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When Moms Don't Sleep Well, Neither Do Their Kids September 20, 2017

That could take a toll on child's development, researchers say

Focus on Just One Sport Can Mean Stress for Girls September 19, 2017

Study of soccer players shows diversity of activity might help

Nerve 'Zap' Treatment Could Be Alternative to CPAP for Sleep Apnea September 14, 2017

Device reduces breathing disruptions long-term, study says

Health Tip: Treating Sleep Apnea September 13, 2017

To prevent significant health problems

It's Time to Kick Fido Out -- of Bed, That Is September 12, 2017

New study reveals that sharing sleeping space with your dog may disrupt your shut-eye

Sleep Apnea Wreaks Havoc on Your Metabolism September 07, 2017

Finding supports use of CPAP therapy for condition, so blood pressure and blood sugar levels don't jump

Sleepless Nights Plague Many Women in Middle Age September 07, 2017

Phases in and around menopause play a big role in insomnia, CDC study finds

Can a Digital Doctor Help You Sleep? September 07, 2017

New research says yes, and better-quality ZZZZs may help ease other mental health concerns

Later School Bell Could Boost U.S. Economy by $83 Billion Over Decade September 05, 2017

Extra sleep for students would lead to better grades, plus provide mental, physical benefits, report says

Health Tip: Kids and Type 2 Diabetes September 05, 2017

Risk may be higher with lack of sleep

Health Tip: Avoid These Beverages to Fight Insomnia September 04, 2017

Prevent sleep problems while traveling

Sleepless Nights Do No Favors for Your Heart August 30, 2017

Study ties insomnia to heightened odds for heart disease, stroke

Could You Have Sleep Apnea? August 30, 2017

Snoring that wakes your partner is a big clue

Many Parents Not Happy With Later School Start Times August 29, 2017

More shut-eye means healthier, more alert students, but survey finds half of parents pushing back

Do Fewer Nightly Dreams Mean Higher Dementia Risk in Seniors? August 23, 2017

For every 1 percent drop in sleep's REM phase, a 9 percent jump in odds for thinking, memory troubles, study found

TV Binge-Watching May Leave You Like 'The Walking Dead' August 17, 2017

Study suggests multi-episode viewers can end up sleepless and fatigued

Health Tip: Sleepiness on the Job August 16, 2017

It's a major cause of workplace accidents

A Violent Environment Can Wreck Kids' Grades August 15, 2017

Researchers find link between kids' sleep, stress hormones and academic performance

Lack of Sleep May Raise Child's Type 2 Diabetes Risk: Study August 15, 2017

It found link -- but no proof -- between less slumber and risk factors for blood sugar disease

Preterm Birth Risk Spikes in Mothers With Sleep Disorders August 08, 2017

Pregnant women with apnea or insomnia have roughly twice the risk of delivering before 34 weeks, study finds

Does Less Sleep Make You Less Healthy? August 04, 2017

Adults who logged only 6 hours a night had wider waists, study found

Medical Reality Catches Up to Science Fiction August 02, 2017

Scientists unveil their Star Trek-like 'tricorder' to track human health

Health Tip: Alzheimer's Affects Sleep August 01, 2017

Here's how

Health Tip: Help Kids Sleep Better July 26, 2017

Here's what may be keeping them awake

Videotaping Sleepers Raises CPAP Use July 24, 2017

Viewing the tapes helped convince patients to stick with the sleep apnea treatment, study found

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need? July 20, 2017

Don't shortchange yourself because it could cost you your health

Health Tip: Talking in Your Sleep July 20, 2017

Something to worry about?

Can Poor Sleep Boost Odds for Alzheimer's? July 18, 2017

Studies found sleep apnea tied to higher levels of tell-tale plaques, proteins in brain

Sound Sleep May Help You Junk the Junk Food July 14, 2017

Well-rested workers less likely to overeat after a stressful day, study finds

Health Tip: If Lifestyle Interferes With Sleep July 12, 2017

It may be time to change your habits

Did Grandpa's Insomnia Serve an Evolutionary Purpose? July 12, 2017

Study suggests older tribe members may have pulled the 'night shift' to watch for danger

CPAP Mask Not a Prescription for Heart Troubles July 11, 2017

Device helped with sleep apnea, but didn't cut deaths from cardiovascular causes, study finds

How Poor Sleep Might Raise Odds for Alzheimer's July 10, 2017

A few bad nights might not hurt, but chronic sleep problems may be cause for concern, researcher says

Living With Purpose May Help Seniors Sleep Soundly July 10, 2017

Sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome are less common in those with a reason to get up in the morning, study finds

Guys, a Noisy Bedroom May Not Be Good for Your Fertility July 07, 2017

South Korean study found a quieter room was tied to better odds for fatherhood

Health Tip: Yoga Before Bed July 06, 2017

Positions that may help you sleep

Sleep Problems: An Early Warning Sign of Alzheimer's? July 05, 2017

Small study found an association but didn't prove link

Health Tip: Rid Your Bedroom of Allergens June 29, 2017

They can interfere with sleep

Poor Sleep May Worsen Suicidal Thoughts June 28, 2017

Treating insomnia might help improve emotional well-being, researchers suggest

Popular Heartburn Meds Don't Raise Alzheimer's Risk: Study June 28, 2017

New research debunks other studies suggesting that medications used to treat ulcers, reflux cause mental decline

Could Shift Work Damage Your DNA? June 27, 2017

Small study raises questions about daytime sleep and cell damage

Regular Sleep Makes for Happier College Students June 23, 2017

When erratic snoozers improve shut-eye habits, they feel better, study finds

Health Tip: Get the Facts on Alcohol and Sleep June 22, 2017

Know how it affects you

How to Beat Jet Lag This Summer Vacation June 19, 2017

Sleep specialist offers these tips to help speed the reset

Better Sleep for Better Weight Loss June 19, 2017

How sweet dreams can lead to progress on the scale

Health Tip: Considering Bed Sharing? June 19, 2017

What the experts say

Give Dad the Gift of Health on Father's Day June 16, 2017

Exercise with him, let him get some extra sleep, men's health expert says

Study Cites Top Reasons Young Autism Patients Are Hospitalized June 16, 2017

Mood disorders, sleep problems and having a single caregiver raise odds of in-patient psychiatric care

Health Tip: If You Have Sleep Apnea June 16, 2017

Here are self-care suggestions

Poor Sleep Habits = Poor Grades June 12, 2017

Study of college students finds regular slumber schedule a key to success