Internal Medicine

Doctors of internal medicine, or internists, diagnose and treat diseases in adults. Sometimes known as a general practitioner or the “doctor’s doctor,” internists often work with surgeons, obstetricians, and other physicians to help solve complicated primary care problems in diagnosis and treatment. They also coordinate patient care where it is needed, including in the office, clinic, hospital, intensive care, or nursing home.

primary care doctor new jerseyInternists at Summit Medical Group in New Jersey are primary care physicians who are experts in treating patients with common as well as rare diseases. They skillfully diagnose problems and manage severe chronic illnesses in patients who have more than one condition or disease.

Our experienced internists / general practitioners consider all aspects of a patient’s health. In addition to diagnosis and treatment, they promote good health by teaching patients about wellness.

For example, our internists discuss preventive approaches such as why it is important to exercise, eat a healthy diet, and not smoke. Our primary care physicians provide information about mental health, substance abuse, and women’s and men’s health. They also address common problems of the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system, and reproductive organs.

Our Internal Medicine / Primary Care Office Hours

We are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

  • Same-day appointments are available
  • Saturday and evening hours are available, depending on the physician, but they must be scheduled during regular business hours
  • Appointments can be scheduled weeks or months in advance to fit your needs
  • If your physician is not available to see you, you may ask to see another physician in the department
  • An internist / primary care physician is always on call at Summit Medical Group

Primary Care Physicians When You Need Them

After-hours Coverage

When the office is closed after hours or on weekends or holidays, please call 908-273-4300 to speak with an internist on call.

For Emergencies

Please call 911 to reach the Emergency Medical Service.

On-call / Fast Track Service

If you are experiencing a nonurgent health problem during the evening, on weekends, or holidays, please call our Fast Track service at 908-277-8602 to schedule same-day appointments at 1 Diamond Hill Road in Berkeley Heights. Fast Track is conveniently located in our Urgent Care Center.

Urgent Care Center

If you are having an acute health problem, you may see a practitioner in our Urgent Care Center. To reach our Urgent Care Center, please call 908-277-8880.

Emergency Department

If you must be evaluated in the Emergency Department at Overlook Medical Center or any other hospital, our primary care physicians are available at any time to discuss your case with physicians in the emergency department.

Prescription Refills

Please do not wait until you are completely out of medication to request a refill.

You may contact your pharmacy or call the doctor’s office for prescription refills. Once you have called your pharmacy, the pharmacist will contact your physician’s office to ensure that your refill is appropriate. Federal and state laws do not allow physicians to call in prescriptions for most narcotics and other controlled substances.

For your convenience, Walgreens Pharmacy is located on site at Summit Medical Group. It is in Lawrence Pavilion near the café.

Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration-certified Physical Exams

Summit Medical Group now has practitioners certified by the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration (FMCSA) to offer physical exams for people getting a commercial driver's license. Insurance does not cover the cost of the exam. Patients must pay out of pocket for the exam upon service. Providers who offer the FMCSA-certified physical cannot act as a primary care practitioner and the FMCSA exam cannot be used to replace a routine physical examination. If you would like an FMCSA-certified physical exam, please ask your physician to refer you to an FMCSA-certified practitioner.


To protect all patients’ personal health information (PHI) and adhere to the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Summit Medical Group does not communicate with patients through email at this time.

Our Hospitalist Medicine Program

Internists with the Summit Medical Group Hospitalist Medicine Program partner with other hospital physicians to ensure you get the primary care you need. They are familiar with every aspect of the hospital. For this reason, hospitalists accept full responsibility for your care during your hospital stay, can streamline your tests and consultations, and can quickly manage problems to shorten the time you must be in the hospital. They also keep in touch with your primary care physician as needed while you are hospitalized. When you are discharged, details of your internal medicine treatment become part of your Summit Medical Group electronic health record (EHR).

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