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Health Tip: Four Common Types Of Acne September 20, 2017

Distinguishing between different forms

Health Tip: Can't Clear Your Acne? August 02, 2017

Here's what you can do

Skin's Bacterial 'Balance' May Help Trigger Acne April 06, 2017

Germ community, rather than just one species, may be key, new research suggests

Why Acne Can Strike Women After the Teen Years December 28, 2016

Study suggests diet, stress and family history may play a role

Acne Yields Up Secret That Points to New Treatments October 28, 2016

Bacteria on skin sometimes release fatty acids that trigger inflammation, researchers report

Acne's Silver Lining: Slower Aging of the Skin? September 29, 2016

Twins study finds white blood cells of sibling with acne seem to age less rapidly

Health Tip: Don't Ignore Acne July 19, 2016

Potential negatives of withholding treatment

Acne Treatment Differin Gel Approved for OTC Use July 11, 2016

Among people 12 and older

FDA OKs Non-Prescription Use of Acne Drug July 08, 2016

Differin Gel 0.1% is first retinoid medication approved for over-the-counter use

Health Tip: Discuss Acne Products With a Dermatologist May 16, 2016

To help protect against an allergic reaction

Contraception Safety Program for Acne Drug Failing in Canada April 25, 2016

Accutane raises risk of birth defects, but many women taking it don't follow guidelines to avoid pregnancy, study finds

Misconceptions About Acne Still Common March 04, 2016

Skin condition isn't caused by poor hygiene or diet, dermatologist says

Safe Treatments Available for Expectant Moms' Skin Conditions March 04, 2016

But dermatologist recommends using only the mildest effective ones

Double Up on Acne Treatments, New Guidelines Say February 23, 2016

Skin doctors say combining two or more medications is often the best option

Many Patients With Acne Take Antibiotics Too Long: Study October 30, 2015

Prescription Accutane can often help and should be tried sooner, experts say

Psoriasis, Cold Sores Most Stigmatized Skin Disorders: Survey October 09, 2015

Results show how misunderstood the conditions are, researchers say

Experimental Treatment Uses Nitric Oxide for Acne July 31, 2015

Researchers test slow-release nanoparticles on frustrating skin condition

Could a Vitamin Play a Role in Acne Outbreaks? June 24, 2015

Study finds excess B12 tied to common skin condition

Many Acne Patients Don't Take Their Meds, Survey Shows March 20, 2015

Cost, forgetfulness, skin improvement were reasons cited for lapses

Better Contraceptive Knowledge Can Aid in Safe Use of Acne Drug: Study February 04, 2015

Effective birth control key in using the medication, which is linked to birth defects

Acne Gel Linked to Rare Side Effect, Doctors Warn January 29, 2015

Teen developed blood disorder after using Aczone for a week

Laser Used to Remove Tattoos May Help Reduce Acne Scars November 20, 2014

Small study found it improved skin with shorter recovery time than seen with another type of laser

Health Tip: Help Prevent Acne Scars October 01, 2014

Wash skin twice daily

Some Acne Products Can Trigger Severe Allergic Reactions: FDA June 25, 2014

In rare instances, reactions are potentially life-threatening, agency says

New Approaches to Acne Treatment June 09, 2014

Topical applications plus antibiotics often succeed, experts say