Thomas Collins-Pallett, MD

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Personal Notes:

Thomas Collins-Pallett, MD is a member of Summit Medical Group's Family Medicine team. Dr. Collins-Pallett provides preventive care to infants, children, adults and elderly patients and has expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. “As a family medicine physician, my goal is to help people get healthier, feel better, and support them during difficult times," says Dr. Collins-Pallett. “During a visit, I make sure to discuss all issues that may be impacting my patient’s health and make it my priority to eliminate any obstacles that may be preventing them from getting the care they need,” he adds.

Dr. Collins-Pallett is skilled at performing trigger point injections, a procedure that can help soothe muscle pain, fibromyalgia, tension headaches, and myofascial pain syndrome, a chronic disorder that causes pain in a single muscle or muscle groups. Dr. Collins-Pallett is passionate about nutrition, exercise, and obesity prevention and treatment.

When not seeing patients, Dr. Collins-Pallett enjoys relaxing at home with his fiancée and two dogs. He also enjoys playing music, skiing, and spending time with his older brothers, nieces and nephews.

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