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Sweat to Help Reduce Your Risk for Prostate Cancer November 27, 2015

Vigorous exercise, nutritious diet lower odds for deadly forms of the disease, research suggests

Too Much Sitting Hurts Heart Patients' Health November 26, 2015

Exercise doesn't mitigate effects of sedentary lifestyle, study finds

Healthy Holiday Substitutions Can Help Your Heart November 26, 2015

Try replacing sugar and butter with fruit, vegetable oil

Smog Raises Heart Risks in Those With Diabetes, Study Says November 25, 2015

Long-term study showed prolonged exposure linked to heart disease, stroke

Obesity in Youth May Harm the Heart Long-Term, Even After Weight Loss November 25, 2015

Risk of sudden cardiac death was still higher, decades after women had lost the pounds, study found

New Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes Shows Early Promise November 25, 2015

Trial finds that immune-based therapy is safe; further trial on effectiveness is planned

Heart Disease Doesn't Take a Holiday November 25, 2015

Don't forget to take your meds with you when you travel, expert says

Constant Traffic Noise May Boost Depression Risk November 25, 2015

Vulnerability is higher among those with a low education and income, researchers report

Adults With Heart Defects May Face Higher Risk of Stroke: Study November 24, 2015

Researchers urge these patients to visit a cardiologist regularly

Could PMS Raise Women's Risk for High Blood Pressure? November 24, 2015

Study found rise in odds for hypertension in those with moderate-to-severe premenstrual syndrome

Health Tip: Stay Well Despite Diabetes November 24, 2015

Here's what you can do

Breast-Feeding May Cut Risk of Type 2 Diabetes for Some Women November 23, 2015

Study looked at moms who had already diabetes in pregnancy

Hiding Tobacco Displays in Stores Might Lower Kids' Smoking Rates November 23, 2015

Teens less likely to buy cigarettes when promotions aren't visible, study shows

Danger Persists for Young Women After Heart Attack, Stroke November 23, 2015

Odds of another life-threatening event are much higher than normal, study says

High 'Resting' Heart Rate Tied to Higher Odds of Early Death November 23, 2015

But more research is needed before this can used as a marker, expert says

Why Women Should Lower Their Holiday Stress Level November 22, 2015

Too much pressure can lead to heart damage, cardiologist says

E-Cigarette Ads Boost Use Among Young Adults, Study Finds November 20, 2015

Researchers explore potential impact of unrestricted marketing

Health Tip: Exercising With Diabetes November 20, 2015

First, speak with your doctor

Foods May Affect Each Person's Blood Sugar Differently, Study Suggests November 19, 2015

Researchers say 'one-size-fits-all' diet doesn't exist

Wives Worry, Husbands Get Frustrated When Problems Arise November 19, 2015

Over the long term, men report higher levels of emotional support, less marital strain than women

Gel Injections May Help Heart Failure Patients November 19, 2015

But larger study needed to assess the effectiveness and safety of the implants

Rare Nervous System Disorder Can Put Pregnancy at Risk: Study November 18, 2015

Condition that affects eyes and spinal cord tied to miscarriage, other complications, researchers say

Could Viagra Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes in Those at Risk? November 18, 2015

Small trial suggests the drug might help, but much more study is needed

Sleep Cycle Changes May Affect Your Health November 18, 2015

Routine schedule, whether workday or not, might cut odds of diabetes, heart disease, study suggests

Type 2 Diabetes Drug Helps Some With Chronic Depression: Study November 18, 2015

Insulin resistance may underlie the mental illness, researcher says

Tips on Making the 'Great American Smokeout' Work for You November 18, 2015

Start by smoking on a schedule, not at whim, expert says

Why Heart Failure Patients Often Get Too Little Exercise November 17, 2015

Lack of social support, finances can get in the way of recommended activity, study says

Depressed Black Americans May Be at Risk for Heart Woes November 17, 2015

Study links depression to stroke and heart disease over 10-year period

U.S. Adult Smoking Rate Dips Below 15 Percent: CDC November 17, 2015

Latest figures from June show more Americans are kicking the habit

Here's Your Chance to Stop Smoking November 17, 2015

Join the Great American Smokeout Nov. 19

Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer November 16, 2015

Regular java and decaf were linked to survival benefits in study

Lowering Body Temperature May Help Cardiac Arrest Patients November 16, 2015

Treatment improved survival in 'nonshockable' heart cases, researchers say

Teens, Parents Share E-Cigarette Concerns, Poll Finds November 16, 2015

Both groups want tighter controls on devices' use, health warnings on packaging

Health Tip: Are You Coping With Stress? November 16, 2015

Warning signs that you may be harming your health

Drug Lucentis May Fight Diabetic Eye Disease November 13, 2015

Government-funded study finds injected medicine beats laser therapy for form of retinopathy

Type 1 Diabetes: An Unrelenting Disease November 13, 2015

How the blood sugar condition constantly affects daily living

Health Tip: You May Not Have to Give Up Dessert November 13, 2015

Some diabetics may enjoy small portions

Arm Artery Access Safer for Angioplasty, Review Finds November 13, 2015

When compared to using the groin artery, there were fewer bleeding events, death rates

Military Deployment Tied to Greater Odds of Child Abuse, Neglect November 12, 2015

Periods during and just after deployment are highest risk, study finds

U.S. Adult Smoking Rate Falls to New Low November 12, 2015

CDC says less than 17 percent are lighting up, but big gap remains between well-off and poor

Scientists Pinpoint What Level of Vitamin D Promotes Heart Health November 12, 2015

Though it is lower than traditionally thought, many people still deficient, researchers say

Nearly Half of Americans With High Blood Pressure Not Controlling It: CDC November 12, 2015

Big part of the problem is getting people to take medications, stick with them, experts say

Angioplasty May Not Boost Survival for Some Heart Disease Patients November 11, 2015

Most people should try medication plus lifestyle changes first, experts say

Too Few Psychiatric Patients Screened for Diabetes: Study November 11, 2015

Commonly prescribed antipsychotic medications tied to greater risk of type 2 disease

New Medicare Rules Triple Heart Failure Patients' Access to Cardiac Rehab November 11, 2015

But researchers suggest even more patients could benefit

Newborn Probiotic Use Tied to Lower Risk of Type 1 Diabetes November 11, 2015

But association was only found in those with the highest genetic risk of the disease

Childhood Cancer Tied to Raised Risk for Other Ills in Adult Life November 11, 2015

Study found upped odds for diabetes, autoimmune disorders decades later

Bystander CPR Helps Some Kids Survive Cardiac Arrest November 10, 2015

Unfortunately, infants don't appear to be benefitting, study finds

Use of E-Cigarettes, Hookahs Rising Among Hispanics, Study Says November 10, 2015

Appealing flavors, easy access cited by smokers

Some Kids With Heart Defects Struggle in School November 10, 2015

Deficits in academic performance tend to rise along with severity of the defect, study finds