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If You're Craving Cookies, You Might Just Be BoredApril 29, 2016

Dull times lead to unhealthy choices, including chips, sweets and fast food, studies find

Building Muscle Could Boost the Body's Most Important MuscleApril 28, 2016

People with heart disease should prioritize weight training over weight loss, study says

Coffee, Wine Good for Healthy Gut, Sodas May Be BadApril 28, 2016

Study examines how food and medications affect makeup of bacteria in people's tummies

Psoriasis Tied to Obesity, Type 2 DiabetesApril 27, 2016

A genetic link is one theory for the possible association, researchers say

Mom's Pre-Pregnancy Weight May Help Predict Child's SizeApril 27, 2016

Study also found six months of breast-feeding offered protection against excess pounds in child

Health Tip: Choose Energy-Boosting FoodsApril 27, 2016

The right diet fuels your workout

Americans Getting Adequate Water Daily, CDC FindsApril 26, 2016

Men take in an average of 14 cups a day, women almost 12

Rates of Severe Obesity Among U.S. Kids Still Rising: StudyApril 26, 2016

Treatment for these 4.5 million children is urgently needed, researcher says

Babies Fed Rice-Based Cereals Have Higher Arsenic Levels, Study FindsApril 25, 2016

To avoid potential harm, experts recommend consuming a variety of grains early in life

Focus on Healthy Foods, Not Avoiding 'Bad' Ones, for Heart Health: StudyApril 25, 2016

Fewer heart attacks, strokes and deaths seen among those who follow Mediterranean-style eating plan

Health Tip: Dig Into More Flavorful FoodsApril 25, 2016

Seasonings boost taste

Nagging Your Kids About Weight Might BackfireApril 21, 2016

Children added pounds if parents thought they were heavy, research suggests

Health Tip: Start Changing Your LifestyleApril 21, 2016

Begin with these four simple steps

Eating Disorders Seem More Common in Schools Where Girls PredominateApril 21, 2016

And schools with kids from more educated parents also had higher rates, study found

Alcohol, Processed Meats May Raise Stomach Cancer RiskApril 21, 2016

Excess weight also seems to boost chances of disease, and risk increases as three factors increase, researchers report

Cow's Milk Allergy in Childhood May Lead to Weaker Bones: StudyApril 20, 2016

But one expert contends that difference in bone density wasn't enough, on average, to worry about fractures

After Pregnancy-Linked Diabetes, Healthy Diet May Ease Blood PressureApril 19, 2016

Eating nutritious foods seems to counter higher risk, researchers find

Toddlers' Sweet Tooth a Weight-Gain Danger, Study ConfirmsApril 18, 2016

Tots who favored sugary snacks over salty ones tended to be heavier by age 3, researchers found

Health Tip: Quench Your Thirst in a Healthier WayApril 18, 2016

Avoid drinks that offer little nutritional value

Low-Fat Diets May Help Older Women With Breast Cancer Survive Longer: StudyApril 15, 2016

A decade after diagnosis, there were 20 percent fewer deaths when compared to women in usual diet group

Health Tip: Keep a Diabetes DiaryApril 15, 2016

Here's what to include

Health Tip: Stop Eating When You're FullApril 15, 2016

Pay attention to feeling of fullness

Antibiotics in Animal Feed Contribute to Drug-Resistant Germs: StudyApril 14, 2016

Individual farm practices can have global implications, researcher says

Makers of Corn Masa Flour Can Add Folic AcidApril 14, 2016

Vitamin helps prevent birth defects

Hunger Sending Some Americans to the HospitalApril 14, 2016

Many patients with multiple admissions have little or no food at home, researchers say

Obesity in Teens Seems to Raise Risk for Illness, Death in Middle AgeApril 13, 2016

Health experts worry trend will only get worse, since teens followed in long-term study were thinner than kids today

How Important Is Surgeon's Skill for Weight-Loss Surgery Outcomes?April 13, 2016

Study saw no differences at one year after procedure, but one expert believes longer follow-up needed

Could Fast Food Expose People to Harmful Chemicals?April 13, 2016

High consumption linked to higher levels of plastics-related compounds in urine, study found

Does Exercise Help or Hinder Your Diet?April 13, 2016

Research shows a workout dulls the appetite, at least temporarily

Study Questions Health Value of Switching From Butter to Vegetable OilsApril 13, 2016

But nutritionists stick by advice to lower saturated fat intake from meat, dairy products

Health Tip: Dig into the Fresh Foods of SpringApril 12, 2016

And reap the nutritional benefits

Underweight or Obese Women Who Drink and Smoke May Have Higher Asthma RiskApril 09, 2016

Link was less pronounced in men, research finds

Schools in Most States Skimp on Phys Ed, Study FindsApril 08, 2016

Only Oregon and D.C. require recommended amount of physical activity; many states withhold it or use it as punishment

Health Tip: Savor Your FoodApril 08, 2016

Think before you eat

Health Tip: Eat a Lighter MealApril 08, 2016

Suggested substitutions

Mom's Obesity, Diabetes May Spur Fetus to Grow Too FastApril 08, 2016

Finding suggests doctors might want to screen at-risk women sooner

Preschoolers' Diets Improved After Federal Food Voucher Changes: StudyApril 07, 2016

More fruits, veggies, whole grains and low-fat milk were added to nutrition program for poor in 2009

Stimulant, Banned From Sports, Found in Dietary Supplements in U.S.April 07, 2016

FDA has warned makers of 8 products containing oxilofrine, or methylsynephrine

A Few Key Steps Can Protect Your Heart <i>and</i> KidneysApril 07, 2016

Study cites smoking, body fat, exercise, blood pressure among factors to pay attention to

The Health Risks Posed by Mindless MunchingApril 06, 2016

Being more aware of your food might help improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels, study suggests

Fruit Every Day Might Help Your Heart, Researchers SayApril 06, 2016

Lower risk of heart attack, stroke seen in Chinese study

Restaurants Cut Calories in Kids' Meals, Study FindsApril 06, 2016

But salt and fat still a concern, expert says

Diabetes Cases Quadruple Worldwide Since 1980: ReportApril 06, 2016

Major increases seen in China, India; obesity is likely the main culprit, researcher says

Sugary Drinks, 'Bad' Carbs Tied to Breast, Prostate CancersApril 05, 2016

Preliminary study finds more reason to improve your diet

Weight-Loss Surgery Gets People Moving, Study ShowsApril 05, 2016

More than half of patients showed improvement in pain symptoms, ability to walk

Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Control Type 2 Diabetes in Long RunApril 04, 2016

After 5 years, more patients in surgery group had lower blood sugar than in medication-only group

Loose Bristles From Grill-Cleaning Brushes May Pose DangersApril 04, 2016

Study found they can stick to food and cause mouth, throat and stomach injuries

Waistline May Predict Heart Disease Better Than WeightApril 04, 2016

Study finds 'apple-shaped' diabetes patients had higher odds for cardiac decline

'Paleo' Diet May Help Older Women's Hearts, WaistlinesApril 04, 2016

Trendy eating plan may cut cholesterol, disease risks in postmenopausal women, Swedish research suggests

Non-Surgical Procedure May Be New Weight-Loss ToolApril 04, 2016

In preliminary study, 'bariatric artery embolization' shows some promise