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Could White Wine Boost Your Melanoma Risk? December 01, 2016

Large study ties a daily glass to a slightly elevated rate of the deadly skin cancer

Health Tip: Want Healthier Looking Skin? November 29, 2016

What you should do

How to Prevent Spread of the Skin Infection Impetigo November 27, 2016

It's a common childhood ailment, but adults can get it, too

8 of 10 Texas Salons Heed Ban on Indoor Tanning for Minors November 25, 2016

But survey finds most tell older customers they can tan every day, counter to FDA-suggested limits

Can Protein in Common Skin Bacteria Offer Disease Protection? November 23, 2016

RoxP may fight cell damage that could lead to skin cancer, psoriasis and other skin disorders, researcher says

Food Allergies Among Kids Vary by Race: Study November 22, 2016

Researchers find blacks and Hispanics more likely to be allergic to corn and shellfish, for instance

Health Tip: Keep Psoriatic Arthritis Fatigue in Check November 11, 2016

Eat well, and exercise regularly

'Tailoring' Skin Exams May Boost Melanoma Detection November 10, 2016

Certain groups should start screening earlier, study suggests

Mouse Study Suggests Way to Stop Poison Ivy's Itch November 07, 2016

Blocking protein in immune system kept it from telling brain that skin was irritated

Skin Condition Often Misdiagnosed as Bacterial Problem November 04, 2016

Inaccurately diagnosed cellulitis leads to unnecessary antibiotics, hospitalizations

Powerful Cancer Drugs Linked to Rare Heart Risks November 03, 2016

New report describes two melanoma patients who died of heart trouble after first doses of immunotherapy drugs

Injections Might Help Prevent Genital Herpes Transmission for Months: Study November 03, 2016

Three-shot regimen seems to control lesions as effectively as daily pills, but wider trials needed

Scented Rooms, Products? Many Health-Conscious Americans Say 'No Thanks' November 02, 2016

More than half would prefer fragrance-free hotels, workplaces

Gene Therapy May Hold Promise for Blistering Skin Disease November 01, 2016

Grafts of patients' genetically modified skin improved healing of wounds in early study

Breast Reconstruction Worthwhile for Older Women: Study October 28, 2016

They had no greater risk of complications, benefited as much as younger breast cancer patients

Acne Yields Up Secret That Points to New Treatments October 28, 2016

Bacteria on skin sometimes release fatty acids that trigger inflammation, researchers report

Athletes Can Be Champs at Fighting Skin Infections October 27, 2016

Watch out for shared equipment and mats as sources of fungi, bacteria and viruses

Health Tip: Manage Psoriasis October 19, 2016

Experts suggest how

Researchers Pinpoint More Genes Linked to Vitiligo October 12, 2016

Genetic clues to this autoimmune disease could lead to breakthroughs for related disorders, researchers say

Indoor Tanners Aren't Taking Precautions Against Skin Cancer October 12, 2016

Researchers conclude most are in denial about the health risks

Health Tip: Want Younger-Looking Skin? October 12, 2016

The right care products may help

6 Keys to a Safe, Allergy-Free Halloween October 10, 2016

These tips can ease parents' worries and help kids with food allergies or asthma enjoy the holiday

Botox Beats Implant for Urinary Incontinence in Women October 04, 2016

But both have side effects that may affect your choice, researchers say

Health Tip: Why Is My Skin Dry? October 04, 2016

Possible reasons for the dry itch

Acne's Silver Lining: Slower Aging of the Skin? September 29, 2016

Twins study finds white blood cells of sibling with acne seem to age less rapidly

Health Tip: Why Can't I Stop Sweating? September 29, 2016

Here are possible causes

'Medical Tattoos' Help Hide Surgical Scars September 23, 2016

Pigments can restore more natural appearance that patients are happy with, study finds

Scientists Zero In on Cause of Rare, Disfiguring Skin Disorder September 22, 2016

Ichthyosis is a genetic condition that leaves people with red, scaly skin

Arthritis Drug May Help With Type of Hair Loss September 22, 2016

Researchers saw regrowth in patients with the autoimmune disease alopecia areata

Daily Baths Not a Must for Kids September 21, 2016

Most under the age of 11 are fine with two to three washings a week, dermatologist says

Organ Transplants Linked to Higher Skin Cancer Risk September 21, 2016

Experts say all recipients should have full-body skin evaluations after transplant surgery

Experimental Shingles Vaccine Looks Quite Effective: Study September 14, 2016

Found to protect about 90 percent of adults age 70 and up

New 'Superlice' Resist Most Over-the-Counter Remedies September 09, 2016

But prescription medications can still send the parasites packing

Health Tip: Protect Skin From Diabetes September 07, 2016

Here's how

Health Tip: Preventing Summertime Dry Skin September 07, 2016

Pool water and sun exposure can make skin dry

Antibiotics Before Age 2 May Be Linked to Allergies Later September 06, 2016

Risk rose for hay fever, eczema, study suggests

Survey Says: Hair Transplants Make Men Look Younger August 25, 2016

Study supports notion that balding men appear older, less attractive

Survey Finds Support for Limits on Indoor Tanning August 19, 2016

But young women in Washington, D.C., who use tanning salons oppose a total ban

New Moms' Hair Loss Usually Temporary, Expert Says August 17, 2016

Blame falling estrogen levels, and use these expert tips to conceal post-partum shedding

4 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac August 11, 2016

But just in case, here's what to do if you develop the red, itchy rash and blisters that these plants can cause

FDA: Anti-Aging, Skin-Lightening Products May Contain Mercury August 04, 2016

How you can eliminate the health risk to you and your family

Newer Treatments Can Make Scars Less Scary August 03, 2016

But, it's better to prevent scars in the first place, dermatologist says

Ban on Indoor Tanning by Minors Not Working: Study August 02, 2016

Tanning salon use showed little change after 2013 ban, and rose among N.J. high school boys

Treating Psoriasis May Reduce Risk for Other Ills July 29, 2016

This chronic skin disease can affect overall health, dermatologist says

Eczema's Effects More Than Skin Deep July 29, 2016

Itchy skin condition also linked to a number of other ills, skin specialist says

Health Tip: If You Have a Lot of Moles July 29, 2016

Check your skin often

U.S. Panel Says Evidence 'Insufficient' to Recommend Skin Cancer Screenings July 26, 2016

But dermatology experts disagree and worry opportunities to save lives will be missed

Radiologists Don't Face Higher Risk of Radiation-Related Death: Study July 19, 2016

Efforts to improve monitoring and protective equipment have paid off, experts say

Health Tip: Don't Ignore Acne July 19, 2016

Potential negatives of withholding treatment

Don't Let Painful Blisters Spoil Your Summer Fun July 16, 2016

These simple steps will help prevent blisters and speed healing if one develops