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Concussion May Not Be Needed to Bring on CTE Brain Disease January 18, 2018

Hockey Study Suggests Injured Kids Sent Back on the Ice Too Soon October 25, 2017

Brain changes persist at least 3 months after kids' concussions, study finds

Hockey Viewers' Hearts May Pay a Penalty October 05, 2017

Attending an exciting game can double the heart rate of spectators

More Evidence Contact Sports Can Affect the Brain August 22, 2017

Some changes in structure, chemistry seen in college athletes who take hits during play

Athletes With ADHD Favor Team Competition May 12, 2017

They're more likely to play contact sports like football, lacrosse and hockey, study finds

Hockey Doesn't Seem to Hit Players' Thinking Skills: Study April 13, 2017

But retired pros can suffer behavioral, emotional problems, researchers say

NHL Veterans Pledge Their Brains to Research February 23, 2017

Donations will be used to study CTE, other conditions linked to repetitive head trauma

Student-Athletes Don't Have to Be Hit By Injuries February 15, 2017

Equipment safety, emergency training and time for recovery are key to avoiding trouble, experts say

Winter's No Reason to Hibernate: Head Outside for Some Sports Fun February 08, 2017

But be sure to use the right equipment and stay in areas that match your skill level

Illegal Hits Play Big Role in Youth Ice Hockey Concussions: Study January 08, 2016

Training kids to follow the rules may reduce odds of these head injuries, experts say

Football Leads in College Sports Injuries, But Wrestling Most Dangerous December 10, 2015

Study finds more than 47,000 football injuries per year, with games more hazardous than practices

New 'Collar' Aims to Help Shield Brain From Concussion November 20, 2015

Device boosts brain fluid to create a cushioning effect, developers say

Winning Attitude on the Field Translates to Career Success June 27, 2014

Former high school athletes seen as having more self-confidence and leadership abilities, study finds

Broken Bones, Concussions Most Common Injuries in Youth Hockey June 05, 2014

Fractures more common in boys, while concussions more common in girls, study finds