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Health Tip: Ease Your Child's Worry During Vaccinations November 23, 2017

Health Tip: Travel Safely With a Child November 22, 2017

Babies Start Connecting Words Early On November 21, 2017

Family Vacations That Are Fun for All November 20, 2017

Most U.S. Parents Can't Find Good Childcare: Survey November 20, 2017

Health Tip: Infant Medication Advice For New Moms November 20, 2017

Shaming Overweight Kids Only Makes Things Worse November 20, 2017

Flu Shot Could Help Your Kid Avoid Hospital November 17, 2017

Calm Parents Help Calm Kids With ADHD November 17, 2017

Spare the Rod, Spur Better Behavior? November 17, 2017

If Dad Has Depression, Kids Might Develop It, Too November 16, 2017

Health Tip: Talking With Your Child's Cancer-Care Team November 16, 2017

Childhood Spanking Could Heighten Adult Mental Health Woes November 09, 2017

Health Tip: Accept Help if Your Child Has Cancer November 09, 2017

A Dangerous New Twist on Cyberbullying November 09, 2017

Health Tip: Prevent Germs at the Doctor's Office November 08, 2017

Cooling Down Sibling Rivalries When They Heat Up November 07, 2017

Helping Children Cope When a Mass Tragedy Strikes November 06, 2017

Working With Your School Nurse November 03, 2017

Health Tip: Fluoride Recommended For Young Children November 02, 2017

Here's what dental experts say

Health Tip: Sled Safer November 01, 2017

Help keep your child from getting hurt

Alcoholic Parent May Sow Seeds for Teen Dating Violence October 31, 2017

Helmets Too Rarely Used in Baseball and Softball October 31, 2017

Even Partial Breast-Feeding for First Few Months Lowers SIDS Risk October 31, 2017

Health Tip: Have Fun on Halloween, Despite Asthma October 31, 2017

Keep your child safer

High-Pesticide Produce Not the Best Recipe for Fertility October 30, 2017

Teen E-Cig Use May Lead to Regular Smoking October 30, 2017

Doctors Urged to Discuss Cord Blood Donations Early in Pregnancy October 30, 2017

Keep Halloween Spooky, But Safe October 30, 2017

Health Tip: Sleep Train Your Baby October 30, 2017

Suggestions for success

Botox May Offer New Hope for Young Migraine Sufferers October 27, 2017

Kids' Food Allergies, Especially to Peanuts, Are on the Rise October 27, 2017

Newer Eczema Treatments Offer Relief October 27, 2017

Health Tip: Talk To Your Kids About a Tragedy October 26, 2017

And recognize signs that they may not be coping

Bat Left, Throw Right: Baseball Stardom? October 26, 2017

Analysis says this skill set common among some Major League greats

A Boy, Two Magnets -- and a Trip to the ER October 25, 2017

He inserted one in each nostril, with disastrous results

Ob/Gyns Warn Against 'Vaginal Seeding' Trend for Newborns October 25, 2017

Transferring microbes from the mom to her infant born via C-section comes with infection risk

Trauma Takes a Toll on Half of U.S. Kids October 24, 2017

Consequences can include long-term health issues, emotional problems and troubles at school

Keeping Your Driving Teen Focused on the Road October 24, 2017

Distractions at the wheel are major cause of needless tragedies, experts say

More Young Kids Spending Lots of Time on Phones, Tablets October 19, 2017

Survey finds big jump over past 6 years in media availability, use for youngest Americans

Self-Harm on the Rise Among Teen Girls October 19, 2017

Behavior was strongly linked to greater suicide risk, UK study found

Higher Doses of Vitamin D May Boost Preemies' Bone Health October 18, 2017

Doubling amount given also improved their growth

Scoliosis Screenings Can Help Catch Spine Problem Early October 17, 2017

Treatments vary, depending on severity of the condition

Farsighted Kids Have Trouble Paying Attention October 17, 2017

The often-undetected eye condition could lead to school troubles

When Should You Rush Your Toddler to the ER? October 16, 2017

For choking or possible poisoning, poll finds many parents need an emergency refresher course

Nearly a Third of College Kids Think ADHD Meds Boost Grades October 16, 2017

But adolescent health experts say there's no evidence to support that belief

Health Tip: Avoid Baby Sleep Positioners October 16, 2017

Keep cribs free of objects and toys

Homework as a Character-Builder October 15, 2017

Researchers say strong effort leads to more conscientiousness overall

Plan an Allergy-Safe Halloween for Your Child October 14, 2017

Common-sense rules will make Fright Night less scary

Black Children Missing Out on Eczema Treatment October 13, 2017

But study finds they tend to have more severe cases of the skin condition than white children