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Zika Destroys Fetal Brain Cells, Lab Study FindsMay 06, 2016

Virus appears to activate an immune system response that turns off or stunts cell development

Some Teen Girls Coerced Into Pregnancy: StudyMay 05, 2016

Small review finds high schoolers as young as 14 have had boyfriends who control their reproductive choices

Radon in the Home May Be Linked to Blood Cancers in WomenMay 03, 2016

Study found no connection with men, further research is needed

Preemies' Brains Get Boost From Breast MilkMay 03, 2016

MRI scans found infants who drank more of it had more brain tissue, study found

Expectant Mom's Flu Shot Protects 2May 03, 2016

Infants benefit when a woman gets her influenza immunization during pregnancy, study confirms

Today's Hair Style Could Cause Tomorrow's Hair LossApril 29, 2016

Black women who prefer scalp-pulling hairdos seem especially at risk, study indicates

Officials Report First Zika Death in Puerto RicoApril 29, 2016

The victim was a 70-year-old man

Kids of Older Moms May Have a Leg Up on Their PeersApril 29, 2016

They tend to be taller, better educated, and societal changes over time may be behind trend, study suggests

Health Tip: Avoid Alcohol While NursingApril 29, 2016

Help keep baby safe

Teen Birth Rate at Record Low in U.S.April 28, 2016

They're delaying sex, using more effective birth control, CDC researcher says

Two Genes May Raise Odds for Fraternal Twin PregnanciesApril 28, 2016

Variants make the release of multiple eggs more likely, researchers say

Mild Air Pollution of Concern in PregnancyApril 28, 2016

Study found risk for a leading cause of premature birth began below EPA standards

Births of Triplets, Quadruplets on Decline in U.S.: ReportApril 28, 2016

Improvements in infertility treatments led to fewer risky multiple births by 2014, experts say

Mom's Pre-Pregnancy Weight May Help Predict Child's SizeApril 27, 2016

Study also found six months of breast-feeding offered protection against excess pounds in child

Drug for Yeast Infections May Raise Miscarriage Risk, FDA WarnsApril 26, 2016

Agency recommends alternatives to fluconazole for mothers-to-be until its review is complete

Night Shift Work May Be Tough on a Woman's HeartApril 26, 2016

But study found the effect waned after nurses stopped working odd hours

Fewer Children May Explain Why More Women Now Outlive MenApril 25, 2016

As number of births started to decline century ago, females began living longer than males, researchers suggest

Female Pelvis Widens, Then Shrinks Over a Lifetime, Study FindsApril 25, 2016

Timing of shifts, at puberty and menopause, suggest that estrogen is steering changes, researcher says

Contraception Safety Program for Acne Drug Failing in CanadaApril 25, 2016

Accutane raises risk of birth defects, but many women taking it don't follow guidelines to avoid pregnancy, study finds

Breast Cancer Gene Might Lower Women's Fertility: StudyApril 20, 2016

The BRCA1 mutation may speed the aging of a woman's ovaries, researchers report

Health Tip: How You Change During Early PregnancyApril 20, 2016

Here's what to expect

After Pregnancy-Linked Diabetes, Healthy Diet May Ease Blood PressureApril 19, 2016

Eating nutritious foods seems to counter higher risk, researchers find

Many Breast Cancer Patients May Not Need Chemo: StudyApril 18, 2016

Genetic test can help doctors determine who can safely avoid treatment after surgery

Have Scientists Found 'Virginity Genes'?April 18, 2016

Study suggests link between timing of first sex, first baby and DNA

Widely Used Type 2 Diabetes Drug May Reduce Cancer Death RiskApril 15, 2016

Older women taking metformin saw a boost in survival, study suggests

Early Stage Breast Cancer Does Need Treatment, Study FindsApril 15, 2016

Experts say surgery, not observation, is best for cancer confined to milk ducts

U.S. Health Experts Debate Advice to Women Once Zika Virus ArrivesApril 15, 2016

At issue: should women be told to avoid getting pregnant during mosquito season

Study Links Green Spaces to Longer Lives for WomenApril 14, 2016

Among the findings: living with lush vegetation tied to a 13 percent lower rate of cancer death

About Half of Women May Benefit From Mammograms at 40: AnalysisApril 14, 2016

Study puts new scrutiny on latest guidelines, which recommend screening can begin at age 45 or 50

Makers of Corn Masa Flour Can Add Folic AcidApril 14, 2016

Vitamin helps prevent birth defects

Zika Virus Causes Brain Defects in Babies: CDCApril 13, 2016

Agency says evidence confirms infection during early pregnancy leads to severe form of microcephaly

Health Tip: Why Are Some Babies Born Bigger?April 13, 2016

Mother's health can affect baby's size

What Women Should Do to Guard Against Vision LossApril 12, 2016

They're more likely than men to lose sight from cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases, experts say

Common Infection Caused First U.S. Uterus Transplant to Fail, Hospital SaysApril 11, 2016

Blood supply to implanted organ was compromised, forcing its removal

Why Do Some Kids Escape Terrible Genetic Disorders?April 11, 2016

Insights into 13 rare cases suggest DNA is not always destiny when it comes to inherited diseases

Life-Saving Health Care in Poor Nations Would Cost $5 Per Person: StudyApril 11, 2016

Money could expand basic health care services for mothers, babies and children in 74 nations

Zika May Be Linked to Autoimmune Brain Disorder, Study SaysApril 11, 2016

Researchers in Brazil detect symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis

Underweight or Obese Women Who Drink and Smoke May Have Higher Asthma RiskApril 09, 2016

Link was less pronounced in men, research finds

Mom's Obesity, Diabetes May Spur Fetus to Grow Too FastApril 08, 2016

Finding suggests doctors might want to screen at-risk women sooner

Happy Marriage May Prompt Men to Get Colonoscopy: StudyApril 07, 2016

Women encourage healthful behaviors in their husbands, but look to others for advice about their own preventive care

FDA OKs 'Containment' Bag for Certain Uterine SurgeriesApril 07, 2016

But most women aren't candidates for morcellation procedure because of cancer risk, agency says

Short Gap Between Pregnancies Tied to Higher Autism Risk?April 07, 2016

Data review can't prove cause-and-effect, but suggests that ideal spacing between children is 2 to 5 years

Study Sees No Link Between Common Epilepsy Drug, Certain Birth DefectsApril 06, 2016

Large review found no greater risk of clubfoot, cleft palate, in babies of moms-to-be who used lamotrigine

Women Twice as Likely to Die From Severe Heart Attack, Study FindsApril 06, 2016

Gender gap persists worldwide in emergency cardiac care

Pot Use During Pregnancy Tied to Low Birth Weight BabiesApril 06, 2016

Study also finds raised risk of newborns needing intensive care, but it doesn't prove cause-and-effect

Women's Sex Lives Get a Boost After Non-Surgical Fibroid TreatmentApril 04, 2016

Doctors say women need to know about this less-invasive option, although it's not suitable for all

'Paleo' Diet May Help Older Women's Hearts, WaistlinesApril 04, 2016

Trendy eating plan may cut cholesterol, disease risks in postmenopausal women, Swedish research suggests

CDC Zika Summit Details Plans to Fight Mosquito-Borne IllnessApril 01, 2016

The primary concern is potential for birth defects, officials say

Smoking During Pregnancy Seems to Alter Fetal DNA, Study FindsMarch 31, 2016

Discovery could help explain link between expectant moms' tobacco use and kids' health problems

Evening Snacking Might Raise Odds for Breast Cancer's ReturnMarch 31, 2016

Women who fasted less than 13 hours had 36 percent higher risk of cancer recurrence, researchers say