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6 Sun Safety Tips for 'Don't Fry Day' May 27, 2016

National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention reminds you to avoid unprotected sun exposure

Home Remedy For Skin Cancer May Cause Damage, Mask New Growth May 23, 2016

'Black salve' made FDA's fake cancer cures list

Health Tip: Losing Your Hair? May 23, 2016

Here's information that might surprise you

'Sunscreen' Gene May Guard Against Skin Cancer May 19, 2016

Researchers hope their discovery will lead to preventive drugs

Melanoma Drug Boosting Survival for Many, Study Shows May 19, 2016

Keytruda also seen prompting remission in 1 in 6 cases

Severe, Untreated Sleep Apnea Linked to Aggressive Melanoma May 17, 2016

Study can't prove cause-and-effect, but experts point out that shuteye promotes healthy immune function

Health Tip: Discuss Acne Products With a Dermatologist May 16, 2016

To help protect against an allergic reaction

How Your Car Side Window May Be Harming Your Skin, Eyes May 12, 2016

Many don't offer enough protection from the sun's damaging UV rays, study finds

Zika Symptoms May Vary, So Testing Is Crucial May 11, 2016

Rash, headache were key signs in one recent case

Health Tip: Identifying an Ordinary Mole May 11, 2016

Here's how one should look

New 'Second Skin' Temporarily Smoothes Wrinkles May 09, 2016

This invisible layer could restore youthful appearance for up to 24 hours

Your Healthy Skin Germs Stay Put, Despite Cleaning May 05, 2016

Findings suggest your 'microbial fingerprint' is important to well-being

Today's Hair Style Could Cause Tomorrow's Hair Loss April 29, 2016

Black women who prefer scalp-pulling hairdos seem especially at risk, study indicates

Some Smart Yet Easy Ways to Shield Yourself From Skin Cancer April 28, 2016

Dermatologist offers advice on how to prevent, detect any abnormalities

Could a Cellular Tweak Someday 'Switch Off' Gray Hair? April 28, 2016

Scientists spot a molecular signal controlling skin and hair color

Are People With Rosacea at Higher Risk for Alzheimer's? April 28, 2016

Danish study finds a correlation, but patients shouldn't worry unduly, experts say

Health Tip: Got Eczema? April 28, 2016

Consider a bleach bath if your dermatologist approves

Psoriasis Tied to Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes April 27, 2016

A genetic link is one theory for the possible association, researchers say

Contraception Safety Program for Acne Drug Failing in Canada April 25, 2016

Accutane raises risk of birth defects, but many women taking it don't follow guidelines to avoid pregnancy, study finds

Drug Shows Promise Against Rare, Aggressive Skin Cancer April 19, 2016

Research suggests IV med might benefit patients with Merkel cell carcinoma

Botox Can Be Used for Chronic Migraine, Experts Say April 18, 2016

American Academy of Neurology issues new guideline on use of the drug

Novel E-Skin May Monitor Health, Vital Signs April 18, 2016

The ultra-thin, flexible film applied to skin shows pulse rate, oxygen levels and more, researchers say

Americans Embraced Record Number of Lip Procedures in 2015 April 18, 2016

Implants, injections soar in the 'age of the selfie,' plastic surgeons say

Drug Seems to Extend Survival for Advanced Melanoma Patients April 18, 2016

One-third of study participants lived 5 years or more after starting treatment

Sunscreen Delays Melanoma in Mice, Researchers Say April 18, 2016

Study results suggest scientists can use mice to find better ways to prevent deadly skin cancer in humans

Psoriasis May Raise Risk for Aneurysms in Abdomen: Study April 14, 2016

But overall chances of experiencing often fatal ruptures remain small, doctors say

Cheap Tape May Keep Blisters Off Runners' Feet April 11, 2016

Researchers find an easy, effective solution to a perennial problem

Gene May Raise Melanoma Risk, Even Without Sun Exposure April 06, 2016

Variant of gene linked to skin pigmentation tied to higher chance of deadly skin cancer in study

Health Tip: Why Is My Skin Dry? April 04, 2016

Common triggers include health conditions and age

Scientists Grow and Transplant Functioning Skin Onto Mice April 01, 2016

It's a promising start, but human version may be a decade or more away, researcher says

Health Tip: Coping With Rosacea March 22, 2016

Seek treatment for relief

Rosacea Might Boost Parkinson's Risk: Study March 21, 2016

Research found an association, but did not prove a cause-and-effect relationship between the two conditions

Special Infant Formulas Don't Shield Against Asthma, Allergies: Study March 09, 2016

Review of nearly 70 years of data found no protective effect; experts urge breast-feeding instead

Health Tip: If You Have a Wart March 08, 2016

Signs that you should visit a doctor

Head Lice No Cause for Panic, Expert Says March 07, 2016

But ask your pediatrician if a prescription remedy is needed

Chemical-Free Cosmetics May Be Safer for Teen Girls, Study Suggests March 07, 2016

Lower levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals seen in adolescents after trying products without potentially harmful ingredients

Misconceptions About Acne Still Common March 04, 2016

Skin condition isn't caused by poor hygiene or diet, dermatologist says

Black Women's Hair Styling Choices Can Cause Hair Loss March 04, 2016

Survey finds the problem is undiagnosed, and may also have a genetic root

New Tests May Help Combat Melanoma, Expert Says March 04, 2016

Doctors now have genetic and molecular tools for diagnosing the deadly skin cancer

Safe Treatments Available for Expectant Moms' Skin Conditions March 04, 2016

But dermatologist recommends using only the mildest effective ones

Study Questions Link Between Multiple Moles, Risk for Melanoma March 02, 2016

Research suggests people with many of the blemishes not necessarily at higher risk for the cancer

Scientists Report Finding 'Gray Hair' Gene March 01, 2016

They also identify a gene that influences curliness

Health Tip: Keep Skin Looking Young February 29, 2016

Suggestions for your skincare routine

More Americans Opting for Butt Implants, Lifts February 26, 2016

New data on plastic surgery trends also finds men increasingly undergoing breast reductions

Double Up on Acne Treatments, New Guidelines Say February 23, 2016

Skin doctors say combining two or more medications is often the best option

Winter Skin-Care Tips From a Pro February 20, 2016

Oil-based creams, ointments deliver more moisture, dermatologist says

Health Tip: Get Relief From Dry Skin February 19, 2016

Moisturizing is key

Study Pushes 'More Is More' Approach to Shielding Kids From the Sun February 16, 2016

Protective swim shirt, text reminders some ways to help reduce children's skin cancer risk

Skin Infections Common in High School Wrestlers, Study Finds February 10, 2016

Germs on mats, helmets are likely culprits, but skin checks and hygiene might help cut risk, experts say

Allergies, Asthma Tied to Lower Risk of Brain Cancer February 05, 2016

Researchers found 30 percent lower odds for those with respiratory allergies and eczema