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Medical Research

Summit Medical Group provides state-of-the-art medical advances and technology by offering novel treatment options to our patients through our Medical Research / Clinical Trials program.

Our Research Review Committee is comprised of Summit Medical Group physicians and staff who manage all medical clinical trials, determine the scientific/ethical merits, and identify the potential impact of clinical research on patients.

Learn how you can participate in medical research involving an investigational drug for grass pollen.


What is medical research? What is a clinical trial?

Also known as clinical trials, medical research involves patients (often referred to as subjects) who might benefit from new treatments that are not yet available. Researchers use clinical trials to test a medication, device, treatment approach, or medication dose. Most research includes a panel of experts, also known as investigators, who decide how best to use the new treatment. The investigators also identify the types of patients who are likely to benefit most from the treatment. To be eligible for a clinical trial, the patients must fit certain criteria.

During a clinical trial, the researchers track and make note of all the changes (data) subjects experience as a result of the treatment they are given. The data are then used to make decisions about whether to use the medication, device, or treatment for a wide range of patients.

People who participate in medical research and clinical trials are volunteers. 

In general, medical research helps determine whether:

  • A new medication, device, treatment, or dose is safe and effective for a specific type of patient
  • An already marketed medication or device can be used for a different disease or condition than the one for which it was originally intended
  • A new medication, device, or treatment is more effective than previous treatments for a disease or condition

Medical clinical trials also sometimes compare more than one medication, device, or treatment to determine which is the most effective.

Watch our educational video on clinical research:

Our Medical Research Practitioners

Jeffrey  Bauman
Bauman, Jeffrey, MD
Accepting new patients
Eric R. Cohen
Cohen, Eric R., DO
Accepting new patients
John H. Dokko
Dokko, John H., DO
Accepting new patients
Alexander R. Gnoy
Gnoy, Alexander R., MD
Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)
Accepting new patients
John A. Heath
Heath, John A., MD, AGSF
Geriatric Services
Accepting new patients
Monica B. Khalil
Khalil, Monica B., MD
Accepting new patients
Avinash A. Kothavale
Kothavale, Avinash A., MD, FACC
Accepting new patients
Jed A. Kwartler
Kwartler, Jed A., MD
Otology / Neurotology / Ear Specialty Center
Accepting new patients
Kerry S. LeBenger
LeBenger, Kerry S., MD, FAAAAI, FACAAI
Allergy / Immunology
Accepting new patients
Jeffrey D. LeBenger
LeBenger, Jeffrey D., MD, FACS
Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)
Accepting new patients
Linda K. Lee
Lee, Linda K., MD
Accepting new patients
Eric S. Lieberman
Lieberman, Eric S., MD
Accepting new patients
Ellen  Lunenfeld
Lunenfeld, Ellen, MD, FACP, FASN
Accepting new patients
Hazar  Michael
Michael, Hazar, MD
Accepting new patients
Gary  Pien
Pien, Gary, MD, PhD, FAAP, FAAAAI
Allergy / Immunology
Accepting new patients
Jeffrey  Rosenberg
Rosenberg, Jeffrey, MD
Family Medicine
Accepting new patients
Kanan V. Shridharani
Shridharani, Kanan V., MD
Internal Medicine
Accepting new patients
Michael B. Wax
Wax, Michael B., MD
Oncology / Hematology
Not accepting new patients

Our Medical Research Locations

Main phone number:

Berkeley Heights Campus
See Hours and Directions Berkeley Heights Campus
Lawrence Pavilion, 2nd Floor
Bensley Pavilion, 2nd Floor
1 Diamond Hill Road
Berkeley Heights, NJ
See Hours and Directions 574 Springfield Avenue
Westfield, NJ