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Workers Without Paid Sick Leave Suffer Ill Effects September 22, 2017

Added stress may interfere with daily activities, study suggests

Survey: 9 of 10 Americans Take Cancer Prevention Steps September 22, 2017

Even a Little More Activity Could Save Millions of Lives September 22, 2017

Think of walking to work or cleaning as low-cost preventive medicine

Could Pests, Dust Lower Kids' Odds for Asthma? September 21, 2017

Inner-city study found early exposure to cockroaches and mice droppings seemed protective

One Weight-Loss Surgery Shows Lasting Results September 21, 2017

Patients 77 pounds slimmer on average 12 years after gastric bypass, study finds

When Moms Don't Sleep Well, Neither Do Their Kids September 20, 2017

That could take a toll on child's development, researchers say

Will an E-Cigarette Harm Your Heart? September 20, 2017

The nicotine may cause adrenaline levels to spike, study finds

Fracture Risk Higher for Seniors With Diabetes September 20, 2017

Bone weaknesses seen in those with blood sugar disease

Exercise May Stem Kidney Damage in Lupus Patients September 19, 2017

But stress may trigger the reverse, researchers report

Focus on Just One Sport Can Mean Stress for Girls September 19, 2017

Study of soccer players shows diversity of activity might help

This Mistake Can Cost Athletes' Lives in Cardiac Arrest September 19, 2017

Bystanders often get distracted by a non-life-threatening issue, research shows

Death Risk From Triathlons May Be Higher Than Thought September 18, 2017

Higher Cigarette Taxes May Mean Fewer Infant Deaths September 18, 2017

HIV and Smoking a Lethal Combo for the Lungs September 18, 2017

Even Teens Can Suffer Organ Damage From High Blood Pressure September 18, 2017

Study spots warning signs in kids with readings in the normal range

Some May Need a Little Help Monitoring Blood Pressure at Home September 16, 2017

Heart group says single, less educated people too often forgo this key means of tracking their health

Skin Patch Shrinks 'Love Handles' -- in Mice September 15, 2017

Discovery might help treat obesity and diabetes, researchers say

Heath Tip: Dining Out If You Have Diabetes September 15, 2017

Ways to avoid complications

Increasing Salt Intake Tied to Diabetes Risk September 15, 2017

Odds of both type 2 and latent autoimmune diabetes rose when adults consumed more salt, study shows

Smoking, Poor Diet Lead Global Death Causes September 15, 2017

But disease study of 195 areas also finds some hopeful signs with many people living longer

Which Single Behavior Best Prevents High Blood Pressure? September 15, 2017

One critical trait emerged when researchers reviewed smoking and drinking habits, weight, diet and exercise

Early Onset of Pregnancy Complication May Raise Heart Risks September 15, 2017

Doctors should monitor women with pre-eclampsia after childbirth, study suggests

Can Coffee or Tea Extend Survival With Diabetes? September 14, 2017

The answer may depend on whether you're a man or a woman

Hurricanes' Toll on Mental Health Will Linger September 14, 2017

Psychiatrist offers advice on coping with the aftermath

Nerve 'Zap' Treatment Could Be Alternative to CPAP for Sleep Apnea September 14, 2017

Device reduces breathing disruptions long-term, study says

Could Artificial Sweeteners Raise Your Diabetes Risk? September 14, 2017

Small study suggests these products might somehow inhibit blood sugar control

Could Swine Flu Be Linked to Type 1 Diabetes? September 14, 2017

Study suggests Norwegians hit by H1N1 flu pandemic more likely to develop the autoimmune disease

'Upside' to Diabetes Really Isn't September 13, 2017

People with type 2 had lower risk of bulging or torn artery, but experts stress there's a much bigger downside

Lifestyle Tips for Better Diabetes Control September 13, 2017

Exercise and diet are two great places to start

Diabetes Threatens Kidneys, Vision of Millions of Americans September 13, 2017

Untreated type 2 disease can lead to serious complications, diabetes experts say

Health Tip: Treating Sleep Apnea September 13, 2017

To prevent significant health problems

'Healthy' Obese Still Face Higher Heart Risks September 11, 2017

Higher odds detected, even without diabetes or high blood pressure, study finds

Do E-Cigarettes Damage Blood Vessels? September 11, 2017

Small study links the devices to higher blood pressure, heart rate and stiffer arteries

The Health Risks of Long Work Weeks September 11, 2017

Too much overtime may pose a threat to your heart

Statins May Help People With COPD Live Longer September 08, 2017

Deaths from lung-related causes were reduced by as much as 45 percent, study suggests

Sleep Apnea Wreaks Havoc on Your Metabolism September 07, 2017

Finding supports use of CPAP therapy for condition, so blood pressure and blood sugar levels don't jump

Remember This: A Healthy Body Keeps the Mind Sharp, Too September 07, 2017

Major heart health groups say exercise, good diet can help you maintain memory as you age

Statins Help Healthy People Lower Their 'Bad' Cholesterol September 07, 2017

Study found taking them lowered risk of heart disease, death in those with high LDL levels

Recession Took Toll on Health of Rural Young Blacks September 06, 2017

Greater economic fallout linked to raised heart disease risks in 25- and 26-year-olds, study finds

Uptick in U.S. Stroke Deaths Sets Off Alarms: CDC September 06, 2017

High rates of obesity and diabetes are a major culprit, researchers say

Smoking Bans Help Kids Breathe Easier September 06, 2017

Analysis found anti-smoking policies were linked to drops in childhood chest infections, asthma attacks

How a Bite of a Hot Dog Threatened -- and Saved -- a Boy's Life September 06, 2017

It led to a medical crisis, and then discovery of hidden heart defect

There May Be a Big Medical Upside to Being Short September 05, 2017

The taller you are, the higher your odds for blood clots in your veins, research suggests

Severe Psoriasis Linked to Higher Risk of Earlier Death September 05, 2017

But experts say there may be ways to reduce those odds

Is Dementia Declining Among Older Americans? September 05, 2017

Rates have fallen among those 70 and older; gains against heart disease might explain trend

Health Tip: Kids and Type 2 Diabetes September 05, 2017

Risk may be higher with lack of sleep

Health Tip: Diet and Activity May Help Prevent Cancer September 04, 2017

Here's what you can do

Calcium in Arteries May Best Predict Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke August 31, 2017

Factors such as cholesterol and blood pressure might be less of a concern, study contends

Chronic Illness Can Plunge Young Adults Into Despair August 31, 2017

Study found those diagnosed with diabetes, asthma were 3 times more likely to try to kill themselves

New Hope From Old Drugs in Fight Against Parkinson's August 31, 2017

Asthma medications may lower risk, but much more research is needed