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Do You Need a Doctor for Bug Bites and Bee Stings? May 24, 2015

Most can be treated at home, but learn signs of emergency, expert advises

Does Botox Actually Rejuvenate Skin? May 21, 2015

Elasticity, pliability improve after toxin injections, study finds

Most Americans Still Not Using Sunscreen May 19, 2015

Women do so more than men, but still fall short of recommendations, CDC study finds

Botox Eases Overactive Bladder, 2 Studies Find May 15, 2015

Skin smoother brought relief for majority -- but not all -- of patients who got injections for urinary incontinence

Botox: An Rx for Irregular Heartbeat After Cardiac Surgery? May 14, 2015

Preliminary trial found the drug effective against potentially fatal atrial fibrillation

Vitamin Supplement Linked to Reduction in Skin Cancer Risk May 13, 2015

Preliminary Australian study saw association between nicotinamide and lower rates

Many Americans Under 50 Living With Cold Sore Virus May 09, 2015

American Academy of Dermatology offers advice for treating and preventing spread

Why Do More Women Than Men Have Weight-Loss Surgery? May 06, 2015

Women may possess greater overall awareness of the risks posed by obesity, study finds

Obesity Tied to Risk of Complications After Plastic Surgery May 04, 2015

Study findings suggest these patients might need more thorough care before and after procedure

Too Many Americans Neglect Backs in Skin Cancer Prevention May 04, 2015

Survey by dermatologists' group finds many people don't use sunscreen on this area, or check it for cancer

FDA Approves Injected Drug for 'Double Chin' April 29, 2015

Kybella contains naturally produced, fat-absorbing compound, agency says

Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Rashes Can Be Serious April 23, 2015

But, expert says most can safely be treated at home

New Technology Tests Tumors Inside the Patient to Find Best Treatment April 22, 2015

Experimental devices might reduce risk of side effects, lower costs, researchers say

Vaccine Spurs Immune Response to Fight Aggressive Cancers in Mice April 22, 2015

Researchers have begun early human trials, say findings could lead to blueprint for tailored treatments

FDA Warns of Bogus Botox April 20, 2015

Doctors should closely examine wrinkle-reliever packaging

Immune-Focused Drugs Show Promise Against Melanoma April 20, 2015

Keytruda, Yervoy and other medications harness immune cells to target cancers, experts say

Tan Skin Is Damaged Skin April 13, 2015

Dermatologist stresses there is no safe amount of sunning time

Fewer U.S. Children Getting Melanoma: Study April 09, 2015

Researchers credit better education on risk of UV rays, changes in children's play

Facelifts May Make Women Seem More Likable, Study Suggests April 09, 2015

But this doesn't mean they'll be happier, expert says

Ingredient in MS, Psoriasis Drugs Linked to Two Deadly Brain Infections April 08, 2015

But experts say complication is rare, and no reason to stop medication

1 in 5 Medicare Patients Faces Delay in Melanoma Surgery: Study April 08, 2015

Long waits can be anxiety-provoking

Be Careful With That Eyeliner April 07, 2015

Applying it to the inner lid raises risk of particles getting into eye, possible vision problems

Health Tip: Wash Your Face Correctly April 07, 2015

Be gentle on your skin

Experimental Melanoma Vaccine Shows Early Promise April 02, 2015

Still not clear if it will prevent recurrence or lengthen survival

High-Tech Skin Maps Show Chemicals From Clothes, Beauty Products April 02, 2015

Whether or not those residues are harmful is still not known, experts say

Exfoliate With Care, Dermatologist Urges March 24, 2015

Before beginning any treatments, consult with a doctor

Athletes Need to Guard Against Skin Woes March 24, 2015

From blisters to burns, what to watch out for

Many Acne Patients Don't Take Their Meds, Survey Shows March 20, 2015

Cost, forgetfulness, skin improvement were reasons cited for lapses

When to Keep Kids Home From School March 20, 2015

Pediatrician offers advice on common childhood ailments

Skin Cancer Rates Rise for Hispanic, Asian Women March 20, 2015

Shifting preferences for tanning, along with belief that darker skin is protected, may explain trend

Health Tip: Why Is My Skin Peeling? March 20, 2015

Here are potential causes

'Ground Zero' Workers at Risk of Autoimmune Diseases: Study March 19, 2015

Prolonged exposure linked to rheumatoid arthritis, lupus

Health Tip: Taking Care of Your Aging Skin March 19, 2015

Always use sunscreen

Herpes Drug Might Help Control Spread of HIV, Too March 17, 2015

Researchers found that Valtrex appeared to reduce viral levels

Scientists Spot Genes Linked to Rosacea March 13, 2015

More than 16 million Americans have incurable skin condition

Health Tip: Spot the Symptoms of Scalp Psoriasis March 11, 2015

They differ from ordinary dandruff

Health Tip: Easing the Pain of Shingles March 05, 2015

Suggestions for relief

Medical Bills Another Burden for Eczema Patients: Study March 04, 2015

U.S. adults with the skin condition spent over $29 billion in out-of-pocket health costs in 2012

Health Tip: Getting Rid of Head Lice March 04, 2015

Use a special shampoo

Health Tip: Common Triggers for Dandruff March 02, 2015

Including dry skin

Rear End Takes a Front Seat in Plastic Surgery Offices February 26, 2015

Men also drove up overall number of cosmetic procedures, doctors say

Could a Dishwasher Raise Your Child's Allergy, Asthma Risk? February 23, 2015

Study found children from homes that hand-washed dishes had less allergic disease

Sun's Damage Lingers Long After Dark February 19, 2015

UV rays cause DNA-related harm to skin cells, study finds

Eczema Cream for Children Not a Cancer Risk, Study Finds February 18, 2015

Company-funded research followed nearly 7,500 kids over 10 years

Better Contraceptive Knowledge Can Aid in Safe Use of Acne Drug: Study February 04, 2015

Effective birth control key in using the medication, which is linked to birth defects

Acne Gel Linked to Rare Side Effect, Doctors Warn January 29, 2015

Teen developed blood disorder after using Aczone for a week

Eczema Linked to Other Health Problems January 23, 2015

Study finds higher risk of heart disease, stroke in people with the skin condition

Health Tip: Health Conditions May Lead to Hair Loss January 23, 2015

Here are potential causes

FDA Approves New Psoriasis Drug January 21, 2015

Cosentyx blocks protein involved in inflammatory response of disease

New Psoriasis Drug Approved January 21, 2015

Cosentyx hinders protein that spurs skin inflammation