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Health Tip: Meditation May Help Lower Heart Disease Risk October 18, 2017

Here's what the American Heart Association says

Be 'Mindful' of the Hype October 10, 2017

Scientists call for rigorous research to back up mindfulness marketing claims

The Benefits of 'Being in the Present' October 06, 2017

5 ways to practice mindfulness

Can You 'Om' Your Way to a Healthy Heart? September 28, 2017

American Heart Association says meditation may help, but don't forgo traditional medicine

Meditation's Soothing Effects August 22, 2017

3 easy ways to explore this mind-body technique

Yoga May Help Ease Depression August 03, 2017

It's not a cure-all but has great potential, leader of an American Psychological Association panel says

Why Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation Are Good for You June 19, 2017

Mind-body interventions reverse DNA reactions that cause stress, study suggests

Yoga, Meditation May Ease Some Breast Cancer Symptoms May 19, 2017

But study into alternative therapies didn't find evidence to support using dietary supplements

Meditation Can Help Improve Focus in People With Anxiety May 05, 2017

Just 10 minutes each day might boost concentration, prevent mind wandering, small study suggests

'Mindfulness' Probably Won't Cure Your Back Pain: Study April 25, 2017

But one specialist still isn't ruling out this complementary therapy

Health Tip: Meditating at Bedtime August 03, 2016

It may help you sleep better

New Guidelines Issued for Cancer Patients' Post-Treatment Pain July 29, 2016

Specialists urge doctors to offer alternative therapies for this widespread problem

Health Tip: Meditation Can Help You Relax June 27, 2016

Here are some guidelines

Mindfulness Meditation Seems to Soothe Breast Cancer Survivors June 02, 2016

Six-week class reduced fear of recurrence, fatigue and anxiety, researchers report

Meditation May Sharpen Memory May 10, 2016

Small study finds benefits for older adults

Meditation May Help Ease Chronic Low Back Pain March 22, 2016

Study found it bested cognitive behavioral therapy and usual care

'Mindfulness' Might Help Older Adults With Back Pain February 23, 2016

Mind-body program was also linked with short-term mobility gains, study finds

Meditation May Ease Pain, Anxiety From Breast Cancer Biopsy: Study February 04, 2016

Researchers also found music helps during the procedure

Transcendental Meditation May Help Relieve PTSD January 12, 2016

Military personnel who practiced the technique had reduced need for meds, study says

Being Mindful May Guard Against Belly Fat October 21, 2015

Study found awareness of thoughts and feelings was linked to lower risk for obesity

Unauthorized Breaches of Medical Records on the Rise April 14, 2015

Researchers call for enhanced security as more patient information is stored online

'Mindfulness' May Help Ease Sleep Problems for Seniors February 16, 2015

Small study found meditation improved sleep scores more than lessons on sleep habits