchers in Denmark report a success rate of about 30 percent

Early Detection Still Key to Breast Cancer Survival: Study October 07, 2015

Despite advances in treatment, finding smaller tumors linked to better results

Infants Born to Drug-Abusing Mothers Often Readmitted to Hospital October 06, 2015

These babies are often born addicted and have higher risk of breathing, feeding problems, experts say

Hospitals Doing Better Job of Promoting Breast-feeding: CDC October 06, 2015

Still, nearly 4 million babies are born each year in U.S., but only 14 percent in 'baby-friendly' hospitals

Hormone Replacement May Protect Women's Kidneys, Study Suggests October 06, 2015

But the finding is considered preliminary and needs more study

Doctors Use 3D Printing to Safeguard Baby Before Birth October 06, 2015

New technology took guesswork out of high-risk pregnancy, experts say

Could Injection Be Used Someday to Spay or Neuter Pets? October 05, 2015

Mouse study shows promise for alternative to surgical sterilization for dogs, cats

Climate Change May Lead to Low Newborn Weights in Poorer Nations October 02, 2015

Study suggests heat and lack of rain can potentially impact birth size

Height May Be Linked to Increased Cancer Risk, Study Contends October 02, 2015

But experts stress only an association was found, and there's no proof being tall causes disease

Mouse Study Hints at New 'Male Contraceptive' October 01, 2015

Discovery could lead to a reversible, non-hormonal form of birth control for men, scientists say

Secondhand Smoke Linked to Behavior Issues in Kids October 01, 2015

Risk is greatest among children exposed both in the womb and at a young age, study suggests

Too Few Women Get Counseling Before Breast Cancer Gene Test: Study October 01, 2015

But outside expert questions whether counseling may be more important after test comes back positive

Health Tip: Stay Fit and Healthy During Pregnancy October 01, 2015

And keep up healthy habits once your baby arrives

Injury Toll in U.S. in 2013: $671 Billion September 30, 2015

Accidents and violence the driving forces, CDC officials report

Abused Women Struggle With More Severe Menopause Symptoms: Study September 30, 2015

Doctors should seek evidence and encourage patients to report verbal or physical batterings, expert says

Less Sleep May Mean Less Sex After Menopause September 30, 2015

Women who reported insomnia were less sexually active, study finds

Earlier Hormone Therapy May Pose Less Risk for Menopausal Women September 30, 2015

Starting treatment around onset of menopause seems to lower threat to heart, study says

Video Games May Make Women Pile Up More Than Points September 29, 2015

Study suggests they tend to gain weight while gaming, but men don't

Blood Tests May Predict Pregnancy Risks for Women With Lupus September 29, 2015

As early as 12 weeks, checks can signal danger of complications for both mother and baby, study contends

Kids May Be More Likely to Get Asthma if Grandma Smoked While Pregnant: Study September 29, 2015

Risk is heightened even if child's mother didn't smoke, research suggests

Genes Help Set Menopause Timing: Study September 28, 2015

Findings might one day lead to fertility predictions, experts say

Cancer Treatment Should Proceed for Pregnant Women: Study September 28, 2015

Researcher says no risk found for unborn child

Computer-Aided Mammograms May Not Be Worth the Cost: Study September 28, 2015

Software doesn't appear to improve cancer detection rates, researcher says

News Coverage of Angelina Jolie's Breast Surgery Boosted Awareness of Options September 28, 2015

Since actress went public, women know more about their choices for breast removal and reconstruction, poll finds

Exposure to BPA in Pregnancy Tied to Low Birth Weight in Girls: Study September 25, 2015

But research doesn't prove the chemical caused the lighter weight

MRIs Before Breast Cancer Surgery on the Rise: Study September 24, 2015

Use of imaging tool has jumped dramatically, despite unclear guidelines on its use in this setting

10 Percent of U.S. Women Drink During Pregnancy: Study September 24, 2015

And 3 percent binge drink while expecting

Later Umbilical Cord Clamping May Help Smallest Preemies September 24, 2015

Study found babies had better blood pressure, less need for transfusions with delayed clamping

For Unexplained Infertility, Breast Cancer Drug No Better Than Standard Treatment September 23, 2015

Study found letrozole did not result in more pregnancies compared to two other fertility drugs

Antidepressants Top Treatment Choice for Severe PMS: Researchers September 23, 2015

Other options include birth control pills, calcium, study says

Pregnancy Complications May Be Linked to Later Heart Disease September 21, 2015

Risk was particularly high for women who had more than one health problem during pregnancy, study suggests

Racial Differences in Breast Cancer Linked to Genes September 21, 2015

Mutations associated with aggressive tumors are more prevalent among black women, study shows

'Preemie' Birth Linked to Less Wealth, Education in Adulthood September 18, 2015

British study found many people who were born preterm had poor math skills

More Cavities Seen in Kids of Chronically Stressed Mothers September 18, 2015

These moms are less likely to breast-feed, make dental appointments, study finds

This Year's Flu Vaccine Should Be Better Match: CDC September 17, 2015

Americans 6 months of age and older encouraged to get vaccinated

'Organic Pollutants' Linked to Gestational Diabetes September 16, 2015

High PCBs levels in early pregnancy associated with greater risk, study shows

Health Tip: Pregnancy Affects Dental Health September 16, 2015

See your dentist regularly

Women the Bigger Losers in Terms of Alzheimer's Costs September 15, 2015

Analysis compares hours that males, females spend on caregiving

Gender Disparities Persist in Academic Medicine September 15, 2015

Women less likely to receive research funding or become full professors, studies say

Health Tip: When a Couple Becomes Parents September 15, 2015

Make time for each other, and be gentle

Diabetes Takes a Toll on Women's Hearts September 15, 2015

Studies find up to a 40 percent greater risk of coronary problems in females

Breast-Feeding Tied to Better Emotion Perception in Some Infants September 14, 2015

Those at risk for autism showed more social development in small study, but experts said more research is needed

Flu Shot a Must for Moms-to-Be September 14, 2015

Getting the flu early in pregnancy doubles risk of birth defects, according to March of Dimes