Personal Notes:

Alicia Fanelli, RD, is a Registered Dietitian on Summit Medical Group's Weight Management team. Ms. Fanelli’s approach to care, centers on creating real lifestyle changes for her patients. She credits her previous experience as a Clinical Dietician at Johns Hopkins Hospital for laying the ground work for her patient care methods, teaching her the perfect balance of using research and clinical judgment to devise individualized treatment plans. Ms. Fanelli strongly believes in the give and take of the provider-patient relationship and makes every effort to connect with her patients through open communication. She allows her patients to be active participants in their overall plan, knowing that it will help them achieve the best outcome possible.

Prior to joining Summit Medical Group, Ms. Fanelli worked as a wellness coach for Wellness Coaches USA. Outside of work, Ms. Fanelli enjoys spending time in the kitchen and traveling.

I help patients with:

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