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Seniors' Worsening Depression May Sometimes Predict DementiaApril 29, 2016

Study suggests a common underlying cause in some, but not all, cases

Hearing Aids May Help Keep Seniors' Minds SharpApril 28, 2016

Ability to stay engaged in conversation could help ward off dementia, study suggests

Cow's Milk Allergy in Childhood May Lead to Weaker Bones: StudyApril 20, 2016

But one expert contends that difference in bone density wasn't enough, on average, to worry about fractures

Can Certain Allergy Meds Worsen Restless Legs Syndrome?April 19, 2016

Some over-the-counter antihistamines might cause painful sensations that disrupt sleep, expert says

Common Heartburn Drugs Linked to Kidney Disease in StudyApril 14, 2016

But finding can't show whether drugs are directly responsible

Radiation May Help After Surgery for 'Soft-Tissue' CancersApril 14, 2016

Biggest benefit was seen in people over 65, research suggests

Thyroid Cancer Cases in U.S. Level Off, Perhaps Reflecting Diagnostic ChangesApril 14, 2016

'Epidemic of diagnosis' caused the increase, not harmful tumors, experts say

Alzheimer's Can Steal Ability to Know Loved Ones' FacesApril 13, 2016

Loss of visual perception may occur early in course of disease, researchers say

Severe Depression Linked to Dementia in SeniorsApril 12, 2016

As depression worsens, the risk of thinking and memory problems may double, research suggests

Study: Many Vets Struggle With Suicidal Thoughts, Need More Help From VAApril 12, 2016

Survey reveals 65 percent who considered suicide have never received mental health treatment

ER Screenings Could Help Prevent Suicide: StudyApril 11, 2016

Checking patients for risk factors should be part of routine ER care, researcher says

Mom's Obesity, Diabetes May Spur Fetus to Grow Too FastApril 08, 2016

Finding suggests doctors might want to screen at-risk women sooner

Could ADHD Drugs Lower Kids' Bone Density?April 01, 2016

Study raises questions about bone health of young people taking meds like Ritalin and Adderall

Is Seniors' Dental Health Tied to Mental Health?April 01, 2016

Declines in one seem to mirror declines in the other, but cause-and-effect isn't clear, study says

Cold Weather Can Spike Football Injuries, Study FindsMarch 31, 2016

NFL concussions and ankle injuries more likely in lower temperatures, Canadian researchers say

Study: Longer-Term Antibiotics Won't Ease 'Chronic Lyme Disease'March 30, 2016

Dutch trial is latest to show no benefit from extended treatment, but finding unlikely to end the controversy

FDA Approves Experimental Zika Test for Blood DonationsMarch 30, 2016

But agency still asks those who've possibly been exposed to the virus to forgo giving blood right now

Medicare Spends Billions on Chronic Kidney Disease, Study FindsMarch 29, 2016

Researchers consider ways to manage patients' care effectively and rein in the cost

World's Senior Population Forecast to Boom by 2050March 28, 2016

Public health challenges will mount with 1.6 billion people worldwide age 65 or older, study suggests

Could Less Time Spent Online Signal Early Alzheimer's?March 28, 2016

Researchers think diminishing mental capacities might be behind drop in computer use

Mediterranean Diet May Help Lower Hip Fracture Risk in Older WomenMarch 28, 2016

The regimen seemed to provide a slight benefit, researchers say

Injuries More Common in Teens Who Focus on Single SportMarch 26, 2016

Study shows the more teens specialize, the greater the risk of knee and hip problems

Simple Steps Can Ease Care of Loved One With Alzheimer'sMarch 25, 2016

Limit their choices and distractions and always keep safety uppermost, expert advises

Mammograms May Also Help Spot Heart Disease, Study SuggestsMarch 24, 2016

The breast screening test compared well to heart CT scans, researchers say

Healthy Amount of Vitamin C Might Keep Cataracts at BayMarch 24, 2016

Key is to get the nutrient from foods rather than a supplement, researchers say

Birth Control Pills Linked to Fewer Severe Knee Injuries in Teen GirlsMarch 23, 2016

Study reinforces theory that estrogen may be why females suffer more ACL problems than males

1 in 6 Seniors Takes Dangerous Combos of Meds, Supplements: StudyMarch 21, 2016

Researchers say patients should tell doctors every treatment they're taking

Drug Used for Preemie Eye Disease Tied to DisabilitiesMarch 18, 2016

Babies given Avastin were far more likely to have neurological complications, study shows

Kidney Dialysis Might Not Extend Survival of ElderlyMarch 17, 2016

Study suggests conservative care may be suitable option for some patients over 80

Want to Keep an Aging Brain Sharp? Try the StairsMarch 15, 2016

Fitness is key, researchers say, and education can also help

Seniors Often Bring Drug-Resistant Germs to Rehab CentersMarch 14, 2016

About one-quarter tested had so-called 'super-bugs' on their hands upon admission, study finds

Even Gardening or Dancing Might Cut Alzheimer's RiskMarch 11, 2016

Any regular physical activity is linked to a healthier brain, study suggests

Anesthesia Not Linked to Long-Term Mental Decline, Study FindsMarch 11, 2016

Underlying health, previous functioning are more likely factors, researchers say

Elderly With Advanced Colon Cancer Often Get Costly, Dubious Treatments: StudyMarch 10, 2016

Drugs come with many side effects, may add only one month to survival, researchers add

Drug Duo May Rapidly Shrink Breast Tumors in Some PatientsMarch 10, 2016

Researchers say combo therapy worked well for about 1 in 4 women with HER2-positive breast cancer

Brain Bleed Risk From Warfarin May Be Higher Than ThoughtMarch 09, 2016

Study of veterans with irregular heartbeat found one-third suffered such incidents while on the drug

With Early Breast Cancer, Targeted Radiation Shows PromiseMarch 09, 2016

Study finds limited radiotherapy effective after low-risk tumors are removed, but questions remain

Doctors May Be Missing Chances to Treat PrediabetesMarch 09, 2016

Study found many patients with higher-than-normal blood sugar levels were not being treated for it

Screen High-Risk Adults for Tuberculosis, Experts SayMarch 08, 2016

Up to 10 percent of those with dormant TB develop active infection, according to health task force

Most Pediatricians Don't Ask About Mom's DepressionMarch 07, 2016

About 4 in 10 moms with young kids affected, which can have harmful effects on families, researchers say

Football's Concussion-Prevention Efforts May Be Spurring More Leg InjuriesMarch 07, 2016

Study suggests college rules to lessen head injuries might be causing more knee, ankle problems

Dance Class May Be Gateway to Exercise for Older LatinosMarch 04, 2016

This group of Americans has lower workout rates, study author says

Computer Use May Help Deflect Seniors' Memory ProblemsMarch 03, 2016

But, experts note that the study can't prove cause-and-effect

Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer May Carry Certain RisksMarch 03, 2016

Chances of secondary cancers increased, but study authors stressed the overall risk was low

ADHD Meds Tied to Lower Bone Density in KidsMarch 03, 2016

One-quarter of children in study had lower-than-normal readings, but reasons aren't clear

Study Questions Link Between Multiple Moles, Risk for MelanomaMarch 02, 2016

Research suggests people with many of the blemishes not necessarily at higher risk for the cancer

Experts Undecided on Whether Seniors Should Get Routine Vision ChecksMarch 01, 2016

Not enough data to say yes or no to sight checks in primary care doctors' offices, U.S. panel says

Healthier Arteries May Lower Dementia Risk in Old AgeMarch 01, 2016

Preventing calcium buildup might thwart mental decline in your 80s and beyond, study finds

Daredevil at 20, Scam Victim at 70? What Being a Risk-Taker May Mean to YouFebruary 28, 2016

Researchers say study may hold clues to better protecting seniors from fraud

Sleeping Pills May Spell Trouble for Older DriversFebruary 25, 2016

Study found risk of crashes more than doubled for those over 80 who used Ambien