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With Diabetes, Be on the Alert for Foot Sores November 27, 2017

Health Tip: Pedicure Pointers September 14, 2017

Safe ways to keep your feet looking their best

Health Tip: Caring for Your Feet August 01, 2017

Suggestions to protect them

When Is It Nail Fungus? July 27, 2017

Dermatologist says only an expert can diagnose condition accurately

Blame Diabetes: Rates of 2 Nerve Conditions on the Rise July 21, 2017

Neurologist says one causes burning pain, the other causes problems with heart rate and blood pressure

Health Tip: Preventing Diabetic Foot Sores July 19, 2017

What you can do

Flip-flops: Fun in the Sun, but Tough on Feet July 15, 2017

Their lack of support dictates short-term use only, podiatrist says

Health Tip: Coping With Sweaty Feet June 07, 2017

Things you can do to stay dry

Health Tip: Preventing Ingrown Toenail May 22, 2017

Avoid these common triggers

Health Tip: Avoid Tight Shoes May 19, 2017

They can harm your feet

Health Tip: Protect Your Feet From Warts May 15, 2017

These suggestions may help

Health Tip: Sandals May Cause Foot Problems May 03, 2017

Here's what could happen

Health Tip: Help a Broken Toe Heal May 02, 2017

Here's what to do

Health Tip: Dealing With Foot Arthritis April 21, 2017

When to see a doctor

Health Tip: Think You Fractured Your Foot? March 27, 2017

Here are first-aid suggestions

Health Tip: Recognize a Foot Neuroma March 14, 2017

A list of possible symptoms

Health Tip: Choose the Right Shoe for a Hammer Toe March 13, 2017

Here's what you can do

Health Tip: Use Ice to Ease Ankle Sprain Pain January 16, 2017

How it should be applied

Cold-Weather Foot Care Key for Diabetics January 12, 2017

It's important to make sure feet stay as dry as possible, especially between the toes

Protecting Ankles, Feet From Winter's Assaults January 11, 2017

Proper footwear a must, especially for people with nerve damage or extreme sensitivity to cold, foot surgeon says

Health Tip: Caring for Psoriasis on Your Feet January 04, 2017

Suggestions to soothe it

Health Tip: What's Behind My Foot Arthritis? December 21, 2016

Some potential causes

Cushioned Shoe Inserts Won't Guard Against Injury: Review December 13, 2016

But custom-made foot orthotics might help, researchers report

Winter Shoes Can Boost Bunion Pain November 25, 2016

Foot specialists explain why closed-toe shoes make bunions ache and what women can do about it

A Guide to Coping With Corns and Calluses October 10, 2016

Common foot problem can be unsightly, painful and, for some people, dangerous, doctors say

Health Tip: Help Prevent Corns and Calluses October 05, 2016

What you can do

Health Tip: Easing Bunions July 21, 2016

Change your footwear

Health Tip: Protect Against Athlete's Foot July 18, 2016

Always wear shoes

Health Tip: Caring for Foot Ulcers July 11, 2016

They're common in diabetics

Health Tip: Recognizing Risk Factors for Plantar Fasciitis July 05, 2016

Signs you might be prone to it

Health Tip: Protect Your Feet June 20, 2016

Don't walk around barefoot

Skin Cancer Check? Do Some Sole-Searching June 15, 2016

Deadly melanoma is rare on feet, but often advanced when diagnosed

Health Tip: Diabetes Can Harm Your Feet June 02, 2016

Here are common complications

Health Tip: Are Your Feet Getting Enough Blood? April 14, 2016

Swelling may mean circulation problems

Cheap Tape May Keep Blisters Off Runners' Feet April 11, 2016

Researchers find an easy, effective solution to a perennial problem

Health Tip: Select Running Shoes Based on Your Arches March 28, 2016

Consider if arches are flat or high

Health Tip: Preparing for a Pedicure March 23, 2016

Here's a list of 'don'ts'

Health Tip: Considering Shoe Inserts March 08, 2016

How they can help

Health Tip: Prevent Heel Pain February 03, 2016

Make sure shoes fit properly

Device Approved for Diabetic Foot Ulcers January 07, 2016

Wounds lead to thousands of amputations annually

Long-Distance Running Takes Toll on Joints, But It May Be Temporary November 30, 2015

Cartilage between knee, ankle and foot joints has ability to regenerate, study suggests

Health Tip: Protect Against an Ingrown Toenail November 10, 2015

Ways to help prevent the pain

Health Tip: Choosing Shoes for Your Busy Toddler September 10, 2015

Pay attention to fit and function

Health Tip: Shoe Inserts May Help Pain September 03, 2015

Some popular types of inserts

Start Your Hike on the Right Foot With Proper Footwear August 30, 2015

Expert gives tips on avoiding and dealing with injury

Health Tip: Coping With a Bump on the Back of the Heel August 26, 2015

The foot abnormality can be painful

Health Tip: Got Athlete's Foot? August 11, 2015

Here are possible warning signs

Health Tip: Want to Wear Sandals? August 06, 2015

Make sure they're worn appropriately

Health Tip: When Heel Pain is Afoot July 27, 2015

Foot injury, bruise or deformity are possible causes

Health Tip: If You Have Peripheral Neuropathy June 09, 2015

Always protect your feet