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Personal Notes:

Karen Melici, MSW, LCSW, NBC-HWC works in partnership with internal medicine and family medicine primary care providers to address the interaction between mental and physical well-being. Just as poor physical health can lead to an increased risk of developing mental health problems, emotional and behavioral difficulties can negatively impact physical health. As an integrated behavioral health clinician, Ms. Melici provides brief counseling and guidance to patients who are experiencing depression, anxiety or other emotional stress. 

Prior to joining Summit Medical Group, Ms. Melici served as behavioral health specialist with the Lehigh Valley Physician Group in PA. She also has experience as a supervisor and clinical coordinator in several New Jersey community mental health and psychiatric settings. She served as adjunct faculty at Centenary College and at Rutgers University. As a therapist, she participated in FEMA’s Project Phoenix, counseling those impacted by the September 11th attack on the world trade center in NYC. Since 2008 she's served as a steering committee member of the NJ Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists (NJ-ACT).

Ms. Melici earned her Wellness Coach Certificate at the Mayo Clinic and is a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach. She helps patients tap into and develop their motivation; empowering them to break bad habits and create new ways to care for themselves, increasing their overall sense of well-being. She's committed to helping patients identify their personal strengths and utilize their unique potential for growth and change.

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