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Is There a Best Time of Day for Exercise? December 11, 2017

Health Tip: Preparing For Endurance Exercises December 07, 2017

Are Women Naturally Fitter Than Men? December 06, 2017

7 Signs You'd Benefit From a Fitness Assessment December 05, 2017

Turn Over a New Leaf This Fall -- Start Exercising October 28, 2017

The Body Benefits of Pilates October 12, 2017

Get to know this century-old fitness method

The Value of Strength Training October 09, 2017

The goal: to keep muscles strong at every age

Online Game Could Boost Family Fitness October 02, 2017

But more research needed because study participants were all white, and wealthier than most Americans

When It Comes to Exercise, Quality Trumps Quantity September 22, 2017

Maximizing the results of your fitness efforts

Hidden Gems in Your Health Insurance Plan September 15, 2017

Take advantage of wellness programs

Getting Physical With a Personal Trainer September 08, 2017

An expert's tips can boost fitness

Health Tip: Get Moving and Stay Active August 22, 2017

And improve heart health

'Weekend Warriors' Tend to Wear White Collars August 18, 2017

Desk jobs keep them seated all week, but they catch up on exercise on Saturday and Sunday, study finds

Golfing and Gardening Your Way to Fitness July 27, 2017

How to turn pastimes into workouts

Health Tip: Reap the Benefits of Intense Exercise July 03, 2017

Here's what you may gain

Americans Want to Be Fit, But Most Don't Put in the Effort June 20, 2017

Survey finds three-quarters think appearance is 'very important,' yet only 31 percent work out regularly

Health Tip: Don't Fear Strength Training May 29, 2017

Some lifting guidelines

Health Tip: Warm Up Before You Work Out May 25, 2017

You'll thank yourself later

Health Tip: Don't Let Your Workout Get Stale May 24, 2017

Suggestions to keep it fresh and effective

Health Tip: Using a Stability Ball May 15, 2017

Here's how it may help

Health Tip: Getting Enough Hard Exercise May 02, 2017

See if your workout makes the grade

Health Tip: Don't Let Boredom Thwart Your Workout April 24, 2017

Keep exercise fun and fresh

Regular Phys Ed Builds More Than Fitness April 17, 2017

Young teens also gain knowledge about healthy living, researchers say

Don't Bank on Heart-Rate Accuracy From Your Activity Tracker April 10, 2017

Fluctuations seen among 4 models, especially during exercise, study finds

Fitness, Not Fat, Is Key to Post-Stroke Recovery April 05, 2017

People who exercised regularly before their attack had lower odds for disability after, study found

Exercise: The Cellular 'Fountain of Youth' March 28, 2017

Intense interval training seems to boost older cells, even reversing some of aging's effects, study finds

Vitamin D Pumps Up Muscles February 17, 2017

People with higher 'active' levels of the vitamin in the bloodstream had more muscle mass, study finds

Student-Athletes Don't Have to Be Hit By Injuries February 15, 2017

Equipment safety, emergency training and time for recovery are key to avoiding trouble, experts say

Gym Membership Makes Your Heart Fitter, Too February 08, 2017

Study found health club members were far more likely to meet physical activity recommendations

Ways to Stay Active in Winter January 28, 2017

Sledding, climbing stairs -- even house-cleaning -- are great pursuits that burn calories, dietary experts say

Health Tip: Help Young Athletes Avoid Malnutrition January 19, 2017

Ways to prevent getting sick

Health Tip: Get Moving Toward a Healthier You January 18, 2017

Here's what you can do

Health Tip: Investing in Your Fitness January 18, 2017

Don't fall for fads and gimmicks

Routine Checkup Should Assess Fitness, Too January 03, 2017

Cardiorespiratory test would help gauge patients' heart disease risk, doctor says

Staying Trim, Strong May Cut Risk of Urinary Incontinence December 30, 2016

But for women in study, these factors only helped with one type of incontinence

Health Tip: Maximizing Your Workout December 21, 2016

Make sure you're getting all benefits

Health Tip: Using a Fitness Tracker December 01, 2016

Making the most of your device

Health Tip: Don't Fall for Exercise Myths November 18, 2016

Setting the record straight

Health Tip: Vary Your Workout Routine November 17, 2016

Changes help keep it fresh

Fitbit, Other Heart Rate Wristbands Often Inaccurate: Study October 12, 2016

In test of 4 models, 2 provided 'suboptimal' readings during exercise; none as accurate as chest strap

Health Tip: Stretch Before and After a Workout October 06, 2016

Here's how to do it correctly

Why the Teen Years May Not Be Lean Years September 21, 2016

Adolescents burn about 450 fewer calories daily than 10-year-olds, study finds

Diet or Exercise: What's Best for the Middle-Aged Heart September 15, 2016

Study finds each effective, as long as healthy weight loss is the result

Health Tip: Dress for Workout Success September 14, 2016

The right clothes make exercise more comfortable

Health Tip: Don't Skip Flexibility Exercises September 12, 2016

They're important for mind and body

Health Tip: Explaining Circuit Training August 24, 2016

Here's how it works

Health Tip: Boost Your Health With Exercise August 16, 2016

Some probable benefits

Health Tip: Exercising in the Heat August 09, 2016

Take steps to keep cooler

Health Tip: Get Fit While Watching TV July 22, 2016

Here's what you can do

Obese Teens Take Weight-Loss Surgery in Stride July 18, 2016

Procedure led to better walking, eased pain and improved heart rate, study shows