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Personal Notes:

Denyta Girard, LPC is a member of Summit Medical Group's Behavioral Health and Cognitive Therapy Center team. Ms. Girard is certified in mental health screening and has strong expertise in solution-focused therapy for children, adolescents and families who seek assistance for trauma related experiences and self-esteem issues.

Ms. Girard practices based on her philosophy to “Take things one step at a time. Slow progress is still progress.” She encourages her patients to be bold, under the proven assumption that the patients know themselves and their families best. Her hope for her patients is that they use the tools and skills learned from each session to improve their experience in the world. It was the positivity of school counselors who opened Ms. Girard’s eyes to the field of Clinical Counseling and it is that same positivity that she hopes to share with those in need. Her patients appreciate her comprehensive approach to treatment and her dedication to their overall wellness.

Prior to joining Summit Medical Group, Ms. Girard worked as a Certified Mental Health Screener providing psychiatric emergency screening and collaborating with psychologists, nurses, techs, law enforcement, EMS, security teams and family members. She has also worked as a Senior Clinician, providing a variety of treatment services including individual, family, and group therapy.

Ms. Girard is especially passionate about children’s rights and equal education. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends at the movies, going out dancing, traveling and appreciating good food

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