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Zika Babies Facing Increasing Health Problems With Age December 14, 2017

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Poetry Judged by the Picture It Paints December 01, 2017

Lock Eyes With Your Baby, Synchronize Brain Waves? December 01, 2017

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Does Marriage Help Preserve Your Brain? November 29, 2017

Pot May Alter Brain Function of Some With HIV November 28, 2017

Zika Nerve Damage May Stem From Body's Response to the Virus November 27, 2017

The Booze You Choose Can Sway Your Mood November 22, 2017

Sunrise, Sunset: Ancient Rhythms Still Dictate Human Life November 21, 2017

Quickly Treating Mini-Stroke Can Cut Risk for Future Stroke November 20, 2017

Gulf War Illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Are Distinct Disorders: Study November 17, 2017

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Health Tip: Hearing Loss May Affect Brain Health November 15, 2017

Sleep Apnea May Boost Alzheimer's Risk November 10, 2017

Do I Know Ewe? November 08, 2017

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Your Friends May Be Key to a Healthy Aging Brain November 08, 2017

West Nile's Long-Term Bite: Impact on Brain May Last Years November 07, 2017

Here's Why You 'Space Out' After Too Little Sleep November 07, 2017

Human vs. Animal Brainpower: More Alike Than You Might Think November 06, 2017

Resilient Brain Connections May Help Against Alzheimer's November 02, 2017

Long Spaceflights Could Put Pressure on the Brain November 01, 2017

Brain Scans May Have Spotted People Thinking About Suicide October 31, 2017

Helmets Too Rarely Used in Baseball and Softball October 31, 2017

Hockey Study Suggests Injured Kids Sent Back on the Ice Too Soon October 25, 2017

Brain changes persist at least 3 months after kids' concussions, study finds

Schizophrenia Affects Brain's Communication Network October 18, 2017

Finding may help spur new research

Clues to How You Hear in a Crowd October 17, 2017

Answers reside in the brain, researchers say