July 25, 2014: Distractions Seem More Troublesome With Age
Seniors scored worse on tests than young adults, study says

July 25, 2014: IRS Caps Fines on Uninsured Americans at $12K for Family of 5
Maximum payment set at nearly $2,500 for individuals

July 24, 2014: Female Triathletes May Face Health Problems Such as Incontinence
Doctors should be alert for pelvic floor disorders, researcher says

July 24, 2014: Is Coffee Aggravating Your Hot Flashes?
Researchers suggest women skip caffeine if they're bothered by menopausal symptoms

July 24, 2014: Many Kids With Medicaid Use ER as Doctor's Office: CDC
Pediatrician says many physicians won't accept the publicly funded insurance plan

July 24, 2014: More Than 10 Million People Gained Coverage Under Obamacare, Study Finds
Expansion of Medicaid was a major factor in boosting numbers, researchers report

July 23, 2014: Dogs Can Get Jealous, Too
Primitive form of envy may help them protect their bond with their human, researchers report

July 23, 2014: Weight Loss Surgery May Help Ease Urinary Incontinence
Nearly two-thirds of women had significant improvement of their symptoms, researchers report

July 22, 2014: 2 Courts, 2 Different Decisions on Key Obamacare Provision
Rulings conflict over subsidies for people who bought insurance through HealthCare.gov, the federal website

July 22, 2014: Technique Used in Some Hysterectomies May Help Spread Cancer: Study
Cutting uterus into smaller fragments for minimally invasive removal can disperse undetected malignancy

July 22, 2014: Obamacare Dealt Setback by Federal Appeals Court
Ruling invalidates subsidies for people who bought insurance through HealthCare.gov, the federal website

July 17, 2014: Routine Errands a Risky Time for Falls by Seniors
Study suggests sidewalks, curbs may be key to keeping older pedestrians safe

July 17, 2014: Delayed Retirements May Forestall Predicted Nursing Shortage
Economy, rewarding work have motivated baby boomer nurses to stay on the job, research suggests

July 16, 2014: Vitamin B No Help for Alzheimer's: Review
Though it lowered levels of compound associated with mental decline, no difference seen in thinking skills

July 16, 2014: Even Mild Concussion Can Cause Thinking, Memory Problems: Study
Finding suggests damage may be present even after obvious symptoms are gone

July 16, 2014: Potassium Supplements May Help Some Heart Failure Patients
Study finds they seem to improve survival for people taking 'water pill' diuretics

July 16, 2014: Researchers Spot Potential New Culprit Behind Alzheimer's
Abnormal levels of certain protein are more common in affected patients, study reports

July 15, 2014: Stroke Rates Declining Among Seniors, Study Shows
But, rate of brain attacks among those younger than 65 unchanged

July 15, 2014: Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Likely Saves Money, Study Finds
American Heart Association recommends self-testing; research says it benefits patients and insurers

July 15, 2014: Surgery Soon After Stroke Can Be Risky: Study
Best to wait at least nine months after stroke to have elective procedure, researchers advise

July 15, 2014: A Healthy Lifestyle May Deflect Dementia
Older folks who began eating right, exercising did better on memory and problem-solving tests in study

July 15, 2014: Alzheimer's Rate Falling in the United States, Studies Show
Improved heart health may be one reason for decline seen in some developed countries

July 14, 2014: Don't Judge a Pill by Its Color
Study finds people may stop taking heart medications if the drug's appearance changes

July 14, 2014: High Blood Pressure May Protect the Very Old From Dementia
But it's too early to recommend any change in treatment, researcher says

July 14, 2014: Staying Active May Help Prevent Dementia
Physical activity in middle age might reduce risk of memory disorders, studies suggest

July 14, 2014: Can Games, Puzzles Keep Aging Minds Sharp?
New study says maybe, but the reason why isn't yet clear

July 14, 2014: Widowhood May Delay Dementia in Some Seniors, Study Finds
Social support might be the key, researcher says

July 14, 2014: Cataract Surgery a Plus for Someone With Dementia, Study Says
Besides better vision, patients and caregivers report improved quality of life

July 14, 2014: Eye Tests Might Help ID Alzheimer's, Studies Suggest
Researchers report on two approaches that look for telltale plaques

July 14, 2014: Could a Simple Smell Test Help Spot Alzheimer's Early?
Study found weakened sense of smell associated with dementia risk, but more research needed

July 10, 2014: Some Teens May Face Emotional Problems After Concussion
Those with light or noise sensitivities post-injury seem to be more affected, study found

July 10, 2014: Stress, Depression May Boost Stroke Risk, Study Finds
Anger didn't seem to have an effect, researchers noted

July 09, 2014: Obesity Epidemic Hitting Hispanics Hard, Study Finds
Severe obesity most common among young adults, setting them up for health problems later in life

July 09, 2014: Older Adults Can Safely Donate a Kidney, Study Finds
No greater risk for heart disease, diabetes or death among donors, researchers say

July 08, 2014: More Painkillers May Raise Heart Risks for Older Women: Review
Class of drugs that includes naproxen linked to increased chance of heart attack, stroke, but finding not conclusive

July 08, 2014: Will You Be Obese? Look at Your Sisters, Brothers
Study found older sibling's obesity was strongest predictor for risk

July 03, 2014: Unwed Parents Should Tie the Knot Before Child Turns 3: Study
Doing so creates strongest family bond, researcher explains

July 03, 2014: Change Bad Habits Early, Save Your Heart Later
Young adults who adopt healthier lifestyle can cut their heart disease risk, researchers say

July 02, 2014: If You Can't Stand the Heat . . .
Health officials offer tips for coping with summer's soaring temps

July 01, 2014: 2.6 Million 'Inconsistencies' in Federal Insurance Applications
Government findings on Obamacare signups don't necessarily mean fraud, reports say

July 01, 2014: Mammography Costs Soar for Seniors, But Detection Rates the Same: Study
Research hasn't shown expensive technologies benefit women over 65, researcher says

June 30, 2014: Nursing Home Care May Be Out of Reach for Many Aging 'Boomers': Study
Price tag for 1 year of institutionalized care is now about $84,000, federal report says

June 28, 2014: Prepare for Summer Sports to Avoid Injury
Wear appropriate footwear, vary your activities, and stretch and warm-up, advises expert

June 27, 2014: Dance Those Cares Away!
Study of seniors shows decreased knee-hip pain and increased ability to walk among those who dance

June 27, 2014: Sounds of Summer May Threaten Your Hearing
Concerts, fireworks and construction have the potential to cause damage, expert says

June 27, 2014: Grief in Pregnancy May Trigger Obesity in Adulthood
Extreme stress even before conception can affect unborn child's weight, study suggests

June 26, 2014: Many Unaware of Their HIV Status Until It's Advanced
ER study also finds high proportion without health insurance

June 26, 2014: Chronic Migraines Affect the Whole Family
Web survey suggests the condition influences marriage, parenting and family dynamics

June 26, 2014: Milk, Egg Allergies Seem to Make Parents Most Anxious
Two-thirds of parents accurately assess severity of their child's food allergy, study reports

June 25, 2014: Veterans With Brain Injury May Be at Risk for Dementia: Study
They were 60 percent more likely to develop disease, and to develop it earlier, researchers say