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Sleep Apnea Gear Doesn't Squelch Sex Life, Study Says October 22, 2014

Patients who get treatment are as satisfied with lovemaking as those who don't

Health Tip: Trouble Sleeping During Pregnancy October 20, 2014

Reasons include having to go more often

Gut Microbes Tied to Jet Lag, Shift-Work Weight Gain October 16, 2014

Body's helpful bacteria may have internal clocks, too, researchers suggest

Health Tip: Take a Nap October 15, 2014

It can help you get through the rest of your day

Sleeping on Sofa Can Be Deadly for Babies, Study Finds October 13, 2014

Researchers uncover higher risk for SIDS, suffocation

Health Tip: Is Stress Keeping You Awake? October 08, 2014

Suggestions to battle stress-related insomnia

Certain Meds, Driving Can Be Deadly Mix: FDA October 07, 2014

Even nonprescription drugs might bring on drowsiness, agency warns

Could a 'Fat Tongue' Be a Factor in Sleep Apnea? September 30, 2014

In study, obese people with the disorder tended to have more fat at base of tongue

Ban Electronics in Kids' Bedrooms, Expert Says September 26, 2014

Electronic lights, action keep kids up at night and can impact school performance

Untreated Sleep Apnea May Raise Risk of Surgical Complications: Study September 26, 2014

Researchers recommend preoperative screening

Health Tip: Health Tip: Are Your Teeth in a Grind? September 26, 2014

Suggestions for people who grind teeth

A Good Night's Sleep May Mean a Good Day's Work September 14, 2014

Too much, too little slumber linked to raised number of sick days, researchers say

Study: Undiagnosed Sleep Disorders Common With Multiple Sclerosis September 12, 2014

Lack of shuteye could affect disease progression, researchers caution

Health Tip: Helping Your Newborn Sleep September 12, 2014

Watch for signs that the infant is tired

Health Tip: If Your Child Can't Sleep September 11, 2014

Signs you should alert the pediatrician

Cutting Calories May Ease Sleep Apnea in Obese, Study Finds September 10, 2014

Brazilian researchers say calorie restrictions also can lower blood pressure in that group of people

Putting Baby to Sleep on Animal Fur May Lower Asthma Risk: Study September 08, 2014

Researchers suggest contact with natural microbes may offer protection

Poor Quality Sleep May Be Linked to Shrinking Brain September 03, 2014

Study finds long-term losses in gray matter

Less Sleep in Teen Years Tied to More Pounds at 21 August 28, 2014

16-year-olds should get more than 8 hours of shuteye a night to help avoid obesity, research says

Sleep Apnea Treatment Helps Seniors, Study Finds August 27, 2014

British researchers report it improved slumber, lowered daytime sleepiness

Health Tip: Do You Talk in Your Sleep? August 27, 2014

You may not be getting enough rest

'Sleep Drunkenness' Is Common and Linked to Other Behavior Issues August 26, 2014

But condition remains poorly defined and little understood, researcher says

Start School Later for Older Kids, Pediatricians Urge August 25, 2014

Opening bell should be no earlier than 8:30, says Academy of Pediatrics

Getting Back to School Sleep Schedules August 23, 2014

Expert offers advice on how to help kids adjust to earlier bedtimes

Health Tip: When Your Child Is Afraid to Sleep August 21, 2014

Understand what's behind the fear

Seniors' Sleep Woes May Be Linked to Loss of Brain Cells August 20, 2014

Decline of these neurons occurs with aging, Alzheimer's, researchers say

Ease Kids Into School Sleep Schedules August 17, 2014

Making the adjustment 'doesn't just happen overnight,' health expert says

Severe Sleep Apnea May Boost Odds for Stubborn High Blood Pressure August 15, 2014

The two conditions may be interconnected, study finds

Health Tip: If Your Child is Having Nightmares August 15, 2014

Keeping a sleep diary may help

Employees Benefit From Natural Light, Study Finds August 14, 2014

Sunshine-exposed workers slept better, had better quality of life, researchers say

Belsomra Approved for Insomnia August 14, 2014

First such drug designed to affect sleep-wake cycle

FDA Approves New Kind of Insomnia Drug August 14, 2014

Belsomra acts on brain chemical that regulates sleep-wake cycle

Study Hints at Link Between Poor Sleep, Suicide Risk August 13, 2014

But the research involving older adults doesn't prove cause and effect

Many Shift Workers Use Drugs to Sleep, Stay Awake, Study Finds August 13, 2014

But questions about benefits, risks of these medications linger, review author notes

Sleep Woes for Astronauts May Pose Risks in Space: Study August 08, 2014

Many not getting enough rest, and widespread use of sleeping pills could impair ability to perform duties

No Link Between Sleep Apnea, Cancer, Study Finds August 05, 2014

Risk factors for the two are similar, an expert says

Portable Monitors OK for Spotting Sleep Apnea: New Guidelines August 05, 2014

But the devices aren't for everyone, experts advise

Health Tip: Seeing a Doctor About Sleep August 04, 2014

Signs that a sleep problem needs medical attention

Tonsillectomy for Sleep Apnea May Trigger Weight Gain July 28, 2014

Study found overweight kids who had surgery were more likely to become obese within seven months

Bed-Sharing Linked to SIDS July 14, 2014

Study also finds risk factors for sleep-related death vary with baby's age

Health Tip: Creating the Right Bedroom July 09, 2014

Make sure it's dark and cool

One in 25 Reports Falling Asleep at the Wheel: CDC Report July 03, 2014

Young adult males and binge drinkers more likely to drive while drowsy, study finds.

Health Tip: Dealing With Narcolepsy When Driving July 01, 2014

Suggestions to help you stay awake

Summer's a Great Time for Tonsil Removal June 27, 2014

Surgery won't disrupt school schedule, kids can relax during recovery, doctor says

Healthy Weight Loss May Bring Better Sleep, Brighter Mood June 24, 2014

But only the emotional boost seemed to last over the long-term, researchers say

Hypnosis May Help Improve Deep Sleep June 20, 2014

Study finds that those highly suggestible to hypnosis can have deeper sleep after hypnotic suggestion

Health Tip: Set Rules About Bunk Beds June 18, 2014

Top bunk shouldn't be used by kids under 6

Treating Sleep Apnea May Lower Heart Risks, Study Finds June 11, 2014

For obese patients, weight loss is recommended, too, expert says

Parents' Sleep May Affect Child's Risk of Obesity: Study June 11, 2014

All family members need adequate rest to protect against preschoolers' weight gain, experts say

Poor Sleep May Lead to Worse Grades for College Students June 06, 2014

Restless nights affect academic performance as much as binge drinking and smoking pot, study suggests