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A Dangerous New Twist on Cyberbullying November 09, 2017

Doctor, Please Put Down That Computer October 26, 2017

Smartphones, Tablets Sabotaging Teens' Sleep October 20, 2017

Study found more adolescents getting less rest because of temptations of technology

Are You an 'Anti-Vaxxer'? Your Friends Are on Twitter October 09, 2017

Social media is a place where they vent, support each other's views, study finds

Online Game Could Boost Family Fitness October 02, 2017

But more research needed because study participants were all white, and wealthier than most Americans

Online Game Helps Those With Diabetes Control Blood Sugar August 08, 2017

Patients saw lasting improvement while playing team-based diabetes education game, study found

Student Motivation 101: There's an App for That August 04, 2017

College students who used game-style app got higher marks and fewer dropped out of class, study finds

Posture Pointers for Computer Jockeys June 21, 2017

How to overcome that deskside slump

Video Call May Be as Good as Doctor Visit for Headache June 14, 2017

Telemedicine offers a convenient alternative for sufferers, study authors say

NBA Players' Late-Night Tweets May Be Bad for Their Game: Study June 09, 2017

Those who posted turned in a poorer performance the next day; lack of sleep the likely culprit

Can Online Treatment Replace Your Therapist? June 01, 2017

For people with mild or moderate depression, web-based versions might help, study finds

Study Sees Link Between Porn and Sexual Dysfunction May 12, 2017

It could be creating unrealistic expectations for young, inexperienced men, researcher says

Ransom-Seeking Hackers Targeting Hospital Data May 12, 2017

Medical information a vulnerable target for those planning 'ransomware' attacks, doctor warns

'Dr. Google' May Undermine Parents' Trust in Their Pediatrician May 05, 2017

Tell the doctor what info you saw online so your concerns can be addressed, study suggests

Striving for Facebook 'Likes' May Not Boost Your Self-Esteem May 03, 2017

Australian study found no bump up in mood or confidence, no matter how many likes users got

Is 'Desktop Medicine' Chipping Away at Patient Care? April 12, 2017

Half of doctors' work day is spent on a computer, study finds

The Highs and Lows of Teens' Instagram Use April 05, 2017

For some it leads to closer bonds with friends, for others a greater risk of depression, study found

Violent Video Games May Not 'Desensitize' Players, Brain Scans Suggest March 08, 2017

In small study, frequent players had empathetic responses similar to those who don't play much

Can Social Media Sites Leave You Socially Isolated? March 06, 2017

More time using apps and sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook linked to greater sense of isolation, study suggests

Brain Chip Helps Paralyzed 'Type' With Their Mind February 21, 2017

Researchers report patients showed fastest speeds seen yet in such experiments

When College Kids Surf the Web in Class, Grades Fall January 23, 2017

Study finds the habit hurts academics, and supports the notion of leaving laptops at home

Brain-Training May Help Ease Ringing in the Ears January 19, 2017

Study found computer-based program seemed to allow people to cope with tinnitus

Smartphones, Tablets and Weight Gain in Teens December 14, 2016

Study found obesity risk up 43 percent if kids used screen devices more than 5 hours a day

Surfing Through Selfies Tied to Low Self-Esteem? October 25, 2016

Online survey also found those who checked out posted photos of others a lot had lower life satisfaction

Bullied Teen's Suicide Didn't Spur Copycat Attempts: Study October 21, 2016

Canadian case was highly publicized on social media, researchers report

Be Aware of What You Share Online About Your Kids October 21, 2016

New review offers parents advice on how to be more careful with postings that could affect their children

Even 6th Graders Commit Cyber Dating Abuse: Study October 20, 2016

Those with a history of bullying or who thought violence against girls was normal were most likely perpetrators

Think Telecommuting's the Way to Go? Maybe Not for the Boss September 20, 2016

It may limit a supervisor's ability to lead co-workers, study finds

For Kids Playing Pokemon Go, Catch These Safety Tips September 16, 2016

Pediatrics group praises physical activity but warns game could be a dangerous distraction

Seniors Not Scared of Social Media After All September 12, 2016

Study also finds using it helps them feel less isolated, may boost their health

Kids Make Better Food Choices Online Than in School Lunch Lines September 03, 2016

Study found some high-tech help brings balance to kids' plates, but do they eat it?

Teen Cyberbullies More Apt to Be Friends Than Strangers August 22, 2016

Competition for status, hurt feelings over breakups provoke wave of aggression via texts, Facebook

Twitter Broadening Discussions About Death, Grief: Study August 22, 2016

Social media broaching once-taboo topics in very public forums, researchers report

10 Easy Ways to Build Activity Into Your Workday Routine August 18, 2016

Sitting at your desk all day increases your risk for heart attack, stroke and even death

Don't Lose Sleep Over Screentime at Night August 16, 2016

More exposure to daylight may help people get better shuteye after going online at bedtime, study finds

How to Get Your Child Ready for a Successful School Year August 11, 2016

Good sleep, ample exercise and sound nutrition are keys, doctor says

Online Video Games May Boost High School Students' Academic Skills August 08, 2016

But teens who use social media daily posted lower test scores, Australian study finds

Are Tinder Users Tender About Their Looks? August 04, 2016

Some users of the dating app tended to have lower self-esteem, poorer body image, study suggests

Few Seniors Go Online for Health-Care Needs August 02, 2016

Study calls into question U.S.'s priorities for improving older adults' health, researcher says

Doctors Swamped by 'E-Medicine' Demands June 28, 2016

Survey found those who have to use electronic health records report more burnout, job dissatisfaction

The Teen Brain Likes Social Media 'Likes' June 02, 2016

Effect is similar to eating chocolate or winning money, researchers say

Many Fertility Apps, Websites Miss the Mark May 13, 2016

Study found only 4 of 53 online calculators accurately predicted best days for conception

What Works -- And Doesn't -- to Manage Your Tot's Screen Time May 13, 2016

Key points: setting regular schedules for media use, and stopping when it feels 'natural,' researchers say

Many Stroke Patients Prefer Video Follow-Up Versus Phone Call February 18, 2016

People may benefit from face-to-face virtual visit with their doctor, small study suggests

Sleepless Nights May Fuel Daytime Facebook Binges: Study February 16, 2016

Researchers found less sleep linked to more distracted behavior and computer browsing

Do More 'Selfies' Mean More Relationship Woes? February 05, 2016

Survey of Instagram users suggests sharing these photos online may make romantic partners jealous

More Patients Satisfied With Doctor Visits: Survey January 22, 2016

Physician's expertise, time spent in exam room and online access to information were key factors in trend

Doctor-Patient Emails Can Help the Chronically Ill January 04, 2016

Online communications reduced need for phone calls and office visits for many, study shows

Toddlers Adept at Using Touch-Screen Devices, Study Finds December 22, 2015

Children as young as 2 years old can swipe, unlock and search for features and games, research shows

Doctor-Patient Relationship May Suffer When Technology Takes Over: Study November 30, 2015

Care was not rated as high when clinician focused too much on computer screen while in exam room