July 24, 2014: Too Few Teens Receive HPV Shot, CDC Says
Agency urges doctors to recommend it along with other routine immunizations

July 11, 2014: Researchers Assess New Way to Boost Polio Immunity
Giving kids an extra, inactivated dose might speed up eradication efforts, study says

July 11, 2014: Dengue Fever Vaccine Shows Some Promise in Trial
But experts would still like to see a more effective vaccine developed

July 08, 2014: Cervical Cancer Vaccine Doesn't Boost Clot Risk: Study
Analysis included more than 500,000 women from Denmark

July 01, 2014: Childhood Vaccines Vindicated Once More
No link to autism found in large review of previous research on measles, mumps, rubella vaccine

June 26, 2014: For Young Kids, Nasal Spray Beats Needle for Flu Immunization
CDC says getting seasonal vaccine via the nose confers better protection for those ages 2 to 8

June 25, 2014: Persistent Cough in Kids Can Often Be Whooping Cough
In British study, 1 in 5 cases of chronic hacking turned out to be the respiratory ailment

June 17, 2014: Study Sheds Light on How Immune System Works in Infants
Finding could lead to vaccines that would better protect babies from diseases, researchers say

June 09, 2014: Combo Vaccine Raises Risk of Fever-Related Seizures in Toddlers: Study
Safer to give MMR and chickenpox shots separately for first dose, researchers say

June 09, 2014: Measles Journey Highlights Risk to Unvaccinated Kids
Minnesota outbreak began with a toddler traveling overseas, study says

June 09, 2014: Vaccine for Infant Tummy Bug Cuts Hospitalizations: CDC
Fewer children admitted for severe diarrhea tied to rotavirus, researchers say

June 05, 2014: People Under 65 Hard Hit by Flu This Year
H1N1 strain predominated in season that peaked early; CDC recommends inclusion of H1N1 in next year's vaccine

May 29, 2014: U.S. Measles Cases at 20-Year High
Almost all infections involve unvaccinated residents who traveled abroad, CDC says

May 27, 2014: Task Force Recommends Hep B Screening for High-Risk People
Vaccine, antiviral treatments make it worthwhile to spot chronic condition early, researcher says

May 22, 2014: Researchers Explore New Target for Malaria Vaccine
Approach shows promise in mice but more study needed before human trials can begin, experts say

May 19, 2014: Delaying Measles-Related Vaccines May Raise Seizure Risk: Study
Researchers say findings emphasize importance of following timing guidelines

May 07, 2014: Could a Few Beers a Week Cut a Woman's Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk?
Study finds the brew is helpful, but drinking too much is never warranted, experts say

May 05, 2014: Disease Outbreaks May Not Change Minds of Vaccine Opponents
Study of whooping cough epidemic in Washington state found no rise in immunization of babies

May 05, 2014: Whooping Cough Vaccination During Pregnancy Seems Safe: Study
Preliminary findings suggest Tdap vaccine for mothers-to-be may help protect newborns

April 30, 2014: Vaccine Against Bird Flu Readied, Just in Case
U.S. officials want to be prepared, but some doubt H7N9 will become pandemic

April 24, 2014: Measles on Upswing Despite Vaccines' Effectiveness: CDC
Vaccination has saved thousands of lives, report says, but outbreaks occurring as some people opt out

April 16, 2014: Experimental Measles Drug Shows Promise in Animal Trials
If one day approved to treat people with infection, it might reduce their symptoms, researchers say

April 16, 2014: Cancer 'Vaccine' for Advanced Disease Passes Early Hurdle
But research is still in preliminary stages and there's no proof it will work

April 15, 2014: Younger Adults Hit Hardest This Flu Season
Although H1N1 strain predominates, previous exposure prevented pandemic

April 14, 2014: As African Ebola Outbreak Spreads, Hopes for Vaccine Remain Years Away
There are promising avenues of research, but sporadic nature of outbreaks makes testing difficult

April 14, 2014: Cervical Cancer Vaccine Program in England a Success, Researchers Report
Infections with strains of HPV believed to cause disease dropped after immunization effort

April 10, 2014: Measles Cases Linked to U.S. Adoptions of Chinese Children: CDC
The highly infectious illness is still endemic in China, so adopted kids should get their shots, experts say

April 03, 2014: Stroke Risk Spikes Shortly After Shingles Episode: Study
But getting antiviral meds to treat painful rash lowers chances of brain attack, researchers add

March 20, 2014: HPV-Linked Throat Cancer May Have Telltale First Symptoms
Signs of potential trouble could be different in people without the virus, study suggests

March 19, 2014: No-Fridge Nasal Vaccines on the Horizon
Tests in mice look promising for people in remote regions, researcher says

March 06, 2014: State Flu Shot Rule for Preschoolers Curbs Kids' Hospitalizations: CDC
When vaccination rates rose in Connecticut, serious complications dropped, report finds

March 06, 2014: Study Adds to Evidence That HPV Vaccine Helps Guard Against Cervical Cancer
Large population of Australian women were protected to some degree after vaccination, researchers report

March 06, 2014: Hospital Policy Spurs New Moms to Get Whooping Cough Shot
With standing order for vaccine, coverage went from 18 percent to 69 percent, findings showed

March 05, 2014: Boomers Should Consider Shingles Vaccine, Physician Says
Painful condition, caused by same virus responsible for chicken pox, can last several weeks

March 03, 2014: Vaccines Prevent Millions of Infections, Save Billions in Costs: CDC
But messages about immunization benefits often don't achieve intended goal, researchers discover

February 28, 2014: Blacks Respond Better to German Measles Vaccine, Study Contends
Future immunization research may target specific groups or individuals, scientist says

February 25, 2014: On-time Use of Routine Vaccine Keeps Kids Out of Hospital
Illnesses rose when measles-mumps-rubella shot was given out of order, Danish study found

February 25, 2014: Flu Shot May Lower Stroke Risk, Too
Getting immunized early in season delivers most cardiovascular benefit, study suggests

February 20, 2014: Flu Hitting Younger Adults Hard, Vaccination Helps: CDC
Hospitalizations, deaths up for people 18 to 64

February 20, 2014: More Evidence That HPV Vaccine Might Lower Cervical Cancer Risk
Danish study finds reduction in precancerous lesions for women who got vaccinated in girlhood

February 14, 2014: Flu Hits Unvaccinated Hardest, Study Finds
Those who have had vaccine are far less likely to need intensive-care unit

February 11, 2014: Partial HPV Vaccine Series May Help Prevent Genital Warts in Girls
But Swedish study didn't address more critical issue of cervical cancer prevention

February 10, 2014: President's Panel Calls for More Girls, Boys to Get HPV Vaccine
It protects against cancers of the cervix, throat, rectum and penis, but too few getting the shots

February 06, 2014: Many U.S. Adults Not Getting Key Vaccines: CDC
Little progress seen beyond shingles, HPV and Tdap vaccinations, researchers report

February 05, 2014: There's Still Time to Get a Flu Shot
Younger adults seem at risk this year, FDA says

February 03, 2014: HPV Shot Doesn't Encourage Sexual Activity in Young Girls: Study
Finding should reassure parents about the cervical cancer vaccine, doctors say

January 30, 2014: College Students Should Get a Flu Shot
Dorm living, large classes increase their exposure to the virus, doctor notes

January 27, 2014: HPV Vaccination Rates Might Rise If More Docs Recommended It
Family physicians in particular could play larger role in recommending vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, study suggests

January 14, 2014: Experimental Vaccines May Extend Life With Pancreatic Cancer
Treatment is less toxic than chemotherapy, researchers find

January 14, 2014: Common Infant Vaccine Tied to Slight Rise in Risk for Bowel Complication
But chances of complication much lower than with previous rotavirus vaccine, studies show